What Farm Town Cheats, Tips & Tricks are you interested in?

As the title suggests, we want to hear from you! What do you want use to do guides on? Tutorials? Anything of the sort! The general consensus is ‘cheats’, and we are in the midst of creating a guide for farm town cheats. However it will likely be a small while until that is setup,… Continue reading What Farm Town Cheats, Tips & Tricks are you interested in?

Farm Town Guru, Version 3!

It’s been a while! Like, quite a while.. ! But we’re back, yet again, with updated content all across the board. We also just released the Land Upgrading Guide, Hiring Other Players Guide, Facilities Guide, Tools Guide, Levels and Unlocking Guide, Fishing Guide, Trohpies Guide & Harvesting Livestock Guide. That’s a lot of stuff for… Continue reading Farm Town Guru, Version 3!

Farm Gallery is Up and Running!!

Yeah, YEAH! You’re excited, you’re pumped, you’re uh, I’m out of things you are.. Anyways, I got the Farm Gallery up now with our SWEET new website layout, so I want you guys to start uploading pictures of your farms! You must Register to be able to upload your farm! Check back super soon, tons… Continue reading Farm Gallery is Up and Running!!

Refer your friends!

We need your help in regaining traffic to this site, what can you do to help? You’re only one person?! Tell your friends obviously! Word of mouth is more powerful than you think.. So please spread the love and let fellow Farm Towners in on the secret! Thanks, Klikster PS. Forums will be restored soon!

FTG v2.0 ?!

Yeah, that’s right.. it’s time for the new & improved Farm Town Guru! It was a long time in the making but it’s finally here, sign up to the forums and introduce yourself or add your Farm to our Farm Gallery! Anyways, welcome to FarmTownGuru.com!

New Hosting Provider

The company we were getting hosting through randomly suspended our account and isn’t responding to any e-mails I’ve sent them regarding it. So I’ve switched to a new faster server hosted by KlikTAB Media. The site is going to be a little buggy for a while, so bear with me. The forums are currently down,… Continue reading New Hosting Provider