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What Farm Town Cheats, Tips & Tricks are you interested in?

As the title suggests, we want to hear from you! What do you want use to do guides on? Tutorials? Anything of the sort! The general consensus is ‘cheats’, and we are in the midst of creating a guide for farm town cheats. However it will likely be a small while until that is setup, so what are you looking for in the mean time?

Get back to us with comments (or email) and let us know what you’re interested in! And, as always, we’re always looking for new staff to help with guides and moderating comments/the gallery!

FarmTownGuru Updates to the Max!

Hello world, I hope my Farm Town Gurus haven’t been to lonely without my updates, and I’m really sorry about the lack of them.. I hit a snag with some family stuff and I’ve been really over worked lately, but I come bearing updates! Many new design tutorials, such as Churches, Beaches & Flower Pots. Also added the Design Chart with tons of helpful tips on how to plan out your next farm design! Expect several more, and I’d like to reinforce that we’re looking for contributors for the Farm Town Guru website to help add content and moderate the forums, if you’re interested please post in the comments below! I’m very glad to be back and please let all your friends know that we’re back in business.. check out the tutorials and get building now Gurus!!

View the Church Design tutorial now!

View the Beach Design tutorial now!

View the Flower Pot Tutorial now!

Waterfalls, Elevations (Hills) & Ponds

Alright guys, so a lot of you are still having trouble with the three main visual illusion tutorials we’ve posted. And I’ve found an in-depth video tutorial done by WiseManFT which is not only exceptionally helpful, but it covers all three in one video! Hallelujah!

Firstly, mad props to WiseManFT for this amazing video.

Secondly, go watch it and get that dream farm going!

Thirdly, remember if you know any Web Developers / Designers that would be interested in helping design the site, get them to post a comment somewhere and I’ll e-mail them!

Thanks again (especially for the all support and helping Farm Town Guru stay alive) you guys!



"Creating Hills, Cliffs & Stairs" Added!!

We’ve finally unveiled our tutorial on making multi-level farms. Creating that optical illusion of hills, stairs and any other platform you can think of! Now you can have awesome levels like this in your farm:

View the Hills, Cliffs & Stairs Tutorial Now!

Hills Preview

Interested yet? Click the image above to jump to the tutorial right away and get started on moving one step closer to the farm of your dreams! We know it’s corny, but hey, it works!

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New Crop Datasheet Added!

That’s right! We updated our Crop Datasheet to Farmer Jay’s newest release version! This one is packed with tons of stuff and breaks down the math behind Farm Town to the tee! Check it out now!

Crops Datasheet

Visit the Crop Datasheet now! Click the image!

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Crop Grow Time Chart is Up!

We’ve released a chart that helps you figure out exactly when your crops will be ready! It’s super helpful! Click on the image below to visit our Crop Grow Time Chart right now!

Crop Grow Times

All the information needed to figure out your crop cycles can be easily found on the chart, so head over to it now and get your learning caps on!!

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