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Never prepared.

I found out last night that my Grandmother passed away yesterday morning in her sleep, I’m going to be attending a lot of family-related events over the next few days so updates might be scarce.. but they’ll still be there, so keep checking the site because I’m hoping to have something for you guys soon, just gotta let my mind at ease for a bit first.



FarmTownGuru Updates to the Max!

Hello world, I hope my Farm Town Gurus haven’t been to lonely without my updates, and I’m really sorry about the lack of them.. I hit a snag with some family stuff and I’ve been really over worked lately, but I come bearing updates! Many new design tutorials, such as Churches, Beaches & Flower Pots. Also added the Design Chart with tons of helpful tips on how to plan out your next farm design! Expect several more, and I’d like to reinforce that we’re looking for contributors for the Farm Town Guru website to help add content and moderate the forums, if you’re interested please post in the comments below! I’m very glad to be back and please let all your friends know that we’re back in business.. check out the tutorials and get building now Gurus!!

View the Church Design tutorial now!

View the Beach Design tutorial now!

View the Flower Pot Tutorial now!

Updates 2.0

We’ve added a couple more areas to the forums, check them out! We’ve also increased the avatar size on the forums to 100 x 100 pixels, this is to make it easier to see your avatar and because we’re planning on making the forums bigger in the version 2 site launch which is still in the process of being thought out.

Early next week I’ll be launching some new design tutorials, hold your horses until then though folks. My girlfriend has a pretty important soccer tournament this weekend so I probably won’t be on much, but don’t fret, our new Forum Moderator Ragamuffin will be able to assist you guys with anything you need!


Forums, Farm Gallery, Hiring Area's.. here we go!

Okay, LOTS of news, firstly:

We’ve got several areas in the forums that you should find interesting, so head on over there now! There’s a link at the top beside the HOME button. My favorite area of the new forums is our Hiring Forum, this is an area where a farmer with ready-to-harvest crops can post, supplying a link to their farm and requesting someone come to harvest it. It works for plowing as well! This is way better than supporting the beggars in the marketplace, and it helps develop the Farm Town Guru Community at the same time! I strongly recommend giving it a try!!

And we’ve also got a Farm Gallery up and running, the link is beside the FORUM link! Go there and post a picture of your farm, other users can rate the photos and we’re hoping to get a huge database of people’s farms in there, so hurry up and post yours! Remember to rate the ones you think are good!!

I’ll be posting a couple of my Farms in the gallery later on this week when I see it’s being used, since everyone’s been dying to see my farms. :)

Forums Up and Running!

Yeah, that’s right kiddies. Farm Town Guru’s very own forums are in the midst of being set up, we’ve even added a gallery forum where you can show off your awesome Farms!

Please understand that we’re still working out all the bugs, so the forums could be a bit glitchy for a few days, or not look super nice, but we’ll iron out the kinks soon enough! If you wanna see the forums, Register! The forums will be public eventually when we have them working 100%!

Happy Farming.


The Best Offense is a Strong Defense.

Okay, so I get harassed by Farm Town users on a daily basis. Mainly the “no one likes you stop spamming your stupid ugly website you’re going to die alone” types.. or similarly vulgar ones. I’m sorry the chat spamming is so irritating, but my goal is to let as many of the 16,000,000 active users playing Farm Town find this website so they can figure out the answers and solutions to all the questions and problems they’ve been facing in creating their ideal dream farm.

Yet again, I know the text is irritating and I’m sorry, but I’m trying to educate the farthest reaches of the world, and it’s working! We’re proud to say we’ve been visited by over 100 countries! Please don’t hate us, just understand that we’re trying to make this game more enjoyable for the masses, because not everyone can pick up the tricks of the Farm Town trade as easily as some, and we think everyone should have an equal shot at being a Guru.

That being said, it’s time for some mini-announcements. Firstly, I’m in the midst of deciding whether or not I should make the Farm Town Guru Community Forums, the idea is a place where Farm Town Guru’s (and up-and-coming Guru’s!) can socialize, connect and share their knowledge and designs. A more isolated form of communication versus the substantially active Slashkey Farm Town Forums, which I personally find are extremely over-populated and not really interactive enough.. and that’s before I start complaining about the design! 😉

The second announcement I have is that Farm Town Guru is now looking to fill some staff positions. We’re looking to expand our library of Video Tutorials so we’re looking for someone with editing talent who’d like to be the frontman (or woman) of our Video Tutorials (Note: The person must have the knowledge and ability to film their screen and narrate directions as well. We’re also looking for Web Designers (or Graphic Designers) to help design (and code) a newer more improved Farm Town Guru website, and lastly, if we do decide to create forums, we’ll be looking for Forum Moderators.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you know anyone who can fill any of the staff positions we’re looking for, perhaps send them our way? Have a good one Gurus.