Farm Town Guru's downtime.

I’d like to personally apologize for the down time we experienced today, our hosting provider set a bandwidth limit on our web server (even though we’re paying for UNLIMITED bandwidth, they gave us a 50gb limit.. but it’s resolved now..) and we were down for the majority of the day. Regardless, everything has been fixed… Continue reading Farm Town Guru's downtime.

Support Farm Town Guru! :)

First of all, we’d like to say we love your support to helping us create a flourishing Farm Town community, and it’s our goal to continue to make this site more and more appealing to all types of Farm Town users.. from confused new players to distinguished veteran players! In order for our site to… Continue reading Support Farm Town Guru! 🙂

Farm Town Guru Updates!

We’re slowly expanding our library of guides and tips. Please check back regularly to ensure you don’t miss our exciting tricks and exploits! It’s just time consuming adding all this information to a website, so give us some time please! Thank you.

Farm Town Guru Site Launch!

Farm Town Guru is pleased to announce our site launch today, please visit us regularly for all your farm town related needs. We’ll be posting the best in tips, tricks.. and even handy little exploits to make your farming abilities superior to all your neighbours, and we guarantee it!