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[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]To get an image of your farm, go to the tools in Farm Town (Where Bulldozer and Watering Can is) and select the Camera, then it will let you take a picture of your farm and post it on your Facebook. Once it’s posted, go to it and right click to save it to your computer.. then upload it to the Gallery! [photosmash id=1][/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]


  1. Love the videos!..did not see the link to your farm or your friend’s farm…would love to visit and see it..thanks again

  2. Me too, love your videos. Just wanted to visit your farm and your friend’s. Very cool. Wanna visit my farm? Check it out.

    1. That’s my farm!! Thanks a lot! Canada is just awsome so it’s my tribute.. It’s a labour of love.
      TThanks again..


  3. Why is it that some of the pics are small once uploaded here(mine included),it makes it nearly impossible to see any of the features on the farms let alone the fine details. Is it something i have done wrong while uploading the pic ???

      1. Oh dear,i thought i had followed your instructions perfectly,and the image i saved was the image i posted ! Do u have any ideas or tips to help me upload the proper image and display my farm pic at the correct size???

        1. BethMistyBlue

          The Camera on Farm Town is rubbish – LOL

          I find you get better results with a ‘Screen Shot’ – here’s how…

          Best to do it in ‘Full Screen’ mode – zoom in or out until you’re happy with the shot and hit the ‘Alt’ and ‘PrtScrn/SysRq’ keys together

          That’s it! …. you now have a copy of your screen in your PC memory

          Open ‘Paint ….That is……. Click on ‘Start’ – ‘All Programs’ – ‘Accessories’ – ‘Paint’

          When in Paint – click ‘Edit’ and ‘Paste’

          Voila! – you have your screen shot!

          When you save the file – use the drop down box under the file name & choose *.JPEG as the file type – they are the easiest file types to upload

          choose your location and hit the ‘Save’ button

          You can then upload your file to here

          ? Pete ? ? xXx ? ?

          1. Thank you very much Pete for ur advice,since posting i have managed a better sized upload but it still isnt of my whole farm so i’m taking down ur instructions and giving this a go so watch this space lol thanx again x

  4. Is the gallery full? how do we upload outr farm pics again? I have them saved but don’y know how to upload them onto here

  5. I have saved my farm as u instructed .WOW so different to the facebook camera. Now I wait with Hellgaur to find out how to upload to the gallery. Then i am off to practice some waterfalls..mine is very

  6. I followed instructions to upload my farm to forum gallery, but how do I upload it???? I have the photo saved on my computer. Please reply to my question, thank you!

    1. Pepper you need to be registered and logged in to this site to upload ur photo to the gallery. Once ur logged in there is a link at the top of this page saying to upload ur photo and it takes u to the upload page πŸ™‚

    1. I used the “how-to” instructions posted on this site… and river corners. Many river corners. LOTS of river corners.
      Thanks for your compliments. πŸ™‚

  7. I am SO excited about being able to see the farms of other folks. Creativity is such a gift. Thanks for sharing all! Can’t wait til I have one “worthy” of post. πŸ™‚

  8. hi,,a viewer of my farm suggested to post my farm at this site,,, her name is Earth, thanks Earth…..
    monalisa is my farm, and taoist temple is my wifes , which i did for her too…anyways thanks guys…..very nice site indeed…

  9. how do you get things to sit on the stone path. I made a patio and wanted to put my table on it used the dirt but the table fell through. what did i do worng?

  10. Im just fascinated by this website!! Farmtowns getting better and better!! ive got an endless amount of ideas to make farmtown better. I agree with most ppls comments on the site here. There should be an endless amount of levels, more land to buy and uprade and i had an idea to have a tool where if a farmer wanted to hire a farmer to do both harvesting and plowing they can use a tool instead of hiring to harvest and then afterwards plowing also more places on the map like the inn and marketplace but like a games room and the beach and dinners and etc… and a tool where u can challenge other farmers to play games for coins. these are just some of the ideas i came up with. Some of the farms on this site are just extraordinary!!!!! ill get back to this side on my wonderful ideas!!! btw im 12yo!!!

  11. The forest created by Franny Bumpkin, and the forest and ocean line made by woodwoman just blow me away. Wow, talk of creativity!

  12. I am stopped by a error message for downloads or uploads..Pics of farmtown unable to go there because of it ..anyone know what I can do?

  13. Is there anyone on here who can tell me where and if my farm that I posted will be posted? I posted it just a few mins ago, but would like to know if it will show up here or at all? I mean does it have to be a great work of Art before it’s published on here? Thanks if anyone knows or has any idea.


  14. Everyone of you farmer peeps are highly talented individuals; I commend you for your efforts in showing how awesome you imaginations are. Keep up the wonderful work…..I’m blown away by some of the farms I’ve seen on here!!! Gotta Love It!!!!

  15. halo! just puzzled….. how can i upload my farm pics to the gallery? i already saved it in my computer and dont know what to do next.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz help meh!

  16. sorry about the duplicate uploads on my farm. I just wanted to show the heart of flowers at the center with the snow and the 3 car garage with the added carport. Didn’t know how to delete one of those.

  17. is there someone who could tech me how to post my farms picture??? i kept on browsing my farms photos but still it fails…please… me…

  18. why cant we see pics of other peoples farms in the gallery like we use to be able to? the old website was much easier to find things than this one is!

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