Farm Town Guru Site Launch!

Farm Town Guru is pleased to announce our site launch today, please visit us regularly for all your farm town related needs. We’ll be posting the best in tips, tricks.. and even handy little exploits to make your farming abilities superior to all your neighbours, and we guarantee it!

  • sue aitkens

    hi,l tryed to make a watrfall but l cant seem to be able to put 2nd corner on where am l going wrong.

    • Klikster

      Have you watched the video tutorial?

    • amelia

      Are you using the right corner? Also you have to place the corner below and to the right for it to work. I had problems too, but looked at the direction more closely then bam got it!

  • http://Farmtown Margaret Harper

    Well it took me all night & I dont suppose it the best waterfall in the land but I’m quite proud of my achievement. I found the tutorial good, butmaybe needed to watch it two or three times lol for it to sink in. Thanks xx

  • liz

    when i’m harvesting other peoples crops, about 3 minutes into it i get an error saving data window. it lets me continue harvesting/plowing but i have to work around it. anyone have any clues on this?

    • Klikster

      Update our Flash Player or try MoZilla Firefox instead of internet explorer.

      • liz

        thanks klikster. I’ll try that.

        • jststmpit

          Even with Firefox that problem happens, however, another farmer told me, click on the save button repeatedly until it says data saved (or something like that). Then click connect, and you SHOULD be able to stay on the farm where you were harvesting.

          • Klikster

            That’s an awesome tip if it works! I’ll check it out tonight and see! Thanks!

    • ?~lil bo peep~?

      if you get the error message , click on the save button and it will go away

  • Xavier Bradman

    i love this site!1

  • bridget

    everytime i try to get into farmtown i just get a blank green screen, anybody know what i can do? ive done the quick fix and also have un installed and re installed flash player and neither has worked… is really annoying!

    • Klikster

      Try a different browser? Like MoZilla Firefox or Safari.

  • evelyn gomez

    the first time i tried to do the waterfalls it was a little bit difficult and not perfect however i did not stop until i did it right. thanks to the tuturial.

  • sukiyaki

    why does somebody tries to destroy,stole, my farm?have you experience this?it is so irritating..

  • Littlewolf

    Day 6 and I’m still getting kicked out of my farm with the message that this webpage caused internet explorer to close…….I have IE8, latest version, but nothing seems to help. Someone, please tell me how to fix this runtime error……please!!!!

  • Maine-ly Farm Girl Jen

    I wonder why at level 34, the trees have not unlocked?

  • mrrefrig

    i have problems with adobe flash player it stops and say interent exployer stoped working. is anybody haveing this problem.?

  • debbie

    i am trying to find out how a fellow farmer can tranfer items to the inn. example…a pool dirt paths that let you get up on the bar ect,, anyone know how this is done