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  1. The “Go Home” button being on the screen where you are harvesting and plowing is a problem. Especially when working for others. It is too easily hit, even triggering when you get near it.

    1. I know it seems like everytime I get to harvest something that’s actually worth some coins I accidentally click the go home button it really ticks me off.

    1. also, when working someone else’s farm – why is their farm information up about half way on the page and not down by the chat/neighbors screen area??

  2. After I rearrange or plant..I save, and then leave and come back and everything or part of it is not done still.

    Any ideas on how to correct that.

    None of my neighbors have that problem.

    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Whenever u wanna delete something on ur farm u have to do all of it one at a time, I wish I could do more than that if I’m deleting the same thing.

  4. why is it when i plow for others after harvesting the squares disapear instead of being plowed they turn into grass which costs the person i am working for more money to add them back in. what is it that i am doing wrong? thank you

  5. why is it that when i harvest im so slow thats why when there we are more than 2 harveters, i cant compete that much, im so slow…can u pls help me the trick to be faster…

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