Okay, LOTS of news, firstly:

We’ve got several areas in the forums that you should find interesting, so head on over there now! There’s a link at the top beside the HOME button. My favorite area of the new forums is our Hiring Forum, this is an area where a farmer with ready-to-harvest crops can post, supplying a link to their farm and requesting someone come to harvest it. It works for plowing as well! This is way better than supporting the beggars in the marketplace, and it helps develop the Farm Town Guru Community at the same time! I strongly recommend giving it a try!!

And we’ve also got a Farm Gallery up and running, the link is beside the FORUM link! Go there and post a picture of your farm, other users can rate the photos and we’re hoping to get a huge database of people’s farms in there, so hurry up and post yours! Remember to rate the ones you think are good!!

I’ll be posting a couple of my Farms in the gallery later on this week when I see it’s being used, since everyone’s been dying to see my farms. 🙂