Forums Up and Running!

Yeah, that’s right kiddies. Farm Town Guru’s very own forums are in the midst of being set up, we’ve even added a gallery forum where you can show off your awesome Farms!

Please understand that we’re still working out all the bugs, so the forums could be a bit glitchy for a few days, or not look super nice, but we’ll iron out the kinks soon enough! If you wanna see the forums, Register! The forums will be public eventually when we have them working 100%!

Happy Farming.



  1. what is the highest level – I’ve been told it was 34, I’m at 33 now & the thought of having nothing to do with my time ( I’m so addicted to this game) after level 34 is going to be weird. I like to see a way to flip the the houses around or be able to purchase a left or right facing house or building, like the fences etc.

  2. I have a friend that is new to FB. She has started her Farmtown and has a problem. She has about 1025 coins, but the program won’t let her use them. Did for a while, then stopped. When she tries to plant it says she hasn’t got enough coins. I tried to help her , but it didn’t recognize her coins with me logged in as her on my computer. Any suggestions? Is there a place to contact FB for answers. She really want s to have a farm. Thanks for any help.

  3. I am not liking the new way of harvesting and plowing. It is now even slower than before! Please give me back my old way of harvesting and plowing. It’s taking me forever to do these things! I am not happy with this new change.

  4. i like the old site better it was more user friendly and had more step by step videos and photos of farms to help get ideas from!!!! now on here ive tried and tried to log in and cant find a register page any where….

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