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  1. my computer was worked on and i lost every thing now they wont let me back in using my username and pass word so what do i do now???

  2. Harvesting leaves words like harvested pineapples behind. It wont go away. It did not do this when i first joined the game. What is wrong & how do i fix it?

  3. Is there a easier way to add people as ur neighbor on myspace. i have close to 5 thous ppl for apps and when i need to add one as my neighbor i have to change my top friend’s. is there a simplier way to do this. thnx

  4. Thank you so much for all the information! It was very helpful to watch the tutorials. I will let others know about it.

  5. WHY can’t I get an answer to a question about (Losing my neighbors) every night I lose between 3 to 10 neighbors and every one has to reconfirm each time.And it has gone though my neighbors list at lest 4 times.PLEASE tell me what can be done to stop this.PLEASE HELP ME

  6. I beleive this is one of the sites you wanted reported to you. I could not find that item looking thru the posts today for some reason.
    HI MAGS good to see you post here to.

  7. I have this question: Why am I loosing my plowing points when I plow for neighbor, finish and leave before the Avatar finishes? This is really slow, I used to be able to plow, thank them and leave and would get my coins, but I now have to stay on that farm until the Avatar finishes in order to receive my points.

  8. hello …. i am wondering if anyone in here can please help me what it is i have come to a quest where i need the seeds plantains and avocados i have gone to the seeds to plant them but there arent any of these seeds .. so i searched on farmtown links found nothing on there and searched on face gamer and also found nothing there so i am wondering how am i supposed to do a task you provide if the stuff that i need cannot be provided so therfore i am loosing out on coins and im nt happy please get back to me ASAP ….. thankyou

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