Updates 2.0

We’ve added a couple more areas to the forums, check them out! We’ve also increased the avatar size on the forums to 100 x 100 pixels, this is to make it easier to see your avatar and because we’re planning on making the forums bigger in the version 2 site launch which is still in the process of being thought out.

Early next week I’ll be launching some new design tutorials, hold your horses until then though folks. My girlfriend has a pretty important soccer tournament this weekend so I probably won’t be on much, but don’t fret, our new Forum Moderator Ragamuffin will be able to assist you guys with anything you need!



  1. I love all the new options that we can now get and even though there have been some gliches with the new program I find that I harvest and plow much faster even though the avatar still roams away; it is getting better. Are there any future plans to allow us to buy land? Please if so allow us to do so with farm coins; I am presently at 9 1/2 million coins and want to expand. I would love to have that option, but many of us right now can’t afford to pay farm cash. A lot of people that are on here are unemployed so this is their time from boredom. Please expand our farms, we really need those options.

  2. I have so much stuff & they offer so much we need larger land area to put it all, just a though. Maybe be able to visit our neighbors just by walking over & see there farm next to mine. I don’t care for the money thing unless you will come up with a way to turn coins into cash or a way to earn cash.

  3. What happens after level 34? I would like to keep leveling up in the game, but I am told that level 34 is as high as you can go. More land would be nice. I am running out of room on my farm.

  4. I am wondering what has happened to farmtown since your last maintenance it is slow to plow and to harvest and we need to refresh after every job. Please fix it as I love playing and right now missing it like it was.


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