Farm Town Guru, Version 3!

It’s been a while! Like, quite a while.. !

But we’re back, yet again, with updated content all across the board. We also just released the Land Upgrading Guide, Hiring Other Players Guide, Facilities Guide, Tools Guide, Levels and Unlocking Guide, Fishing Guide, Trohpies Guide & Harvesting Livestock Guide.

That’s a lot of stuff for you to read through, and we link to some impressive charts for your viewing pleasure as well. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

We’ve also added the Livestock & Fishing Datasheet and the Buildings & Facilities Datasheet, plus updated the Grow Time Charts page with a new (working) link!

Hopefully this little update is well-received, and check back soon!

Also, the Farm Gallery has been updated and corrected to allow any of our users to upload to it, and we’ve added a new commenting system that makes it so you don’t even have to register to post! You can now post comments on Farm Town Guru logging in from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Disqus or OpenID accounts! We also enabled a rating system, similar to YouTube’s likes, which we think will make the entire commenting/discussion process much more entertaining!

  • Anonymous

    How does one download this “Farm Town Guru v3 Hack” ?

  • Watson

    how do i keep the aviter from moving while harv plowing for me and others ,,, how do i keep the accepting produce box from showing up every time i work a lot for some one ??? mike e mail m e

  • Wholesale Flowers

    Adding Disqus comment system was a great idea.

  • Rachel

    The links I clicked on for the spreadsheets for Building & Facilities and Grow Times on Google do not work.  They say “We’re sorry.  This document is not published.”  What is wrong?

  • Denise

    How do I access my 4 x 4 harvester on someone else’s farm that I have been hired to harvest at?

  • Branqjessi

    please help me, i cant connect to farm town. keeps saying wf9.