Added "How to create Waterfalls" Tutorial

Check out our newest tutorial on creating waterfalls! It’s a lot easier than you’d think, and it looks absolutely awesome and makes your farm look that much better!

View the Waterfall Tutorial now, click here!

Farm Town Waterfall

Visit the tutorial now, and start making YOUR waterfall for your farm right away!

If you have any trouble, any at all, please don’t hesitate to post a comment on the page and let us know, we’ll do everything we can to help you! Plus, there’s also a Video Tutorial on the page, so that should help you as well.

Enjoy your waterfall, and check back soon for more awesome updates and tutorials!!

Yours, the Staff.

  • Xavier Bradman

    ill be sure to make one and if i do two itll look like i have a cliff

  • Xavier Bradman

    hey if ur elly on farm town and not just the creator or watevr, im GAIVS HADRIANVS on there. its a common latin name. ill be sure to add u to my buddy list!

  • Mandy

    The water fall looks great and its so easy to do, thanks for the tip

  • elpis

    thanks!great idea!

  • anneliese

    thanks so much for the wonderful explanation to make waterfalls, I had fun making mine!!!

  • bek

    im havin trouble putting a 3rd corner on what do i need to do

  • Janet

    It won’t let me place the dirt path on top of the water. Says it can only be placed on grass :(

    • misty

      mine is saying the same thing- am i doing something wrong??

  • Penny

    I have had great fun making my waterfalls and ocean the tutorial was a fantastic help. At first I got it wrong but then I practised and I am pleased with my results. I have given out the name of this site as so many friends wanted to know how I had made the waterfalls…

    Thanks very much.

  • Blue Berries

    Fantastic!!! Now I’ll work even harder to level up there! Don’t worry I’ll make it. Imma great farmer ;o)

  • razel

    it was a huge success to make my first falls in farmtown although im a beginner, the tutorial helps me alot, i will do more falls and oceans for the next days…thanks so much!

  • Liz

    Thanks for all the great ideas, its really increased my pleasure of the game to be able to try out the ideas, the videos are great, many thanks

  • snodgrassdonald

    one of my neighbor is invisable i can’t see her she can harvest my crop but i cant she her

  • Michele Maddox

    I created the waterfall with no problem: however…I tried to use the same technique with a pond at the bottom. I have one piece of the dirt path that will NOT move, delete or hide! Help!! Please. Everything else is perfect!

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    • Klikster

      I’m not sure what this means, sorry!

  • apriel

    hi, please help me i want to make waterfalls but why is it that the dirt paths don’t attach to the river.?
    pls reply as soon you read my comment! thanks!!!

  • mhi-mhi

    plsss… can you help me how can i make my water falls because i dont know how to blog or rotated plsssss thankssss

  • Christina

    How do you layer the flat rivers close together? Not sure where to lay down the dirt paths?

  • brenlee1369

    just wanted to thank you for your help with the waterfalls….

  • Arslin2469

    i place the dirt path on the river corner and they dont stay  help please