Farmtown Global Blackout?

It’s apparent that today there was a massive Farm Town blackout that sent thousands of addicted players spiraling into slight insanity. The SlashKey forums were flooded with hundreds of useless pleas for the dev team to get the game back online so they could tend to their crops. Although I was currently out when the game was down, I’m still reading about it virtually everywhere.

We’ll be sure to keep our loyal viewers posted on the status of Farm Town should it go down again, and we promise we’ll do everything in our power to let you know exactly when you can harvest your e-crops in peace.

  • Patty

    Why is harvesting so hard for me. I move like a snail and constantly getting kicked off. Is it me or what?


    • Klikster

      It’s your internet, talk to your internet provider.

    • http://farmtown Billie Rolen

      my plow deleates rather than plowing why?

  • http://Farmtown Margaret Harper

    I hide a lot of crop with my trees, now every time I hide or bring the trees back I get an error on the page & it closes. Any ideas as it’s getting frustrating now ???

  • Laura

    Can a stranger harvest at your farm without being invited? It happened to me and I couldn’t get her to stop. Hackers?

    • Klikster

      That’s not possible, are you sure you didn’t accidentally ask them to Harvest?

      • julie

        Hi, it is possible it is a hack it happens all the time.

  • http://farmtown Billie Rolen

    y plow deleats rather than plowing-what causes this?

    • Klikster

      Read the Planting Crops Closer tutorial for the fix.

  • Tia

    I love your farmtownguru popping up in the marketplace!!! Thats how i found you and i made the waterfall thanks for all your tips!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Janice Anderson

    A friend of my can`t get back on to her farm the screen has gone all green but she can get on to farmville how dose she fix this so she can get back on to farmtown and her farm thank you

    • Klikster

      Try restarting her computer?

      • Janice Anderson

        She has done that with no luck

    • charlotte poole

      she may need to re down load her active x. mine has done that a couple of times and that fixed my problem,Janice

  • Judy Mc Donald

    I lost a neighbor, now I can’t hire anyone to plow. I want my neighbor back please

  • Sophia

    its been over a week now …..and farmtown would not load .its stuck on loading user ..forever.
    tried and did it all ……..EVERYTHING …
    im tired of trying…i can send gifts many times a day to the same people (which was not possible), but thats about it ..not sure what else to do…its surely not from my end.
    if i delete the FT application would i lose everything i accumulated there?
    is there an internet version for farmtown?
    no one at slashkey is helpful.
    posted numerous times .to no avail.
    i hope thre is a magic trick

    • Klikster

      You’ve tried running it in different browsers? Updating your flash drivers? You should delete your temporary internet files as well.

      • Sophia

        did it all and more ……………defraged .cleaned up …installed new flash player activex 10 from adobe…im just stuck in “loading user” since 10 days ago………HELPPPPPPP ME!!!!!!!

  • dirt diggler

    sophia have u tried going to my neighbours tab & going to a friends farm with not much on it, maybe abandoned, if you can go there & click preferences wrench, shut off trees, flowers & buildings, then try going home. there is an issue with the trees in this game, its been doing it for months. this solution works for me every time.

  • Daisy Duke

    Since Farm Town did the upgrade…I have been having problems with the flowers in certain areas of my farm. The all appear to be “dead”. Even after I water them and refresh…they won’t grow back. I’ve even tried to buy and plant new ones just to see what would happen and as soon as I buy them from the store…they look dead? Anyone else heard of this happening? Any fixes? Not a big deal, since harvesting flowers is not part of the process…but I just thougt it was kind of wierd that this started happeining all of a sudden. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • http://AOL Teresa

    Okay when I put my screen on large it freezes up after about 5 minutes. Then I have to log off and go back again.

    How do I fix this?

  • anna

    Hi there…I still can’t get on farmtown even though you have said the ‘blackout’ is over! help please! :-)

  • gloria

    Is there a faster way to water my flowers! Takes forever, holding down that left button on the mouse.

  • charlotte poole

    is there life after level 34. is there any where else to go other than to sit back and spend your coins. is there going to be more?

  • Stuart

    My four bottom plow, planter and harvester are all not functioning. My plow shows all 4 positions but is not setting to the right size to function. My harvester and seeder are only doing one plot at a time…can anyone help me?

    • Stuart

      Never mind…once I placed the post,everything started working again. I suppose it was some ghost setting I had set incorrectly.