FarmTownGuru Updates to the Max!

Hello world, I hope my Farm Town Gurus haven’t been to lonely without my updates, and I’m really sorry about the lack of them.. I hit a snag with some family stuff and I’ve been really over worked lately, but I come bearing updates! Many new design tutorials, such as Churches, Beaches & Flower Pots. Also added the Design Chart with tons of helpful tips on how to plan out your next farm design! Expect several more, and I’d like to reinforce that we’re looking for contributors for the Farm Town Guru website to help add content and moderate the forums, if you’re interested please post in the comments below! I’m very glad to be back and please let all your friends know that we’re back in business.. check out the tutorials and get building now Gurus!!

View the Church Design tutorial now!

View the Beach Design tutorial now!

View the Flower Pot Tutorial now!


  1. i think its so stupid thats its so hard to get farm town cash i rly wish there was an easier way of getting it theres a lot of cool things i want but cant get cause i have 4 green dollars….

  2. Klikster… really need mods on your forums. There is a spam ad there posted tonight. I don’t know about you….but I HATE spam on my sites.
    Also, the users need a bit of a hand in understanding what not to post in certain situations and where not to post.
    Nothing major…but it’ll keep the forums organized and easier for them to find what they are looking for.

  3. I would like to know if Maria could let us know how she built her garage i have tried but cant do it. I also am new and dont know where to go to find the answes, can someone help me?

  4. Ready for some fun upgrades that are available on similar games. Such as harvesting chicken eggs, selling wool of sheep, selling grapes for wine, etc, etc. I think you know which games I’m speaking of. Would be nice also if we can convert farmcoins to farmcash. I’m not going to spend my actual $ to buy farmcash, sorry! Just a few suggestions for you!

  5. I am trying to find out how do I get fuel that was given as a gift ? I used to just click the use button but it is not there ..will only take to market to sell
    whats going on???
    I need to use the fuel

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