Fix Released for the "Can't See Other Users" Error!

That’s right! The fix has finally been released for this error that’s been ravaging so many users! Check it out now on our fix page!

Click here to go to the page now!

It works by having the user load up an older version of the game, and it seems to work perfectly! Please comment on it so we can see if it worked for you as well! And have a great day Farm Town users. 🙂


  1. im am getting very mad about getting hired into a harvesting or plowing job, work for a little bit and then keep getting booted off or an error always shows up and kicks me out of the farm…. this is making me so mad. is there anyway to fix this problem.

    1. That’s related to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
      If your internet drops it’s connection, even for a split second, these things tend to happen. Try updating your routers firmware.

  2. Hi! I am having problems with plowing other farms while I’m hired. It only plows like about 20% of the harvested crops & the rest will turn to grass. It works fine on my farm. Please help…I’m barely gaining experience points. By the way I enjoy Farm Town! Thanks in advance.


  3. Is there a way to change the colors of things? FT is unrelentlessly (is that a word?) cheerful – I would like some gray dirt or something – more than the path dirt – a little disrepair please!!! Let Farmville be hoakey.

  4. for the last month I have been losing my neighbors and they are always having to reconfirm .I lose between 4 to 10 each night . I have changed my password .but getting real discusted with the game My neighbors are getting tired of reconfirming me PLEASE HELP ME.thank you for the help

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