New Crop Datasheet Added!

That’s right! We updated our Crop Datasheet to Farmer Jay’s newest release version! This one is packed with tons of stuff and breaks down the math behind Farm Town to the tee! Check it out now!

Crops Datasheet

Visit the Crop Datasheet now! Click the image!

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  1. i recent made purchases with my farmcash, does anyone know how to get them back without buying. when sell those items u get coins not cash back, its not fair

  2. I wonder why you don’t develop something like this for quilters…there are 20 million quilters in this country. This is similar to putting a quilt together, square by square. Imagine the quilts that could be make using your system. I am a quilter and have met many other quilters on this site. Time to get to making quilts on here.

  3. I deleted a field to do something else. There is one square in the middle I cannot get rid of, I tried everything. HELP

    1. I think I had the same thing happen, I had harvested fields that I could not delete. I finally plowed them and then I could delete them.

  4. am really tired of being timed out by the server while working on someone elses farm and not knowing it. Which means i wasted my time cause i didn’t get paid or got x-points either

  5. My lake that I purchased with XP has now disappeared from my farm. How can I get back my lake or xp so I may purchase another one.

    I was working on my farm last night about 11PM when it just diappeared. I am so upset really loved that lake. Please help me to get my lake returned.


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