What Farm Town Cheats, Tips & Tricks are you interested in?

As the title suggests, we want to hear from you! What do you want use to do guides on? Tutorials? Anything of the sort! The general consensus is ‘cheats’, and we are in the midst of creating a guide for farm town cheats. However it will likely be a small while until that is setup, so what are you looking for in the mean time?

Get back to us with comments (or email) and let us know what you’re interested in! And, as always, we’re always looking for new staff to help with guides and moderating comments/the gallery!


  1. i would like to know what facilities require other things to operate…i bought the bakery to discover it requires a drive thru that costs farm cash…do all facilities require other things??

    1.  Actually, the bakery unlocks at level 31 and does NOT require another factory to operate. You can get chocolate as a gift and the other items needed are already unlocked before it does. You are thinking of the LOADING tool that allows you to start everything at once. You can still use the bakery manually. You do not have to use the load all buttons even though they do make things quicker.

  2. I dont have the juice factory, but i need the lemon juice badly. How to obtain the lemon juice with buying the factory as i cant get it as a free gift neither can i purchase it from the market place. same goes with the canned tuna.

  3. I have several restaurants that use Cheese and I am always running out of this item.  I have 125 cows on 3 seperate farms….Is there any way to get more cheese than getting more cows and dairies ?

  4. I wonder why the background color has to be green? It would look better if we could change it to sky blue or have a night time starry background?

  5. Super neighbor: I access a farm that has crops to harvest. I start harvesting. another super neighbor somehow freezes all the crops so I cant harvest any more. How do they do that?

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