Why you're getting booted in Farm Town

This was posted by UConnKid in the Leveling Guide, and I feel it’s a very good explanation of the reasoning behind players continuously being booted whilst playing Farm Town. Check it out:

FarmTown isn’t actually running on your computer. It is running on centralized computers that “serve” the graphics, etc., to you over the web. When you click on something in FarmTown (for example to go to the Marketplace, or on a plot to plow it), your computer sends a that information to the FarmTown servers, which processes it and sends (or serves) the result back to you. Processing requires a lot more computer power than clicking.

If you and 3 friends want to ride to town, everyone can ride in your car just fine. However, if you and 50 friends want to ride to town, they can pile inside, sit on the roof, the trunk, the engine hood, and anywhere else they can fit, but you’ll have to drive extremely slowly. Get a bus: everyone fits and you can drive faster.

The FarmTown servers are the vehicle. When more & more people join, you need a much bigger bus to process all the clicks and keep everything moving smoothly. When you keep getting bumped out of somewhere, that’s the server getting overloaded and dropping you. Not much fun. Bigger servers = faster ride, more fun.

Posted by UConnKid

Hope this helps you guys understand what’s going on a bit better, and many thanks to UConnKid for the excellent description!


  1. Thanks for the kudos, Klikster. I just want to mention that this answer was in reply to a question about why FarmTown even has to bother with server upgrades.

    Upgrading the servers can be a pain to players in that you might be booted a little more often while the computers are being shuffled around and control passed to the new ones. However, in the long run, players will see a speed improvement and will be booted much less often. So hang on for a bit, and give a big Thank You to the support folks when it’s done!

  2. cant get into farmtown, keep getting a blank green screen, done the quick fix, that didnt work, un installed and re installed flash player and that didnt work either, what is left to do? hope someone can help…. Thanks

  3. YES Bridget..done exactly what u did.and more…….
    still stuck in “loading user”…….that has not changed since 10 days ago……..among my friends and neighbours im the only one with this problem..how come??
    no green screen for me …..

  4. Just want to say thanks to Wildman or Wiseman, the guy that helped with the waterfalls! I love you man! What an excellent thing you’ve done. I NEVER would have figured that out. You’re the man!

    okay, enough said. Thanks.

  5. I’m having trouble with Adobe Flash Player. I’ve reinstalled it, but it keeps causing Internet Explorer to close while I’m on Farm Town. There’s apparently a glitch that I hope they’re working on. It’s driving me nuts!

  6. i was wanting why my neighbours go miss i lost like 20 in two day why is that there is room to had neighbours so why is it that i add a new neighbour then i lose up to 10 i had 85 neighbours now i have 63 only

  7. i was wonding why my neighbours go miss i lost like 20 in two day why is that there is room to had neighbours so why is it that i add a new neighbour then i lose up to 10 i had 85 neighbours now i have 63 only

  8. Hi,
    I am probably the FarmTown dunce here but– it’s my problem, so be it. When I add neighbors, they show as neighbors when I look at the registry of neighbors on the top bar. But– they do not show up when I click the chat/neighbor screen below. So– I don’t know how to get to their farms.
    Answer is?

    Thanks for this awesome game!
    Donna Clayton Lloyd— REALTOR from Fayetteville, NC

  9. Today the servier was up and down and quite fr every time I plow I show that I am finsihed adn in actuality I am only half fisnihsed. Itis ol if I am plowing for myself, vut not when I go out and plwo for xp points. what gives?ustrating especially when I harvested 498 rasberries on my own site only to find out the system only credited me with 24 rasberries. what a pain and oh so not right.

    Also, have had trouble with plowing and thinking I am finsihsed as that is how it is showing screen only to find out that I am only half fisnhed. then the screen changes. numbers ad coins change and then we are back to only a partial plowing..

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