This was posted by UConnKid in the Leveling Guide, and I feel it’s a very good explanation of the reasoning behind players continuously being booted whilst playing Farm Town. Check it out:

FarmTown isn’t actually running on your computer. It is running on centralized computers that “serve” the graphics, etc., to you over the web. When you click on something in FarmTown (for example to go to the Marketplace, or on a plot to plow it), your computer sends a that information to the FarmTown servers, which processes it and sends (or serves) the result back to you. Processing requires a lot more computer power than clicking.

If you and 3 friends want to ride to town, everyone can ride in your car just fine. However, if you and 50 friends want to ride to town, they can pile inside, sit on the roof, the trunk, the engine hood, and anywhere else they can fit, but you’ll have to drive extremely slowly. Get a bus: everyone fits and you can drive faster.

The FarmTown servers are the vehicle. When more & more people join, you need a much bigger bus to process all the clicks and keep everything moving smoothly. When you keep getting bumped out of somewhere, that’s the server getting overloaded and dropping you. Not much fun. Bigger servers = faster ride, more fun.

Posted by UConnKid

Hope this helps you guys understand what’s going on a bit better, and many thanks to UConnKid for the excellent description!