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    1. a fellow farmer sent me the instructions but it’s a lengthy process. did it once and never again.

      i want to know how to “auto click”. i couldn’t find info on the farmtown help where i was told it would be. auto click enables you to harvest and plow tons of plots at a time. it was amazing.

    2. 1. You need to think and plan what crops you need and determine how long it takes them to ripen. We have found that it makes the most sense to plant your layers as same length crops (all 1 days, or all 2 days…etc.)

      2. You cannot repeat a layer. No matter how badly you need tomatoes or wheat, you can only do one layer of any given crop. Anything under the repeated layer and the repeated layer will not be there. It is a huge waste of time and very frustrating.

      3. Determine how many layers you want to do. I have done 6 successfully, but I prefer to keep it to 3 or 4. Make a list in a Word document, a sticky note, or whatever memory aid you prefer. It really helps to keep things straight for planting and more importantly, for harvesting.

      4. Open your FT and go to the farm you want to seed. Go to the tool that looks like a green plug. Click it. You will get the option of working offline. Choose the green check.

      5. Open FT again in a new tab. Repeat step 4 for as many layers as you decided to do.

      6. When all your tabs are open and offline, start seeding the first one. Your avatar may be a little slow, but it is important you are patient and let her finish before you move on to the next layer. When she is fully caught up, save and close that tab. This has just become your bottom layer. Make a note of it.

      7. After you have seeded, saved, and closed all your tabs, go back into FT and check to see if the farm looks seeded with the crop you planted. If so, you have now entered the waiting game.

      8. While you are waiting for your crops to ripen, you have a few things to do to make layered farming a little easier. Unless you just LOVE clicking a billion times, buy a silver tractor. It will delete 4 plots at a time. You can either buy one for each farm and make room for it permanently, or you can do what I do and put your seeder in storage and place the tractor where it normally sits on harvest night.

      9. After your crops are ripe but before you hire a worker, pick a corner of your farm and harvest one plot. Delete the harvested field and go to one of your others farms and back. You should see your next layer sitting there in that plot.

      10. Repeat step 9 until you get to your bottom layer (refer to your notes to make sure).

      11. Before you hire your worker, make sure you are very clear that they are not to harvest the “odd” plot that doesn’t match the rest. You need this plot to stay put until the end so that you don’t have to leave and come back to your farm over and over again during harvesting. This will make things go much more smoothly and keep you from getting confused as to what is going on. You might want to stick with workers you already know for layered harvests. I know some of this sounds vague and weird, but trust me, the first time you harvest a layered farm, you will thank me for the tips…LOL

      12. As your harvester works, you can use the silver tractor to start deleting plots. You will see plain green grass or dark dirt depending on your ground cover choice. This is ok and how it should look. When all is said and done, the only crop/plot you should see is the one that you are leaving until the end.

      13. Rehire your worker and choose to go with them. You should see the next layer all there and ready to harvest.

      14. Repeat strep 13 until you reach the last layer. As your worker harvests, DO NOT DELETE PLOTS THIS TIME. This is the layer you will hire your worker to plow.

      15. Bask in the glow of your success and get ready to plant again.

      Happy farming

  2. how do I get eggs, all i have is 80 baby chicks and no hens. no one know the answers so do I need hens to get eggs so I can use them in my bakery.

  3. how do you make pizza and bakery items? when i get gift items like flour and meat do i sell them and then proceed to make the items? i’m a little confused with this.

  4. you have to have the items to make the pizza, like the cheese from your dairy barn, flour from your wheat you planted and made into flour in your mill, etc, or when you get a gift, u can turn it into the items you need instead of what they sent; just click to exchange it. You can also get free items like flour, or pepperoni, ham, trees, coffee, etc from just don’t get greety and get more than 30 at a time, it locks up your computer, or slows it way down.

  5. When I hit full screen everything goes black. This happens in all of my Zynga games. I have to press the Windows logo key to go back to my small screen game. Can’t figure out how to fix it.

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