Animals in Farm Town

Okay, so we all know that the farm town animals look cute and cuddly.. Especially the pigs, I can’t get enough of those little guys. But aside from giggling at the site of all those critters running around your farm, they really don’t do very much. I guess they act as company? Or decent decor for your farm. To be honest I usually don’t send them to friends because I figured my friends would want trees.. currently, there’s no real use for animals in Farm Town.

That’s not to say there won’t be some day, but atleast right now, at this very minute, they’re pretty useless. Wait, I take that back, they have the ability to slow down your computer if someone has too many in their farm, woo-hoo.. anyways, currently animals can’t breed or reproduce, can’t get fatter although they continuously eat, and you can’t slaughter them (or milk your cows or sell your chickens eggs!)

To be honest, they’re hardly worth selling because you get next to nothing for them, but I’m assuming the Farm Town development team will eventually add SOMETHING to animals to make them a beneficial part of the game, and I hate to admit it.. but when that happens, all those people with armies of animals that slow my computer down to a crawl will be extremely lucky because they have a freakin’ fleet of animals to make coin off of.

But it’s not even for sure if anything will be added, so don’t get your hopes up!


    1. Actually you get more for selling goats, cows, horses and lama’s. it’s not so bad if your absolutely destitute!

  1. Does it slow down the computer when the farmer has hired a whole team of other harvesters? I have noticed occasionally that when I’m at someone’s farm, it takes forever to harvest the fields. I’ve blamed that on their ISPs – but maybe it’s because they’ve hired too many people!


    1. It could be their ISP’s, but it’s not likely. Do these farms also contain a lot of animals? Animals can slow down the game extremely.

  2. Farmville allows you to cows and goats get milked duck for down feather chicken for eggs idk bout horses yet sheep have something i forgot farm town needs to do that

      1. the horses in farmville give horsehair. and brown cows give chocolate milk…lol the swan is the one i wonder about…

    1. rabbits give you angora wool, horses give you horse hair, pigs give you truffles, cows give you milk as well as goats, not sure about baby elephants who even came up with that anyway?

  3. I keep loosing animals even tho they are in barbed wire enclosures. I know they don’t do anything but I would like to keep them around. Am I doing something wrong

    1. check your preferences. you can freeze the animals so they cant move. at least they arent supposed to.

      1. No matter what, my animals are frozen most of the time. I don’t want them to be but they are. What can I do to get them to move around more?

    2. u need to make sure that the blue squares at the end of each fence overlap with the next fence, otherwise there will be a gap for animals to get through. also, if there are too many animals in one space then a couple will escape

      one problem i have is that i have multiple paddocks for my animals, but when i start the game then they seem to switch around, and some dissappear completely 🙁 this is fixed by visiting another place, and then returning, but i sometimes get in a panic when half my animals are gone :’-(

  4. I agree the animals need to be able to be harvested for coins as I don’t send them to friends and when I receive them I find it hard to get them in the paddock I have Made for them. Cats and dogs would only be pets of course

  5. I have the largest size farm on Farm Town and I only hire 2 people at a time. This way the hirees can make some loot without fighting and scratching 30 other people for it.

    Also, if you go offline you can pick all the trees and get paid for it without the farmer complaining about you harvesting their trees.

    I never understood that the fruit grows back and you don’t get paid for it hanging on the branches.

    1. amen!! thank you for sensible too. i think it’s crazy to have more than 2 people fighting and bumping into each other to make your harvest coins. I wish everyone were as smart. The other night I was hired and there must have been 10 people working at once and nobody made much.

      btw…when I go back to my own farm which is max size now, there are usually 2 or 3 people hanging out there. How are they getting on my farm? They are not previous hires.

  6. Farmville lets you collect eggs, sheer your sheep, milk your cows, pluck your ducks etc…..Farmtown should get their updates together and do the same. This is so cool to have… for other wise useless animals. I belong to Farmtown and Farmville. We need to get more levels and farm sizes also. I have friends at over 200,000 exp points that need some more stimulation….not just sit in that rut of not being able to expand more…..or go to higher levels with more cool rewards.

    1. FarmVille doesn’t have a marketplace or any way for users to interact though, so both games have pros and cons. Personally I find Farm Town much funner, that’s why I made this site. 🙂
      Farm Town will obviously catch up to FarmVille in animals eventually.

      1. I find farm town more fun also, farmville had my attention for a few hours, then I got on farmtown and have been here for days…thanks!

    2. Try making the 3 d illusions . There fun. I made a giant pile of boxes.. just because. Plus you can always bulldoze
      Spending money needlessly is a lot of fun, plus you may find some fun things to do.

  7. Farmtown definitely needs some kind of 8 hour crop also. There’s nothing I can plant and go to bed and have ready when I get up. Raspberries have to gone to waste in 8-9 hours and if I sleep over 8 hours…my grapes have gone to waste too. It would be nice to be able to sleep 9-10 hours and have a crop ready to go right away when you get up.

  8. I agree with johnny walker on that also, I like the raspberries and grapes during the day, I keep one long growing crop that takes a day or two, or three, but the most of my crops are grapes and raspberries through the day, they make more money, but it would be nice to have a crop that was overnight so you dont loose any crops or growtime.

  9. The people who are at your farm and do nothing must be some type of glitch in the system..i just refer to them as ghosts but at the same time i find that to be a little creepy. i would like to see Farmtown add household items to the store so we can decorate our houses and actually go in the houses. Would also like to be able to hire others to water the flowers. By the way..the horses on Farmville give horsehair.

    1. The people who appear in your farm are there because they clicked on you. This is common if you visit the marketplace. You can click on anyone and visit their farm. If you see people hanging out in your farm, you can click on them and “ignore” them to make them go away. I don’t mind if someone pops in and takes a look at my place, but when they hang out for a long time standing still, I get leary that they might be hackers. So ignore them to boot them out.

    2. I get real frustrated with the people popping in when I am hiring people. I know that they are just clicking on me, going to my farm so that I will hire them, I won’t and I don’t I “Ignore” them immediately. Those that I don’t ignore are the ones that happen by while I am fixing up my farm. They are generally the looky-loos that are getting ideas for their farms and just seeing what others have.

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ME SOME FARMTOWN!! I’ve never been much of a computer game player, but since I’ve found Farm Town, that has surely changed!! I love the new waterfall tutorial and can’t wait to get off work and make me one!!! Thanks so much for all the invaluable information!!!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I totally agree with you Taylor. I love it too – it is my new obsession and when I am not doing it I find myself thinking about it and then I just feel silly. I did learn how to do the waterfalls today and the ripply lake and I can’t wait to get home from work to do it!! LOL this is crazy but it is fun and allows me to be creative, meet new people, hang out and help friends.

      Happy farming!

  11. Hi thanks for the info about the animals, I didnt realise they were the slow bug in the game. I am addicted to Farm Town and have 2 waterfalls lol on my farm and hoping to try more stuff. Would like to agree with the majority on bigger farms being made available.
    Great website ty.

    1. I made a maze on my farm and it’s really fun to show off to people. I just tell them to click on the flag and they go running through the maze. Now that I’ve seen some of these hints I will try to make it even more fun.

  12. I would love to see alligators added. I’m from Florida and I would love to make a gator farm. I made one out of flowers LOL!

  13. Speaking of 8 hour crops, I’m all for that too. How about asparagus? That would be a pleasing looking crop with contrast against the other crops.

    Love the waterfalls also – have put four of them in on my farm and enjoyed the shrub and stone steps terracing. Can’t wait to try some more but need more land.

    Level 34 should be a new plateau for real estate. 😉

  14. I never saw an answer as to why some animals are frozen. My animals only move when I move them and I have about 6 horses and 3 donkeys I can’t even click on to move, It is so frustrating, lol. I am so addicted to this game, it is the best and way better than any of the other farm games. I just wish my animals would start moving, lol. Can you help?!!!

  15. we should have tractors on farmtown too we should a harvester a seeder and a plow tractor like they have on farmville

  16. we have lamp post with no use they should have day time and night time so we can use are lamps that would look so cool

  17. i really don’t care for the animals either and i normally sell them. i hope that i am not insulting anyone by doing this, i also don’t care much for the pine and palm trees either. on farmville at least you can collect milk, wool, eggs, truffles, and such. then the animals wouldn’t be so bad.

  18. i also think that we should be able to delete more than 1 plot at a time. if you have a big farm that can be a big pain in the bum.

  19. By the time animals do anything, we’ll all be mixed out and won’t care/ As it is, I already have more money than I know what to do with and running out of room to buy more stuff. This has turned in to a veery disappointing game, as is FV which has more problems and is also a pain in the butt to get in to.

  20. blue wizard – I agree, I would like to expand as well… I have so many ideas I want to do but don’t want to loose TOO much farm land. But I don’t think they are going to go bigger. Seems all the farm apps only go to 24×24.
    Tractors would be nice but I would be cool with us being able to do the 4 square instead of the one – we should be able to choose when we are plowing for other people.

    Branlee, I agree with you too, I am not a big fan of the animals (well except the pigs, they are cute) and now that I just learned how to do the waterfall and other cool stuff I am getting rid of most of my farm stuff!

  21. I love the “pink cow” I seen my friend had one so I was determined to find one that same day I got one then within 2 days I now have 3 and they are so cute…

  22. as of right now you can milk the cows and goats and harvest eggs from chickens and geese not to mention there’s a dairy processing plant now to use the milk along with some of the fruit you harvest like raspberries and strawberries so yea i think they come in handy

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