Animals in Farm Town

Okay, so we all know that the farm town animals look cute and cuddly.. Especially the pigs, I can’t get enough of those little guys. But aside from giggling at the site of all those critters running around your farm, they really don’t do very much. I guess they act as company? Or decent decor for your farm. To be honest I usually don’t send them to friends because I figured my friends would want trees.. currently, there’s no real use for animals in Farm Town.

That’s not to say there won’t be some day, but atleast right now, at this very minute, they’re pretty useless. Wait, I take that back, they have the ability to slow down your computer if someone has too many in their farm, woo-hoo.. anyways, currently animals can’t breed or reproduce, can’t get fatter although they continuously eat, and you can’t slaughter them (or milk your cows or sell your chickens eggs!)

To be honest, they’re hardly worth selling because you get next to nothing for them, but I’m assuming the Farm Town development team will eventually add SOMETHING to animals to make them a beneficial part of the game, and I hate to admit it.. but when that happens, all those people with armies of animals that slow my computer down to a crawl will be extremely lucky because they have a freakin’ fleet of animals to make coin off of.

But it’s not even for sure if anything will be added, so don’t get your hopes up!