Animal Comp Speed Fix

Ever gone to work on someone’s farm, all excited that you’re gonna earn some money, only to load their farm and get blasted with 10,000 little critters ravaging around everywhere? I’m not trying to sound cocky, but I’ve got a pretty fast computer, and I’ve hit some people’s farms that literally froze my FireFox for a few seconds.

There IS a fix for this though, the Farm Town team was nice enough to see the error in their ways and corrected it, here’s how:

1. Select the Preferences Tab (Looks like a Wrench or Tool!)

Select Preferences

2. Check the “Freeze Animals” box.

Preferences Tab

3. Click the green Save Preferences arrow.

Now the animals won’t move, and it greatly increases your computer’s speed when loading that militia of critters! To enable animals running around again, just go back into preferences and un-check that setting!