Crops are the bread to Farm Town’s butter. The yin to the game’s yang. Without your precious little crops, there really isn’t a Farm Town. Well, in theory there is, but it’d be pretty boring..

Each type of crop is unique, its sell price and harvest time vary. Keep in mind, a ‘day’ in Farm Town is roughly 20 hours, so add that into your math when determining when your crops will be ready! We’ll have a harvest calculator up here soon to nullify all the hard work and thinking for you though, so check back for it!

See our Crop-related guides for Planting Crops Closer, or how to Plow & Plant Faster, we also have guides about Which Crops Are The Best and How to Hire Plowers.


  1. Thank you for this website. It’s awesome. Have already told several friends about it and they all love it as well. Learned about you today when someone just copied and pasted your web address into the chat room over and over again. Good idea. You’re reaching your base there. Best of luck to you and hope you much a lot of coins in advertising. Regards, Alisa 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I’m glad just knowing the site is helping other farmers and please don’t hesitate to check back! We’ll be unveiling tons of tips in the next two weeks, and I’ve been saving a special exploit I’ll release near the end of the week on how to make your plowing and harvesting even more fast!

      1. My question is this…..I am now recently having issues with my crops dissappearing they reappear when you try to plant or plow on them this only happens when I have other people plow my land…. Is there a flukey thing going on and is it going to be fixed or is there something that I as a user am doing wrong and it’s only on the places that someone else plowed.

  2. I LOVE FarmTown but I have a constant problem getting any further than then “green screen” or the”(100%) Loading” page. I checked with my server and they say if I’m able to get on the internet, it’s not their problem. What can I do??? Gurus need to guide us neophytes, please. Thanks.

  3. When someone else hires me to plow, the squares turn green and maybe out of 100 green squares I have actually plowed 5 squares. Can you help me. Also when I hire someone to plow for me, they cannot, it will not allow them.

    1. I have the same problem with being hired to plow but it turning the squares to grass. I’ve refreshed, logged out and back in, used the older Beta version. I still have the prblem when I’m trying to plow for someone else. My own farm plows fine.

  4. Learned about you in the marketplace as well and checked out your site, learned alot already…..look forward to more. Will be sending your info onto my other farmtown buddies. Thx

  5. is it wiser to let someone harvest my crops or do it by myself instead? in what way i can earn more money? harvesting it by myself or let someone do it for me?

  6. Is there any way to make the playing screen remain in Full Screen? Makes it better when you can see more of what you’re doing, hate when it keeps going back small while I’m clicking! I’ve lost so many jobs that way by clicking on one of those ads to the side of the playing screens.

  7. For the past two days, I can’t enlarge my property. I go to the realtor office, but I just get a blank screen. Is anyone else having the same problem? or know what I can to about it ?

    1. Try updating your flash drivers? Might be a problem with your cookies or something.. if updating flash doesnt work I’d say go to the Farm Town forums and report the error.

  8. Thanks for sharing you knowlege …it is so much fun and so relaxing ..thanks again .. i have been spreding the word…

  9. I love farm town and am learning new things about it all the time. My friend sent me to your site so I can learn now to do waterfalls. What a neat optical illusion that is. Enjoyed many of your videos and thanks for making them.

  10. I just reached level 34 yahooo i thought i will buy a mansion, ok, i did, it disapeared, totally gone, i bought another one thinking i had done something wrong, poof its gone again , I have used up 2 million, which i had worked hard to get, now its gone to a poof of smoke gone, i just dont know why or where it went to, i restarted my computer thinking it would come back but it has not it is just a space, where it was put, oh well, made me a little bummed out to even play the game anymore.

    1. I’m having problems as well I have to click many times before it will cut the crop it just says: saving.. saving.. saving??? its really becoming a problem I dont even want to harvest anymore.. there must be someway to fix it..

  11. I learned about you in the Market place. I watched your video and noticed the note you had attatched. I want you to know I found what you have here very informative and helpful.
    When people cut you down, its because they are jealous you are accomplishing something they didnt. Those of us that are adults, dont treat people like that. Thank you very much for this site. I will use it often.

  12. my home computer won’t load the game, i can send gifts but it won’t load my farm or anyone else’s. I’ve deleted all of my cookies and temp files. any ideas?

  13. I am having problems with harvesting. Everytime I get a harvest job, I get the reconnect to server window. How do I fix this so it dosen’t continuously happen? HELP!!!!!!!

  14. I finally figured out how to get my spaces so close together by using this website, and I did. I deleted all of my old spaces and put the new ones right next to each other. I planted corn on them and they all disappeared. It doesn’t say corn field 0% or anything, and I can’t plow anywhere either. I’ve messed with all of my preferences and the quality. I’ve also refreshed and still nothing. HELP ME!

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