Grow Time Chart

So you’ve planted some 3 day long crops, and they’re 65% done, and you want to know how long until you can harvest. Keeping in mind that a day in Farm Town is 20 hours (not 24!) the math is a bit tricky for some. But now we have a sheet that explains it all for you!

We used to update this, but we’ve found an amazingly helpful tool, a group of Farm Towners have compiled an amazing Spreadsheet that outlines ALL grow information, Crops, Trees and even Flowers!

Visit it here:

There’s also a guide that tells you how long until your crop will be ready, view it here.

Be sure to send this to all of your friends as it’s a very helpful tool in figuring out your crop cycles! Happy harvesting Farm Town Gurus!

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      1. The chart is correct…”grown” refers to the percentage you see when you pass over your growing crop.

    1. I never knew that a game could be so addicting. Gut since I have been playing I only had one crop go bad. this chart will help me keep track of the time allowence.

  1. i think the 1% line needs correcting, either change the numbers or put the heading to “99%” 😛

    1. Unless I misunderstood the chart, 1% = refers to the amount of time required for 1% of the time to be finished. ie. If you have a 2 hour crop that is 71% finished, you would look at the chart for 70% and then sub 1% more to see the time you have left.

      70% = 36 min. less 1% = 1.2 min.
      71% would mean that you have 34.8 minutes until you can harvest.

      I could be wrong… I have been a couple of times in my life.

  2. ummm my neighbors hsve had potatoes, corn and coffee sitting for weeks and it hasnt gone to waste…… :/ weird huh?

  3. @ xavier

    thats only temporary.the developers increase the number of days before it goes to waste because of the downtime of their servers.

  4. Sorry I don’t understand chart … If I’m getting it if you plant 1 dayer’s it will take 2 day till it spoils …haha Is that right?????
    4 days take’s another 4 day’s to spoil ???

  5. honestly they are giving us a grace period with all the crops i think they have up to a day extra that they dont spoil i had grapes and raspberries that stayed good up to9 hours after the 8 u could normally wait

  6. I have been trying to buy more land for 3 weeks. The realtor box is empty. I have not upgraded but once…please advise how to find out why I am not able to buy land. I have the level needed and the coin needed.

  7. why is it when I’m plowing for someone else, the spaces are deleted sometimes and I dont get points or payment for the work. how do I fix it or avoid it?

  8. I planted grapes last night around midnight and when I went in today at noon , they have spoiled. Do I have to delete everything and start over, it is a large field.

    thank you

  9. I am getting frustrated!! yesterday I planted both grapes and raspberries before i went to bed…I got up this morning and they both have gone to waste… then this morning I planted raspberries at about 10am. I go back in at 215pm and all of them have gone to waste! What is happening! I am wasting a ton of money on plowing and seed..and getting nothing back! help!

    1. Raspberries take 2 hours to grow, so after they’re fully grown they’ll die in 2 hours.. so they die 4 hours after being planted.
      If you’d checked them at 1:45 they would’ve been alive.

    2. I agree with u…last month I planted lots of grape and it didn’t spoiled….I was so happy because I can leave it for days while I gone to work…and harvest it when I free…But now it seems like it goes back to normal and it really wasting my money…so sad….

  10. i’d like to know why i keep loosing my gifts after i accepted them when i go into my farm the gift box is empty. i have lost a lot of trees which are essential to making the coinst to buy things and also make experience points because of this glitch i feel i am being held back i am not advancing as quickly as i should. it may be something im doing wrong ,but i dont think so, as i am able to get some gifts from some people, but not from otherpeople sometimes.



  12. I’m getting very frustrated, other people harvest 2X faster than me, is there is setting or what do I do wrong. I do zoom close. My quality of screen is low…..???????????????? Help!

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