Hiring Plowers

Plowing your farm can be tedious, even when you can plow four entire squares at a time. Wouldn’t it be sweet if there was a way you could get other people to do it for you? What about if you could save some coin while doing it as well? Man, it must be your lucky day.. because it just so happens that there’s a feature that does just that. But the down side is it needs to be unlocked.

In order to be able to hire people to plow your farm, you need to unlock the trophy for having 10 neighbours in Farm Town. There’s no level requirement, you simply need 10 neighbours. Once you have the 10, the feature automatically unlocks and is available. So request every person on your My Neighbours page to become your neighbour and happy plowing!

Now that you understand how to do it, I’ll overlay the reasoning behind WHY you should do it. The cost for you to plow a square is 20 coins. The cost for a stranger to plow a square is 15 coins. And the cost for one of your neighbours to plow your squares is 10 coins! See the image below:

Plow Pricing

The people you hire to plow are ONLY able to plow previously harvested areas. So there’s no way they can run around plowing wherever they like and ruining your beautiful little farm. So don’t worry at all! Just get those 10 neighbours and away you go!

NOTE: Make sure you’re at the farm while they’re plowing, or else you might not get the experience!