Planting Crops Closer

Visited someone else’s farm and curious as to how they made their crops not have the space in between them? This isn’t a coincidence, and they aren’t hacking.. well they might be hacking but they aren’t doing THIS with a hack at least.

** There is an actual EXPLOIT to make this process even faster, please check back as we’ll be posting it soon! **

Farm Town defaults your crop planting abilities to having that space between each plowed plot, not only is this annoying.. but it’s extremely inefficient for your farming because it limits the amount of plows you have greatly. Without the spaces you can produce far more harvests overall, and luckily there’s a fix!

Difference in Plowing

As the picture to the left shows, the cabbage is placed directly beside each other to the point where you don’t see that annoying space.. whereas the peas are planted with the spacing in between and are taking up tons of farming space, having no spaces in between literally gives you the ultimate harvesting abilities.

Now the question that you’re dying to ask us is, “How in the heck did you do this?! And how do I do it!!!” Well hold your horses and keep reading, like we said, it’s an extremely easy fix!

I really don’t understand why Farm Town defaults the space, personally I feel it should be the other way around.. default the non-space plowing and allow people to choose to add a space.. anyways, here’s the fix:

1. Select Preferences

Select Preferences

2. Check “Remove Space Between Fields”

Select Remove Spaces

3. Click the Green arrow to save your changes

4. Bulldoze all of your old fields and then plow them without the spaces! 🙂

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