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Plowing and Planting is fun, but it isn’t always as fun when you have a massive farm and you need it done quickly. You need an efficient method to plow and plant your crops to cut corners and make it less time consuming, and we have the answer.

Ever accidentally seen your character not move while plowing or planting? You figure it was a glitch, didn’t you? Well we can harness that glitch! When you plow and plant in a certain way, your avatar will stand still and get work done across the screen!

When you plow and plant, move from the top right to the bottom left as you do it and your character will stand still, saving you time.

Plant & Plow Direction

Still unsure how to do this? Check the video demonstration below:


  1. This glitch also works from bottom left to bottom right. I think above the description of the glitch is missing the simple fact that to maintain the glitch u have to harvest perfectly in order from one plot to the next. when u accidently click a wrong patch, you will walk, and the glitch can be reset for the next row or continue in the row/column your in.

    1. I wasn’t aware it worked from bottom to top! Thanks for the tip!
      And I’ve accidentally clicked the wrong patch so many times, it’s very irritating!

      1. I tried this trick and like you, found I often click the wrong field and then have to walk ALL the way to it, which wastes all the time you saved in the first place. Here is my tip for harvesting/plowing fast. Walk down the middle of three rows, and click the fields to your left and right and then in front (the one you are standing on can be hard). Then move forward. What this means is that you are only moving forward once every three crops, and then moving forward one step. Sometimes I also click on the five around me, haven’t analysed which is quickest, but it makes it less boring.

      2. I found by accident that if you zoom in to plow then click in the middle of 4 squares rapidly the curser bounces around and you can plow 4 squares at once, same with planting, I love it!

    2. When I harvest, for some reason it leaves the words on the field, and if I am zoomed out at all, it makes it difficult for me to harvest the crops. Is there a fix for this?

      1. Zoom in while you harvest, you will see no words would be shown on screen. I understand how irritating those “ready for harvest” words are

      2. That used to happen to me also, but I found if I made the screen a little larger, the words are no longer there.

    3. Ok I admit I may be a bit computer illiterate. I am confused about several things here. First when I am harvesting another persons farm, it is taking forever for my plots to load. My avatar goes to each plot and all I see it 0 % loaded. It is taking a lot longer and other people are getting their jobs completed so quickly. Then once they are completed they can accept the plow job. By the time my screen completely loads all the plots have already been plowed. What am I doing wrong? Also, people talk about refreshing their screen all the time but when I am on a job how can I refresh and get back in that job? I’m sorry to sound stupid but its aggravating. I’ve pretty much learnt to accept that I will only be able to harvest other peoples’ fields and not be able to plow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Jstwaytoosweet, I had noticed the same thing. But, then I tried playing on Internet Explorer instead of my Firefox and everything worked much better. I am thinking the browser is the culprit of much of the problem.

        If you are not using IE, you should at least try it and see if that doesn’t solve some of the aggravation. 🙂

      2. It’s possibly because the person has a large farm with lots of animals and your computer’s not able to deal with it quickly. Older machines find it hard to load it all up as quickly. The game loading times have slowed for me since people are increasing their animals for the new features.

    4. i tried the plowing trick but it didnt worked…i’ve also watch the video and did exactly the same thing but it didnt really worked…do i need to click anything on the preferences to make it work?…is follow avatar while walking and wait for each plow/plant supposed to have a check on the preferences or blank?help me pls..

  2. For a few days i could click ahead when plowing and harvesting and have plots waiting 0%complete. They still finished one at a time, however i was able to move onto the next job. This isnt happeneing anymore and has slowed down the game considerably. Can i get this process back or has farmtown fixed a loophole.

    1. I’ll be posting a guide later this week with a way to get around that recent fix, please check back!

    2. Just click on your PLAY tab o reload your farm. All the plowing or planting will be done, and you’ll have your points.

        1. Sorry thanks for the comments but the problem for me is that i have to click one square and wait for the job to finish before it allows me to click the next one. I could click ahead and then refresh, i want to be able to do that now but it doesnt work for me anymore

          1. You need to go to the wrench at the top and change the follow avatar around. This will give you more room to move and the avatar won’t always be where you are.

          2. click on preferences and unclick the box “wait for each plow/plant”

            You will now be plowing and planting without waiting for your avatar

        1. I messed up! I meant I harvest, visit a friend and quickly come back to farm and its all done for me, with xp points given. Then I plow quickly, visit friend and come back, done for me. Same with planting!

    3. If you go to the wrench in the top right wher is shows hide trees and stuff. There is one that says “Wait for each plow/plant” if you unclick that you can plow and plant ahead of the bars. You can even go back to the market or your farm and the xps still show up.

    4. Nazza, I found that you no longer have to wait…the trick is to go the market, all of your exp will rack up quickly so you can move on to the next job…much better than waiting for them all to plow:-)

      1. If you leave before the harvesting is done you do not get credit. If you are hired to plow after harvesting then you can leave when you are done and will get the credit.

        1. So Denise, if what you’re saying is true, that would also mean if they hire you to plow, if you start plowing before you’re finished with the harvest, you would not get your coin credit for everything you harvested. Is this correct?

  3. how come when im playing my avitar will stop and it keeps saying save save and wont let me move and i keep timeing out… what can i do to fix this

    1. You need to hit the save button WITHOUT clicking on the green timed out tick. It will then tell you all pending changes have been saved. Click the green tick and you should be able continue playing.

      1. What ‘save’ button ? This happens to me repeatedly… ‘save’ drifting off the avatar (instead of $$ for harvesting a field) and I can’t move. But no green tick appears to click on.

        1. the save button is the floppy disk icon, in the row to the far left of where the spanner is. As floppy discs are virtually obsolete now, perhaps this icon is rather anachronistic!

  4. Also when i turn off trees to work on a farm and then try to turn them back on if they want them harvested they wont come back on

        1. Ask the farmer to rehire you while you stay on their farm if you have clicked on the spanner first and made the trees visable you will see them when you are rehired.

    1. There was recently an update that fixed that problem. Trees, bldgs., flowers, etc. now come back on when you turn them on. Yeah! That used to drive me nuts.

  5. OK … so what about the “Wait, I’m busy” msgs … I get 3 or 4 plots harvested and the little stinker says “Wait, I’m busy” …. I can click on plots (to try to work ahead) all I want but my clicks will not be accepted until the machine decides it’s no longer “busy”

  6. I have found a much quicker way of planting crops. you plant like normal and when you have loads of planting queued you “accidently” click on another link, like farmville then quickly press the back arrow and it will be done 🙂

  7. Hey..

    Can Anyone tell me why when im plowing for others it seems to turn to grass aqnd i dnt get the points??


      1. I viewed the planting crops closer and can’t see the fix for the plot disappearing when plowed by other ppl. I have to go in and plow it myself. Help.

  8. I can plough up to 4 plots at a time on my own land….why can’t I do this when I’m ploughing for others??? It’s so slow to have to plough one at a time…

        1. u cant hire someone to plant for u, because they might mess up ur field plan

          klikster is saying that u can hire ppl to plow, theres a tutorial on how to do this

  9. great, hopefully this will work on other ppl’s farms so i can race ahead of everybody else and get more money 🙂 thnx

  10. When I’m working other ppl’s farm, I have a problem plowing. Only thing I can do is deleting other person’s farm not plowing them. ( I have no problem harvesting crops) Can anybody help me??

  11. So when are they going to come out with a faster plowing method – similar to the 2×2 plowing option? It would make planting time a lot less tedious.

    1. I think Tabby means a faster seeding method, and I agree, this is a tedious part of the game and you can’t hire people to sow for you!

      1. Yes, my mistake.. I didn’t know if they were going to come out with some kind of faster planting method, similar to the faster plowing method. It does get tedious, and it’s the one thing I don’t look forward to.

  12. Here is another way for you to allow people to plow faster when you hire them on your farm. If you let them do about 10 fields and rehire them. They will lose the box for plowing and only have ther mouse arrow to click on the fields with. And you can do a field alot faster.

    1. interesting, but just check that they still earn exp points, as I have found I don’t if I click ahead fast.

  13. Whenever I try to plow for another farmer it turns to grass and I get no points. I tried the planting crops closer together option and reloaded but still didn’t work. Any other suggestions what I can do? Plz help with this! Thanks!

    1. You don’t have a high enough trophy level yet to plow for someone else. I think you need 8 neighbors to plow for others. and 10 to hire plowers on your farm
      Once you have 8 neighbors, you will be able to plow with no problems on other peoples’ farms

  14. Is there any way we can have ducks for our ponds? Children for the playgrounds? vehicles…tractors and stuff…
    Thanks for this addictive game… wonderful way to shut out the real world for a while after work!

  15. for the last 5 days, i have not been able to plow 11 plots. i cant delete them either. i have gone to 3 different locations to try other computers. when i try to plow, it steals the site. i try to plant and even though i have plenty of coins(5,000 or more)i am told i dont have enough coins. i try to buy seeds and am told the same thing. alas, i a failed computers for dummies so i am at a complete loss.

  16. A great way to really plow, harvest or plant fast is using the utlity at It just clicks your mouse for you but saves you tons of time. I don’t look at it as cheating because it still requires you to be there and turn it on and off and guide the mouse but it does allow you to plant a 24×24 farm in less than 5 minutes. Plus the people that put the site up replied to my email right away on a question I have and based on their reply, I think they built it just for Farm Town or FarmVille.

    1. im glad u dont look at that as cheating– lets u sleep a little easier, huh? Sorry but this IS cheating and the more of u that do it the less fun for the rest of us that go onto a farm that ends up being plowed in seconds. JERK

  17. Is there any intention on increasing the size of the farms from the max that is offered now? I am constantly chatting with neighbors or buddies that have maxed out the size of their farms and would like to be able to go larger.

  18. im a newbe and cant understand the complete process of invitng people to be friends where do ustart this process?

  19. I have found if I click fast and move fast when plowing I do not get my XP. I would say 75% of the time I don’t get my points. This is very frustrating as I could be at least 3 levels higher than what I am now! There’s noting like plowing an entire farm and find you have only gotten 10 points! Please help!

    1. rather than returning to your own farm, go to the marketplace. Your character will be stuck in one spot for a minute or two while your xp and coins count up for plowing, but it’s better than missing out on them or waiting around someone else’s farm for your avatar to catch up with your awesomeness.

      I do this A LOT. I haven’t found a fix for leaving or plowing early causing you to miss out on coins, but this works for plow points.

      1. very sorry to have to let u know it doesn’t work like this anymore…u lose everything when u check out a farm after plowing

  20. I have tried harvesting and plowing as you have suggested. Harvesting and plowing from right to left, I have also done it left to right, and no matter what, my avitar has to click on each plot to harvest and plow. I have also made sure the last 2 items on the list in preferences are not checked, and no matter what my avitar will not go fast. Can anyone help me with this.


  21. I am also very upset and dissappointed about the new harvest method. Am also pissed off that I can no longer place my paths, rivers exactly where I want them because they ‘touch’ the other object. I used to be able to place paths right next to one another, well no more a gap as big as the path itself is now inbetween. This is not right and doesnt add to my enjoyment of the game. This need s to go back to how it was. Signed a very disgruntled player.

  22. when im plowing or harvesting my avatar has to stop and wait till each crop is finished and the check besides wait is not checked and i c other people just stand there and crops disappear what am i doin wrong?

  23. I agree with some of you on here. The plowing doesn’t work fast any longer when you stand at the top and work top to bottom… NOW your avatar follows you each and every square NO MATTER where you have it standing at…. Please take it back to the way it was before….

  24. I have a big & small harvester and a small seeder, but I can’t harvest or plant more than 1 block at the time. It worked for a while then just stopped. What can i do?

  25. I finally figured out how to get my spaces so close together by using this website, and I did. I deleted all of my old spaces and put the new ones right next to each other. I planted corn on them and they all disappeared. It doesn’t say corn field 0% or anything, and I can’t plow anywhere either. I’ve messed with all of my preferences and the quality. I’ve also refreshed and still nothing. HELP ME!

  26. when im plowing on farmtown i have gaps n between all of my crops and its a waste of space and when i go to other farms theres is all one huge crop how do i make mine like this?

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