The Best Crops

It’s an extremely controversial topic, and a lot of people argue about it constantly, but there is one crop that stands out above the others, and I have a proper reason as to why! If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, this single crop alone will help you rise through the Farm Town ranks faster than you can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” ! Well, maybe a bit slower then that..

What’s the best crop? Raspberries are the best crop in the game!
Before you doubt, listen carefully:

  • Raspberries have a 2 hour turnover, this lets you plant and harvest them several times daily.
  • Each time you plow and plant, you’re gaining experience. Doing this multiple times per day maximizes your experience gain!
  • Raspberries have the highest rate of coins per hour in the game. (Look at the chart below for proof!)

The only real negative aspect is that you have a fair amount of labour (mouse clicking to be exact) involved, but if you get others to harvest and plow for you (Note: You need 10 neighbours before people can plow your Farm) it’ll go even faster. Regardless, if you put in the effort, you’ll reap the rewards.

Click on the Crop Datasheet below to see it in full size!

Crops Datasheet


  1. I think if this table also showed profit per day if others harvest would make this chart more applicable. Not positive, but if there is a difference in price if others plow, should show that too.

    1. Hello, I made my own spread on the daily average coins earned by subtracting the cost from coins to purchase resulting in the profit, than divided the profit by the days in takes until ready. Here are my results for the best to plant (not including grapes and rasberry):
      #1 pinnaple
      #2 blueberry
      #3 pepper
      #4 cabbage
      #5 potato & carrot
      #6 watermelon
      #7 onions & peas
      #8 strawberry & rice
      #9 sunflower
      #10 corn
      #11 wheat
      #12 coffee
      #13 pumpkin
      #14 cotton & tomato

      1. Does this table take into consideration of those which may be used within the processing plants

      1. “I also would like to see a chart that tells us when the crops will go to waste after they’ve ripened”

        you dont need a chart…. it takes crops the same length of time to rot as it did to grow.
        for example: raspberries take 2 hours to grow. after they have reached maturity and are ready for harvest, it will take 2 hours for them to rot.

    1. Just thought I’d add a little tip. You can start a rotation of crops so you have something to harvest everyday. Say you have a 3 day crop, divide your fields into 3 parts. You plant 1 field everyday for 3 consecutive days. On day 3 you can harvest your 1st field, then the next day field 2, and then field 3.

      1. Use your ground. While you are waiting for the 3 days time to lapse. Plant a 1 day and 2 day crops in the vacanat lots so you can make coins everyday from your farm lots.

      2. When I 1st started I was planting grapes. I made close to 6 mil in grapes before I started plantng carrots. If you have the time and want to generate coins quickly then I say plant grapes or raspberries. Now that I reached level 34 I plant carrots or peppers usually on Sat & Mon. Then on Wed I plant blueberries or pineapples (these are planted for neighbor’s or family member’s low on coins).

  2. I’m definately in agreement that Raspberries are the best option, but it isn’t exactly reasonable to assume that someone could actually do 12 rounds of raspberries in a day…A more realistic number is 4-6 if you take out time for sleeping and add in time to harvest and replant…Even using the smaller range of numbers, it is obvious that raspberries are the smartest grop as long as you have the chance to replant 4 or more times in a day…

    1. Sorry, I meant that if you look at a situation where you get the extra percentage for having someone else harvest and have a neighbor plow for you, it is obvious that raspberries are the best option.

    2. I can never get someone to harvest Raspberries they always see them and leave!…… unless i promise them they can plow

      1. I think it is only fair if someone has you harvest raspberries at around 14 coins, it is only fair that they get to plow, there comes a time when xp points are more important that the coins.

        1. I agree with Kathy its not very profitable; but, if you go to the market and announce ‘raspberries’ there will be takers. Sometimes its fun just to check out other peoples farms. What I mean is, tell them beforehand in chat. Someone out there likes raspberries.

  3. I worked on my farm 2 days not in a row 24h each by planting only raspberrie and the other days more than 12 hours by day and i reached level 30 in 14 days. If you work once a day you should plant cabagges and if you work every 2 days the best is pepper and 3 days for sure is pineapple.

    am i addict? lol

      1. i agree that raspberry is the best crop!in just 6 days to be exact i made my ft account in level just 6 days huh.i plant 7-8 times a farm is so plain.u can see nothing except the i have 2 mansions and other stuff from the store.the 1st account that i made it took me 25 days to level up to 34.i just found out abount raspberries when i was in level 27 that time.but its too late coz i have already small fields left bcoz of my stuff i bought from the store.but in my 2nd account 1027 fields.u plant in 7-8 or sometimes up to 9 times.just think of it.thanks for the rasp!

        1. but now i stopped planting raspbberies coz i already reached the level 34.since that moment i reached level 34 i start planting pineapple and blueberries.raspberries is d best only for earning coins expecially xp..:D

    1. I played for less than two months now and Ia am level 34 with 170,00xp. I have two mansions and a waterfall. I did it all by:
      1. planting as many of the most expensive crop i could afford and being patient. Pineapple money is awesome! 450K for me
      2. tell your friends to send you trees…free $ every 3-5 days.
      3. Always work at the market after you plant and earn back all the money you spent plowing/planting.
      4. Don’t collect crap that takes up farming space. have style, not one of everything.
      5. Visit visit visit…it unlocks store items/ gifts and gets you cheap ex…6 per visit.
      6. do your own plowing. dont give away xp
      7. have a FEW buddies that you always go to and offer your harvests to them, they will remember you later.
      and the golden rule…don’t be a begging idiot in the market…its annnoying. Be polite, telll jokes, sing, just try not to turn into a vulture. I have worked many a pineapple plantation for answering trivia or returning a hello.

      1. You’re not giving anything away when you have someone else plow. You still get the 1 xp per patch (as do they) AND it costs you less.

      2. Hi. To increase your level dramatically, do the following:
        1. Plant expensive crops
        2. Work, work, work
        3. Buy expensive buildings, then sell them, and buy again. A greenhouse for example is 80k… which gives you 800 experience points.

        Happy farming!!!!

        1. why not try hay bale for only 50 and it will give u 5xp.sell the hay bale for 2 coins.with the 80k if u buy hay bale u can earn xp 8000 …

      3. hi stephanie
        good tips but did you realise that if you get someone else to plow then you both get 1 exp point for each plot plowed

      4. When I need someone to work for me, I usually say good morning or something like that. The ones who reply are more likely to get hired by me. Get noticed, but don’t annoy.

      5. Here, here! Well said. I would never choose someone to harvest my farm that can only say
        “plooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww ppplllllleeeaaaaasssssssseeeee” let alone plow my fields. A simple ‘I’m available’ or ‘I can work’ is much better. Also, if you say nothing at all, sometimes farmers think you are just checking out the scenery.

  4. This is ridiculous. It assumes one could plant raspberries 24 hours a day. If you only did 12 hours, perfectly, you would come in well below blueberries, peppers or Pineapples, which can easily be harvested timely! Unless you have a bot that can plant around the clock, raspberries are not the best crop!!

      1. Wrong! You get a big accumulation of coin that you can’t spend once you get to around level 28. Then you just need points. To get points, plant raspberries!! It’s true. You earn the same exp points no matter which crop you plant. And you’ll earn MANY more by planting raspberries, even if only 2 crops per day, than you will with any other crop. Works same way with grapes if you must be off for 4 hours at a time.

          1. I don’t agree. Once you get to level 28, it is very likely that you are in the same position as me. I can rotate my crops to get thousands of ex points a day just by hiring others to plow and then planting my own seeds. But ex points mean almost nothing at that point because there is nothing left to buy at the higher levels with the exception of the mansion, so the incentive to level goes away. In a week or two, I’ll get that mansion, and then I’m done, unless something better comes along. Why would I continue to deal with raspberiies after I have a mansion and there is nothing left to earn?

          2. One last note, but the king daddy of them all… it is: If you have coins, you can buy experience points. For example, once you have enough coins, you can simply sell your small house, buy a new one and get over 700 x points in the process. No need to keep plowing. If you get to the point where your farm generates enough cash, just keep deleting and re-buying…it’s much faster than dealing with raspberries.

          3. True enough, but once you have reached lvl 34 and have your mansion then what?

            I now have over 5 million and nothing to spend it on *sigh*

            I wish there was a donation feature, where players like me could donate to newbees 🙂

        1. I have a better idea. I hit level 34 in less than two months. stand in a corner…buy a house. then sell it. no you dont get a big return on it. ITS A GAME .
          step two, buy another house. sell it…..xp out the rear…..lots easier than plowing,planting and hiring for a farm full of cheap raspberries. I have two mansions.

    1. In terms of getting the most XP Raspberries are the best bar none. The more one can harvest in a single day adds a lot more experience to the mix, whereas peppers and pineapples are every few days. I don’t duobt that peppers are awesome, my entire farm is filled with them currently, but for new players trying to gain levels fast Raspberries are the key.

    2. Not to mention those of us who have to do other things (like work or school) for a big chunk of each week day.

      I plant raspberries on the weekend but also use the rotation idea for the longer term crops.

      Now we need a 12 hour crop. Oh and expansion of the game to higher levels, more land, more items.

    3. my farm is built on rasberries and grapes. i have a slow computer and don’t work much on other farms. i get booted to much. im at level 28 and started the game less then 4 weeks ago. i now have over 700.000 coins . i still plant grapes and berries for fun waiting for other things to harvest. harvesting every 2 hrs isn’t all that hard and grapes can be planted over nite . If u r on a lower level u cannot plant money crops like blueberries and pineapples.i always keep space for potatoes cabbage and watermelon too they only take a day and reap almost 100 coins each.u gain experience points too.

  5. This chart is bogus in order to get all the profit you would have to stay up 24/7. No one with a life would do that.

  6. Are you guys involved with Farmville? It is so similiar that it seems like they might be.

    Second question: I know there is the “Report Abuse” button, and I wonder what it does. Sometimes the talk can get a little saucy at the marketplace (which I personally enjoy if it is witty and framed in “farm talk” but I worry that if someone gets easily offended, the “farmtown police” will come a knockin.)

    1. The Report Abuse button doesn’t do a whole lot right now, but Farm Town is releasing an in-game moderation team very soon that will deal with player relations fast and swiftly.

  7. I have never been able to harvest as fast as everyone else. I’m not talking about the method of harvesting I understand all that. I’m talking about the speed of my click to harvest. Do u know why that might be?

  8. This analysis consider only the profit, not the investment required to earn that profit. The highest “yield” comes from Sunflowers, which cost 115 + 20 to plow, and sell for 277. The profit (142) may be less than several other crops, but sunflowers have a yield of 277/135 = 2.05, meaning they double your investment.

    Sunflowers (2.05), Tomatos (2.00), Corn/Rice (1.90), Peas (1.84), etc.

    1. I agree, sowing seeds takes effort and time. The other big disadvantage of raspberries is that you will quickly lose the benefit of neighbours working for you if they have to do raspberries. I don’t harvest raspberries for others anymore, it just isn’t worth the effort for the 12 coins. If everyone who reads this post decides to plant raspberries all the time we will quickly find the only job going in the marketplace is to harvest raspberries.

    2. I agree Bob, looking at it from a strictly financial standpoint, the best return on investment is sunflowers and second is tomatoes. Taking time out of the mix, you get more for your money with these crops.

  9. I was up in money the other day and planted pumpkins wich with all that I planted will give me $102,168.00 in just pumpkins and I will plant raspberrys in the meantime to get more coins. Then I can upgrade to 24×24 in land.

  10. If you have plenty of cash and want to level up fast.. simply plant raspberries, then immediately delete the field, replow and replant raspberries. Repeat as many times as you want. I took a 100 square plot..used this technique…banked 2400 XP points in about an hour and I’m on “dial-up”….broadband would be even faster!
    The cost was $28000. Much cheaper than buying and/or selling items..especially houses!

  11. We need a chart on the crop cost and grow time to compare them easely when getting ready to plant so we don’t have to go to the site and pull up each one.

  12. Anyone having trouble saving?

    How do you save?

    With the disc-like icon at the top right? When I click that I get booted off or else the farm reloads and usually I lose whatever I just did….like plant or rearrange.


  13. I have been playing for about a week. I am a level 26 with 4000 more xp points to go for level 27. I suggest working your arse off for others. No begging, make friendly polite conversation, and return the favor.

    And plant raspberries. I use 1 and 2 day crops a lot now, but always keep a portion for raspberries.

  14. bought a house
    it didn’t appear….so bought another
    then they both showed!
    couldn’t sell so deleted one and threw my coins away! it was the cheapest house but since i just started it was a lot of coin and wish i could be reimbursed

  15. I have 3 mansions, a healthy rotating crop, nearly 126,000 xp, and 8 million coins. Where do I go from here? Clear all my harvest space and buy another 8 mansions and just work for others? Its taken me 3 months.

  16. You lot are so sad arguing lol does it matter if raspberries are better? no. does is matter if pineapples are better? no. after all its just a game, but an VERY addictive one

  17. I feel so much better about my self and the amount of time I spend on this game. I thought I was an addict until I read the posts on this page. Dang folks you have time to figure all that plants/profit figuring? You are the true farm town guru’s

  18. In response to what to do next when you’ve topped out and can’t buy anything else…..

    I think we need a few random disasters after a certain level, like tornados, hail, flood, blight, fire, earthquake, drought, farm worker boycott, bankrupcy! Anything that can do damage or cause financial ruin of varing degrees and maybe drop you down a peg or two.

    Then….you just have to work your way up again.

    1. That is kinda like the origianl sim city. It would have natural disasters in your city and you had to rebuild. Did make the game much funner after you reached a certain point.

  19. What I got from reading all of this is that it does not seem to make sense to be in a hurry to level up. Once you get there there is nothing else (Kinda like the real world :).

    I guess it might do to just take your time and enjoy the journey, rather than conquer farmtown.

    No accounting for taste, though

    1. absolutely!!! I’m in no rush. I like tweaking my farm just so and don’t want a huge mega farm. I want my farm to resemble and feel like a California mission. calm and beautiful. seriously what’s the hurry?

  20. One thing that we have been talking about is the lack of being able to rotate objects. It would be so nice if you could just rotate the objects after you have bought them.

  21. I agree that raspberries are mathmatically the best producer in xp and coin on paper…It only makes sense that a crop that can be planted that many times will out produce a slower crop. Having said that though, I feel that each farmer has to determine their own goals for the game. That is one of the best parts of this game!! You can go for the levels as fast as possible or maybe you are more into the creative ways to display a farm! You can always do both!! Patience, Grasshopper!!! It’s a game, and games are supposed to be fun!!!!

  22. i can use 100,000 coins and turn it into 10,000 EXP easily, just get a program that records mouse clicks and set up a Hay Bale buyer seller program and just get 100,000 and then turn it on. Each
    Hay Bale is 50 bucks and when bought gives you 5 EXP, when you sell it you get 2 coins back, each time you buy then sell 100,000 coins worth of Hay Bales you will have 10,000 more EXP. Programs such as autohotkey can make such a script. And as for speed, you can speed your game up using “Cheat Engine”

  23. I’m on level 34 and had been able to buy everything in the market. Since the ‘new’ FarmTown I have over half my trees locked. What gives? And why are some items available only with the cash? I don’t want to apply for a credit card or buy more cash in order to get something from the market.

  24. i agree with you guys, if u r new plant raspberries or grapes u will earn xp, and as u r waiting 4 d harvest time try to go to market to earn extra money and xp. im in level 29 in just 7 days!!!! work hard not just wait for the harvest time, if u have so many coins then start buying and do the landscaping for your farm..

  25. Some of us are not in it for gain, but for glory. The journey is as important as the destination, and in FT, there isn’t much of a destination, after all, once you have your mansion, what else is there?

    I enjoy the social interaction with people from around the world and have new faces in my Facebook that I’m enjoying and getting to know (and learning from) that I met as buddies or farmers in the marketplace.

    Also, I enjoy people coming into my farm and appreciating how beautiful I have made it. What my biggest pet peeve is, however is this. When folks are hired, they hit your farm and start clicking crops. Most of the time there is no consideration of what intricate patterns they are destroying without thinking. Now my solution for that is to quiz people in marketplace as to wether they appreciate design over volume, and also to only hire buddies who have worked for me before.

    My next pet peeve is that when sharing harvesting with others, protocol is poor and respect is almost negligent. There is a lack of consideration when it comes to the area you are picking, of others barging right in and picking stuff you are right on top of. Show some dignity, its just a game, not a battle to get every last crop first.

    Remember, enjoy the journey and be creative!

  26. I agree with tinabina, just enjoy it, it’s a game, i use it for stress relief, i’m in no hurry to do anything, and don’t forget about the creativity aspect of the game, try new things out see how it works for you then share the wisdom, we are a community, so lets treat others with respect and consideration like you would in your own communities. i’ve had alot of fun with this and i plant whatever i’m in the mood for, sometimes i make designs i use color to make it look nice, just go with it and have fun, it’s not a race, when someone hires you to work, stop and say hi there how can i help today, don’t just get to work ignoring the owners request, like maybe don’t do trees this time or whatever, you know what i’m saying, be kind to each other (((((hug)))))

  27. Since I started Farm Town (and am responsible for addicting many of my friends) I smoke less, and am more relaxed. (I don’t smoke in the house and don’t have a computer outside). What a fun game and I notice the new things as they happen, like the yellow outline around fields which make the harvesting easier. I’ve been playing about 5 weeks, am level 29 and in no hurry to get to the end. You can rotate certain things, but it would be nice to have more rotate. I change my farm around a lot (like the furniture in my “real” house) and wish I could rotate paths and fences since I usually have to sell and rebuy. Thanks to everyone who hires me – I’ve made several cool friends around the US and Canada.

  28. Raspberries are good for experience. I have trouble getting people to harvest them, especially since I can not hire to plow yet.
    What I try to do is have another crop which will be more equidable for the harvester that will be ready around the same time.
    I have trouble with getting booted of sometimes too. That is why I always try to put the person that hired me on my buddy list. That way I can get back.

  29. to the rasberry thing. You dont have to wait for them to mature if you have a lot of coin, just plow, plant, delete, plow, plant delete.

    check periodically for carpal tunnel.

  30. I like to time my farm so that the entire farm is in bloom at the same time, then take a picture before hiring people to harvest. That way I can chart my progress from a visual standpoint as I progress through the game.

    The trick is to spend the first day planting and harvesting grapes. That way, your 5 day trees will be in line with the rest of your farm and you can bank the xp in the meantime. Of course, raspberries will work for this too, but you only have two hours to harvest raspberries once they become ready. If you have a life, there is a good chance of raspberries going to waste. Grapes give you a bigger window to work with, and I have never had a problem with hiring workers to harvest grapes.
    I turn my farm over 4 times within a 24 hour day

    The snag is on the day when your three day crops become ready. You have to harvest your own one day crops on this day b/c a worker will inevitably harvest your 3 day crops and ruin the effect of your farm.

  31. I totally agree that raspberries are the #1 crop based on frequency of rotation. I keep part of my farm open all the time for continual planting of this crop. If only we could have 8 and 12 hour crops!
    However, comparing 1~4 day crops, a comparison of the various crops based on seed cost and return at harvest showed that peppers were the best return. I took each crop and reduced it to a common factor on a per day basis (2/3/4 day crops were divided to show a 1 day value). Pineapples may look like the better deal but they are a 4 day crop and you lose a bit on XP, while peppers as a 2 day crop gain on XP.
    Calculations on a 128 square field showed that pineapples earned $21,845 per day and peppers earned $24,192. This is based on stated self-harvested maximum yield. Hiring harvesters would increase $ yields. However, if you could plant and harvest RASPBERRIES on a 24 hr. basis, you’d end up with $72,192. Of course, nobody could accomplish this rotation as far as I know, but even on a 12 hour overall effort you’ll earn $36096 -way more than pineapples or peppers. Do you have the time to invest in raspberries? Those who have jobs probably don’t. It all comes down to how much time you want to spend farming!
    Good luck with your farms…

  32. Now that Farm Town has added new supplies and crops, will you be updating your site? I’ve found your info — and the chart! — MOST helpful.

    Thanks for all your work!

  33. why oh why aren’t there any olive trees??????? -i’d love to make my farm look a little bit more like home…

  34. why am i getting the messages already done when i have clicked on it before it shows that someone else has done it and 2 when plowing or harvesting getting the message you dont have enough money to plow? why is that not sure if i am doing this right
    thank you for time


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