Experience Points

Experience is the key to gaining better crops and cooler items! Plus it’s required before you can upgrade your farm size as well.

Want to know more about how much experience you need to unlock a certain harvest? Or how much exp an item actually gives? You can find detailed information on each level in the game on our Leveling Guide, and you can get a full list of the exp values for each item in the store on our Item Exp Chart page.


    1. did anyone explain that to you i was trying to find an answer, i am wondering the same thing its like its on 34 and not moving forever

  1. I want someone to come in and decorate my farm. I have over 2 million coin and already bought alot of things, but I am not good at setting up the farm. Can we hire someone to do it for us?

    1. I wish I could help you with your farm which leads to my question about how to get to other people’s farms that I just posted

  2. I wish we could go to someone’s farm who we know has a farm, and know their name, but are not on their buddy or neighbor list yet. Will this be possible someday?

    1. If you know their name… go to their profile page and hover over their picture. In the URL that shows up in the status bar (Bottom of the page), you will see an ID number that starts with 1000000… The last 9 (NINE) numbers are that person’s global ID.

      type the following URL into your address bar (Top of the page), replacing [9-digit Facebook ID] with the ID of the person you just looked up:

      apps.facebook.com/farmtown/play/?farm_id=[9-digit Facebook ID]&ref=friends

      Works everytime! Have fun!

  3. I lost my small house a week or two ago. I didn’t know about this page or who to contact. Why did my house disappear?
    Up setting took along time to get those 70 thousand coins. And also why don’t the cows give milk and why don’t we have chickens? Chickens +Roosters = Eggs and chicks. I feel we need to collect just like a real farm…I know they do that on Farmville which is very nice…
    Thank you for your help…. If you reply that is…

  4. how come that when I plow for some body I don’t get all the xp points. Even when I am the only one plowing. If there is anyone out there that can help me with this I’d sure appreicate it .thanks 🙂

  5. nice conversation going on here..yeah,i wish we could collect eggs and there are hens..lol..we cant ask people to decorate..we have to do it ourselves,but if you give to other people ur pw,they can ..if you want only..

  6. Hi, level 34 is definately a tough one. The only thing I can suggest is that you plow as much as possible and harvest for people a lot too. I work until I have 100,000 coins then I delete my watermill and buy a new one to replace it as this gets you 1000 experience points. It’s the best value for money seeing as a mansion costs you 1 million but still only gains you the same experience points as a watermill…….It takes 20,000 experience points to move the bar on level 34 and when it does move it’s only a very tiny amount. I’m finding this immensly irritating lol but I’m battling on !!!!!

  7. Barbara Said On !8-!0-09

    How do i manage to buy in particular a Flag and Lake Have earned my mansion but still seem certain things I cant buy

  8. would like to know how to get more cash without having to purchase it. I’ve been stuck at 7 for the longest time even tho I am at level 29…..

  9. Are we getting new levels and if so, how long. Also are we ever getting more upgrades in farm size. Anxiously awaiting your answer, and thank you for great game, but have run out of room, and staganating with no more levels to achieve.

  10. Is it possable to fire someone that is working your farm? I ask someome several times NOT TO HARVEST MY TREES. they didnt stop. I was furious. I pressed ignore. but they were still there working.

  11. will it be possable to gift houses barns ect. when we are finished with them? such a shame to sell them for so little.

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing! When the avatar is finished plowing all of a sudden the xp’s start going up really fast, like it’s catching up or something. Then as soon as I leave, they are gone.

  12. I am finding a lot of people lately are hiring you to harvest and then signing off…cannot be bothered waiting for you….so no plowing job. Or they hire a separate person to plow behind you like a constant nudge. So my coins grow and grow and my xp…not at all. I am so frustrated as I am stuck on level 31

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