Item Experience Chart

It’s a known fact there are various ways to gain experience. Planting crops, plowing, even items! Generally you’d get more experience for purchasing more expensive items, but there are some rare occasions in which expensive items don’t entail mass experience. So be weary!

Regardless, here’s a list of the experience given per item, enjoy:

Other Items
Hay Bale – $50 – 5 Experience
Wood Pile – $100 – 5 Experience
Barrel – $100 – 5 Experience
Crate – $100 – 5 Experience
Scarecrow – $200 – 5 Experience
Stool – $100 – 5 Experience
Cart – $1,000 – 13 Experience
Cart with Barrels – $1,500 – 18 Experience
Waterwell – $20,000 – 203 Experience
Grill – $500 – 8 Experience
Stacked Crates – $300 – 6 Experience
Mailbox – $150 – 5 Experience
Table with Stools – $700 – 10 Experience
Lawn Mower – $1,500 – 18 Experience
Wheelbarrow – $500 – 8 Experience
Bench – $250 – 6 Experience
Dog House – $3,000 – 33 Experience
Patio Table – $2,000 – 23 Experience

Fence – $250 – 6 Experience
Fence Closed Gate – $750 – 11 Experience
Fence Open Gate – $750 – 11 Experience
Barb Wire Fence – $250 – 6 Experience
Barb Wire Closed Gate – $750 – 11 Experience
Barb Wire Open Gate – $ 750 – 11 Experience
Hedge – $300 – 6 Experience
Hedge Closed Gate – $900 – 12 Experience
Hedge Open Gate – $900 – 12 Experience
Stone Fence – $400 – 7 Experience
Stone Fence Gate Closed – $1200 – 12 Experience
Stone Fence Gate Opened – $1200 – 12 Experience

Dirt Path – $200 – 5 Experience
Dirt Path Corner – $200 – 5 Experience
Dirt Path Crossing – $200 – 5 Experience
Stone Path – $500 – 8 Experience
Stone Path Corner – $500 – 8 Experience

Small House – $70,000 – 701 Experience
Silo – $30,000 – 302 Experience
Windmill – $40,000 – 402 Experience
Barn – $60,000 – 601 Experience
Farm House – $300,000 – 1,000 Experience
Wind Pump – $10,000 – 103 Experience
Wood Shed – $30,000 – 302 Experience
Fruit Stand – $1,000 – 13 Experience
Tent – $1,000 – 13 Experience
Water Mill – $100,000 – 1,000 Experience
Playground – $30,000 – 302 Experience
Water Tank – $50,000 – 502 Experience
Gazebo – $50,000 – 502 Experience
Greenhouse – $80,000 – 800 Experience
Wind Generator – $25,000 – 253 Experience
Mansion – $1,000,000 – 1,000 Experience

Small Pond – $80,000 – 800 Experience
Big Pond – $200,000 – 1,000 Experience


    1. Good idea! Although a lot of pets can be pretty heavy on computers if you don’t freeze animals in your preferences!

      1. I didn’t know that about the animals! And I have so many all moving around!
        Also, I have dial up and suspect that boots me a lot as it almost never happens on high speed computers elsewhere

  1. I will buy stuff more than once…for example I will sell my barn and buy a new one and put it in the exact same spot…just to get new experience points!

    1. Check the small wrench icon and make sure that the remove space between fields box is checked. if not then click it and that should help.

      1. not true you get 1 exp per field plowed no matter who plows,it costs you less if other ppl plow,instead of 20 coins a stranger costs 15 and a neighbour only 10 coins above user has a glitch problem….

  2. I bought a few things to up my experience points – a dog house, a small pond and a water well – guess what?? No experience points added to my points – why could that be??

  3. Now I’m seriously peeved – after buying a dog house, pond, and some dirt paths and a water well, I sold my silo and small house and upgraded to the bigger house, I clicked save after doing each thing, my bigger house is there, but the dog house is gone, and the pond is gone. Dammit!!!

  4. I was wondering how you stack the stone walls. It looks so cool. I’ve tried doing it with the dirt paths like you do the waterfall and the paths just go under the stone. I’ve seen it on others farms, so I know it can be done. Please help! I love this game!

  5. You don’t get a Mansion until Level 34, but at then you don’t get anymore experience. So how do you earn 1,000 exp for buying the Mansion.

  6. Dear Farmtown,

    After I get 34 level, what will happen ?

    I love this game.
    Thank you n warm regards,

  7. The best method I’ve found that doesn’t clutter your farm is to have one spot on your river (c’mon, everyone has a river, they’re cool) reserved for a watermill. You can sell the watermill for 3000 coins and buy a new one for the same spot.

    The watermill is the best method to gain exp because there is generally a 1exp:100coin ratio until you hit the 1000exp per item limit. The watermill holds true to the ratio, while other items that cost more give no more than 1000 exp – i.e. Mansion or Farm House.

  8. I think there should be some crops that are harvestable in 12 hours..there are 2 hours and 4 hours then it goes straight to 1 day..12 hour crops would be great.

  9. What are the sell-back values of these various items? Are there items that have a better “holding” value?

  10. The video tuts are great but when viewing them I saw one that had a quite offensive tag line on it. Please remember that there are some young users of farmtown that might be viewing your guides. Other than that I love your site and have found it to be a great help in designing my dream farm. Thank you !

  11. I love this game!!! The last couple of days, I can not plow or harvest at the speed it use to;it so frustrating, it will do one at a time, load and allow for next. very slow… I have 2 copmuters and both are doing the same while on the game… can help me in resolving the speed issue please…

    Thank you

    1. 1st make sure wait to plow/plant is that follow avatar is unchecked.most important; go to and download c cleaner and run it every hour while on FT..Loads of space used up by the game,uses lots of memory,c cleaner frees up that space. PS it’s a free download and fast!

  12. Hay Bales seem to be the best way to buy XP’s. Cost 50 coins gain you 5 XP’s (5/50=10% then, if you sell them, you get 2 coins back . . . 5/48>10.4%)

  13. does anyone know how to earn the new dollars? I was told it was by working …like xp points..but I have been working, and building, and buying etc… but no more $$ show up. One person in marketplace said we had to buy them on line with real money… is that true?

    1. you get another$1 for each level which sucks for those who are already at level 29 or 30 cause we cannot earn those dollars other than to start all over

      1. Actually, the developers have promised to give those already at higher levels 1 Farm Cash for each level (each person started out with 5, level 34 will receive 33 farm cash for a total of 39). I’m at level 34 and have already recieved mine. What are they used for? If you go to the store you will notice that some things can only be purchased with the farm cash) Yes, you can purchased more farm cash with real dollars using your credit card or PayPal. Lots of talk as to where the game goes after Level 34 – Owners want to make money of course yet keep the game enjoyable to all.

  14. so far the only way I’ve found to earn dollars is to up your xp level. You get one whole dollar. Otherwise they are purchased with real money.

    1. …if that’s the case (earning a dollar per level) then i guess all of us that have been playing for a while just get screwed huh… i was on level 33 when the $’s started… think they should have started us with the extra $’s for our levels… so i’ll be at level 34 and have $6… you can’t even buy anything with that…

  15. Why am I not receiving my xp and coin when I plow for someone else. If I go at a snails pace I collect if I get ahead more than 2 or 3 plots I get zero.

    1. In the last couple of days I was shorted both points and dollars when plowing and selling my crops. I’ve emailed using the ‘reports’ at the bottom of the page and they have our email address and have heard nothing. I think it’s pretty bad customer service.

  16. Today I was trying to do this funny whellbarrow with flowers, and realized that is not possible to put dirty path on anything.
    Yesterday wasn’t that way.
    Do you know if something changed?
    Can you finf out.

  17. I really enjoy FarmTown and love the new Halloween features. I wish that stuff that you buy, you can send it to Storage if you don’t want to use it yet instead of selling it. That would be a nice feature.

  18. can anyone help me my wife has a hard time moving things when redoingher farm is there a way to keep tour person in one spot when moving things thank you it realy help her

  19. Mary Bale the cat lady reminds me of one of Bladerunner’s replicants – right after the ‘entre of boiled dog’ question in the Voight-Kampff test, "You find a cat alone in the street. You pet it, and then what?"

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