Leveling Guide

Ever wondered how much XP you need to a level? Or what level unlocked a certain harvest? It’s all here, enjoy!

Farm Town Level Guide

Farm Town Level 1 – Getting Started
Farm Town Level 2 – 20 Experience – Just Moved In
Farm Town Level 3 – 50 Experience – Learning the Ropes
Farm Town Level 4 – 100 Experience – Apprentice – Buy Strawberry seeds / send gift pear trees
Farm Town Level 5 – 250 Experience – Farmer – Buy Small House / Buy Cart / send gift Dogs
Farm Town Level 6 – 500 Experience – Adept – Buy Cart with Barrels / Buy Wheat seeds / send gift Banana trees
Farm Town Level 7 – 750 Experience – Promising Farmer – Buy Water Well / send gift Pigs
Farm Town Level 8 – 1,000 Experience – Green Thumb – Buy Dirt Path / Buy Sunflower seeds / send gift Plum trees
Farm Town Level 9 – 1,500 Experience – Popular Farmer – Buy Silo / send gift Cows
Farm Town Level 10 – 2,000 Experience – Superb Farmer – Buy Stacked Crates / Buy Coffee seeds / send gift Peach trees
Farm Town Level 11 – 2,500 Experience – Talented Farmer – Buy Windmill / send gift Horses
Farm Town Level 12 – 3,000 Experience – Talk of the Town – Buy Table with Stools / Send gift Cherry trees
Farm Town Level 13 – 3,500 Experience – Distinguished Farmer – Send gift Bunny
Farm Town Level 14 – 4,000 Experience – Specialist – Buy Barb Wire Fence / Send gift Mango trees
Farm Town Level 15 – 4,500 Experience – Inspiring Farmer – Buy Barn / upgrade to 14×14 * farm unlocks / Send gift Cat
Farm Town Level 16 – 5,000 Experience – VIP – Send gift Coconut Tree
Farm Town Level 17 – 6,000 Experience – High Achiever – Buy Small Pond / Upgrade to 16×16 * farm unlocks / Send gift Donkey
Farm Town Level 18 – 7,000 Experience – Master Farmer – Buy Farm House / Send gift Palm trees
Farm Town Level 19 – 8,000 Experience – Influential Farmer – Buy Squirrels / upgrade to 18×18 * farm unlocks
Farm Town Level 20 – 9,000 Experience – Expert Farmer – Buy Hedge
Farm Town Level 21 – 10,000 Experience – Eminent Farmer – Buy Wood Shed / Buy Brown Dog / upgrade to 20×20 * farm unlocks
Farm Town Level 22 – 11,000 Experience – Mighty Farmer
Farm Town Level 23 – 12,500 Experience – Gifted Farmer – Buy Fruit Stand / Buy Llamas / upgrade to 22×22 * farm unlocks
Farm Town Level 24 – 15,000 Experience – Green Ace – Buy Stone Fence
Farm Town Level 25 – 20,000 Experience – Acclaimed Farmer – Upgrade to 24×24 * farm unlocks
Farm Town Level 26 – 25,000 Experience – Just Brilliant – Buy Tent
Farm Town Level 27 – 35,000 Experience – Extraordinary Farmer
Farm Town Level 28 – 45,000 Experience – Virtuoso – Buy Big Pond
Farm Town Level 29 – 55,000 Experience – Green Prodigy Buy Pineapple Seeds
Farm Town Level 30 – 70,000 Experience – Awe Inspiring – Buy Greenhouse
Farm Town Level 31 – 85,000 Experience – Force of Nature
Farm Town Level 32 – 100,000 Experience – Green Genius – Buy Stone Path
Farm Town Level 33 – 120,000 Experience – Tycoon
Farm Town Level 34 – 150,000 exp points – Green Wizard – Buy Mansion

New levels!

Please note that there are some overlapping of experience points in our records for these new levels. The old ones, listed above, will need to be updated for the new, lower experience point requirements.

FarmTown Level 35 – 91,000 exp points – Enchanted Farmer – buy Blue Hammocks and Blackberry seeds
FarmTown Level 36– 100,000 exp points – Green Entrepreneur – buy Small Treehouses and Stone Paths
FarmTown Level 37 – 109,000 exp points – Green Conjurer – buy Bicycles, White Bunnies and Broccoli
FarmTown Level 38 – 119,000 exp points – Regal Farmer – buy Blue Autumn Wagons and Wind Generators
FarmTown Level 39 – 129,000 exp points – Divine Green Thumb – buy Carousels, White Picket Fences and Sage seeds
FarmTown Level 40 – 139,000 exp points – Cosmic Green Thumb – buy Water Pumps
FarmTown Level 41 – 150,000 exp points – Absolute Farmer – buy Mansions and Rosemary seeds
FarmTown Level 42 – 161,000 exp points – Celestial Green Force – buy Motorized Lawn Mowers and Avocado Trees
FarmTown Level 43 – 172,000 exp points – Elite Farmer – buy Swings and Wooden Water Tanks
FarmTown Level 44 – 180,000 exp points – Plowing PowerBall – buy Patio Sets, Chain Link Fences and Pluot Trees
FarmTown Level 45 – 188,000 exp points – Paramount Farmer – buy Sandboxes, Blue Plastic Outhouses and Hay Rolls
FarmTown Level 46 – 196,000 exp points – Green Olympian – buy Junk Cars, Guayaba Trees and Hay Piles
FarmTown Level 47 – 205,000 exp points – Immortal Green Thumb – buy Modern Camping Tents, Bird Houses and Haystacks
FarmTown Level 48 – 214,000 exp points – Green Sage – buy Motorcycles and Fig Trees
FarmTown Level 49 – 223,000 exp points – King of Crops – buy Dairy Sheds and Garden Hoses
FarmTown Level 50 – 233,000 exp points – Green Dazzler – buy Hanging Clothes, *Hanging Quilts and Nectarine Trees
FarmTown Level 51 – 243,000 exp points – Green Millionaire – buy Big Farm Houses and Plain Benches
FarmTown Level 52 – 253,000 exp points – Fearless Plower – buy Cars and Persimmon Trees
FarmTown Level 53 – 264,000 exp points – Harvest Ninja – buy Trailer Homes and Blue Scarecrows
FarmTown Level 54 – 275,000 exp points – Rogue Farmer – buy White Crop Dusters and Prune Trees
FarmTown Level 55 – 286,000 exp points – Rogue Harvester – buy Log Cabins and Telephone Poles
FarmTown Level 56 – 295,000 exp points – Harvest Warrior – buy Big Lakes and Pomegranate Trees
FarmTown Level 57 – 304,000 exp points – Sultan Farmer – buy White Wooden Swings and Grain Silos
FarmTown Level 58 – 313,000 exp points – Green Godhead – buy Apricot Trees and Square Water Fountains
FarmTown Level 59 – 323,000 exp points – Zenith Farmer – buy Swimming Pools and Boulders
FarmTown Level 60 – 333,000 exp points – Green Mogul – buy Manors and Mamey Trees


  1. I just want to thank you for doing this.. It is a great help for us Farmtown addicts.. lol
    I had seen a waterfall & was wondering how to do it.. thanks.
    The level info is also very helpfull.
    I will be bookmarking this & will be back often.

  2. I just want to thank you for doing this.. It is a great help for us Farmtown addicts.. lol
    I had seen a waterfall & was wondering how to do it.. thanks.
    The level info is also very helpfull.
    I will be bookmarking this & will be back often.

  3. hi,

    Thank you for the very useful tips.
    I wiul like to inquire why is it the level is up to 34 only? my friend exprience points is almost 250,000 and still she is in level 34.

    I would suggest also that after the mansion its more interesting if you can have a better item like “CASTLE” . this would make FT more fun and interesting.

    Thank you and more power.

    1. The game ends at Level 34 currently because it’s still in Beta, and they’re spending all their time buying and upgrading servers whilst trying to upgrade the game at the same time, Castle’s sound like an extremely good idea! I’ll be sure to recommend that to the Developers. I imagine when more levels are released your friends level will update accordingly!

      1. Castle! and then you could progress to the whole serfdom thing … give the peons tracts and take your commission from their crops!

          1. it would be cool it u can add more seed to buy like squash, bell peppers, broccli, and artichokes. you could also add new trees like lime, avocado and maybe pomegranate.

    1. i did to. i thought it was a never ending game like mos other games are. they need to put mor levels on here cause i am a level 30 and i only have 4 more levels left.

    1. Well, think of it this way.

      You are using a computer/phone at the moment. That is a ‘type’ of server.

      Now, because thousands of people use Farmtowns server, they need a better computer than you.

      If they had the same computer as you. It would fail very badly.

      This is very simplified because you dont seem to understand what one is…

    2. Maybe this will help…

      FarmTown isn’t actually running on your computer. It is running on centralized computers that “serve” the graphics, etc., to you over the web. When you click on something in FarmTown (for example to go to the Marketplace, or on a plot to plow it), your computer sends a that information to the FarmTown servers, which processes it and sends (or serves) the result back to you. Processing requires a lot more computer power than clicking.

      If you and 3 friends want to ride to town, everyone can ride in your car just fine. However, if you and 50 friends want to ride to town, they can pile inside, sit on the roof, the trunk, the engine hood, and anywhere else they can fit, but you’ll have to drive extremely slowly. Get a bus: everyone fits and you can drive faster.

      The FarmTown servers are the vehicle. When more & more people join, you need a much bigger bus to process all the clicks and keep everything moving smoothly. When you keep getting bumped out of somewhere, that’s the server getting overloaded and dropping you. Not much fun. Bigger servers = faster ride, more fun.

      1. swwweeeeeeeetttt!!!!! i hope you add more trees like mulberries and stuff like that…OOHH and peanutss for some of the crops. soybeans maybe 🙂

  4. What is the bulldozer feature for? If you use it, does it actually delete everything, or can you re-place your things? I’m afraid to use it because I’m not exactly sure what it does.

  5. tnx it helps me a lot …………..keep rockin……and please extend the level up to 40…..LOL tnx again

  6. This is great information. Thanks, Klikster, for explaining these things. It has been such fun to play Farm Town, but quite aggravating, as well. This helps!

  7. please please could you have 2 hire buttons one for crops only and one for crops and trees because
    employees never listen and im sick of people harvesting my trees when i ask them not to.

  8. Thanks d much for creating this site! I knew tyhere had to be a levels chart somewhere!

    Looking forward to more two hour, and 4 hour crops!

  9. I am at level 23 and have 15,384 ex points. I should now be at level 24 but I have not been upgraded. Do you know why.

    1. u have to wait until it tells u ur there
      one option is to refresh or go to the marketplace or inn to get a new window

  10. I just went to my farm and I am now at level 24!!!

    I was thinking that maybe some of the veggies could be retired and replaced by new ones, like string beans, brocolli, parsnips, etc and maybe some of the trees could be retired and replaced with nut trees like pecan, and walnut.

    1. I agree with Lois on having some 8 and 12 hour crops. Unless it’s a drag on the servers, I would opt to keep the current offerings and just add the new ones to them.
      Keep up the great work guys!

        1. i think there should be trees u can chop down for wood like oak and cedar. u shud also be able to chop down pine and chery trees which there ardy are 🙂

  11. I just got to level 31 on my farm on farmtown, however i am a little confused. When the pop up that tells you what you have unlocked came up it said you have unlocked the bull, dafodills and a water wheel…….i was wondering what the water wheel is and how i find it? I went to buy it and its not there anywhere. i already have the watermill that i got that i unlocked on an earlier level and thats the only thing i can see that is remotely like a water wheel.

  12. I would like to see an 8 hour and a 12 hour crop so you could plant it late at night and harvest it in the morning.

  13. Why don’t the buildings come facing different ways, or why can’t we turn them ourselves?
    Like the little cabins or the bigger houses all face the same way. Why?
    Other than that, really cool game

  14. Thanx for all the information. Another suggestion I thought of was also harvesting fish from the river.
    Great game, quite addicted so fingers crossed for more levels.

  15. I would love to see bigger farms and crops in the 8 – 12 hour range. I would like to grow squash and okra. (Big things here in Texas.) I also like the idea of cars and such. Maybe a garage as well. Love the river – maybe we could have a fountain too. I do wish you could rotate the houses as well. I do love the game though and look forward to maxing out the levels soon!

  16. I would love for us to be able to get bigger farms as well. I too am addicted and would love to add on, however, need to also have room for the crops!

  17. Hi love the game, moving up levels quite nicely and spending loads of coins for beautiful things, but what about us aussies, how about putting some kangaroos, emu’s and mayb Koala’s, we have them on our farms too lol. Just a thought.

  18. We were thinking to be able to buy “fertiliser” to bring crops on quicker could be cool….. and would also like to be able to rotate buildings etc. Loving the game though, we are “racing” to level 4, DH currently in the lead :o(

  19. This may seem kinda nerdy, but… why not introduce principles of crop rotation? That way, as we farm, we practice good gardening practice… you never know when we may all have to go back to our agrarian roots…smile.

    But seriously, I think that would add a little pep to an otherwise fun (but mindless) game. Perhaps you could add it as a novice versus expert self-chosen challenge level.


    1. I agree with the crop rotation, tractors and cars. I also would like to have the chance to milk cows,collect eggs from chickens, milk goats, and so on with the animals on farmtown. I also play Farmville along with my friends and like that about that game. The animals on farmtown just seem useless and half the time I sell them or just dont use them. Thank you for this addictive game and the stress breaker it is. I am helping to watch my 2 grand kids while their mom and dad are deployed in Iraq. This game gives Grammy and I a place to go and unwind for the night. Mahalo and please give the animal thing a thought.

  20. I’m at level 34 and I still show the Red Crocus as locked on the gifts page….what has to happen to unlock that gift?

  21. Im at level 34, would love to see more levels…
    Hey, how about letting animals reproduce… put the bull and cow…. just waiting to see if i get a calf…lol


  23. Can we have more levels added. I only have 7 levels left and then what happens the addictive game comes to an end. Also bigger land.. I have so many ideas but I have brought the maximum land possible 24×24 and I have ran out of space and cant buy anymore..

  24. Another thing neighbours should be able to harvest ur crops as well as just being able to watering them. Saves crops going to waste such as grapes and saves you losing money

  25. How about give us another farm which we can make connection from one to another. Path, bridge, etc. That will make us, busy for a while.

    — Maggie

  26. i am having a problem with someone on farmtown this person is leaving abusive language messages to me and …hiring several people at the same time..with nothing on their farm…i thought that i had caught them and took them off my buddy list but they seem to continue to pop in and most times they are using a different name and idenity —–how can i stop this i have reported this person for abuse but so far it has not helped—please someone help me


    1. I would like to see pinto beans.

      Theres allready corn for tortillas
      rice, tomatoes, peppers. and onions. Thats the makings of a pretty mean taco. All you need is the beans and you’re set

  28. I am pretty annoyed. I just reached over 100,000 experience points and I am not being rewarded with level 32 status 🙁 I am completely bummed!

    1. Stacy, I had that problem, too. It eventually gave me level 32 when I had about 103,000 exp points. You should be at that level by the time you read this.

      Good farming to you,

  29. thinks that there should be a mega farm upgrade when you reach level 30 or up or even perhaps ability to buy 2 farms and join then we could include all kinds in our farms 🙂

    1. I definitely agree! It would be wonderful to be able to expand. You can accumulate more coins and xp but to what end?

      1. People think it ends at level 34… It dont! You can still play and you can change round your farm and make the “dream farm” with all the features on this website. I think it is a good idea to have to farms and farm town needs a lot more upgrades and it needs more realistic animal things like a pig trough e.t.c. They need to make lots more upgrades on farm town or people will get bored of it… And i dont want that to happen! In conclusion here is a link to my farm enjoy and happy farming!!!!!:


    2. Totally agree. It would also be interesting to add some weather elements to the mix – make it more challenging.

          1. I bet I know what Master Blaster is doing to get more farms… One way would be to create another avatar for yourself and neighbor with yourself. You would only be able to see one farm at a time though and your accounts wouldn’t be linked… Interested in what Blaster does…

        1. Please tell us how you think you have found a way to have 2 farms and attach them. If you mean by coming in under your wife/husbands name and making them a neighbor then yes you can do that and its not cheating but the two farms are still not one.

  30. It takes me 2-3 hours to get on to play Farmtown almost every day. I am blessed with almost terminal “green screen.” Could this have anything to do with my using a Mac? Drives me NUTS!!! I love this game but I spend so much time feeling frustrated. Once I get on, I don’t turn the computer off for fear of losing the connection; my family hates that!!

    Any comments, Guru?

    1. Hi Pat

      I have a mac and don’t have any problems with FT loading, matter of fact I have never been booted off a farm either on the Mac.

    2. I also have a Mac (OS 10.3.7), but lately my browser (Safari 4.0.2) keeps crashing. Also, I’m using Airport (a wireless connection) with a satellite internet connection (HughesNet).

      My browser crashes and having to repeatedly reconnect to the internet is quite frustrating. It took the entire weekend to re-do my farm.

      I’d sure like to know if anyone else has these kinds of problems and what I can do to fix it.

    3. I’m no guru but I can tell you I use a Mac book and I don’t have any problems. I get booted now that they’ve changed things, supposedly for the better. Before that I only got booted if I went near the Go HOME sign. I also use Airport wireless.

  31. Did you know you can plant crops under your house? It’s a great way to gain money and experience….”Parsely Spriggs”

  32. hi i was just wondering how long untill the exta land comes in? i am on lvl 30 and rapidly running out of space lol thanks?

  33. ahehehe..,,thanks for this site,,.. coz of this,.. i will know what tym or when my crops are needed to harvest..,,LOL..,,

  34. I just got to level 17, 6066 experience points. I don’t see my farm unlocking to 16X16. How do I get to expand my farm?

    1. Hi, Manita,
      The farm doesn’t unlock itself, you have to click ‘Map’ and go to the Realty Office and buy the expansion, I think that one costs $20,000 but I’m not sure…
      Hope that helps!
      -Beth Ann 😮

    1. My last flowers unlocked when i hit Level 34 but I still have a bunch of trees that are locked. Are your all your trees unlocked. Any of you out there at level 34 could answer that one for me.

    2. i am also at level 34 my bar is not moving and my trees are locked after orange tree….fustrated i thought it all would be unlocked once i hit 34 and i have done a good deal of work and still not moving on bar..

  35. I think there should defo be more levels on this game!!! I am on level 29 and am begining 2 morn already!! What happens when I am on the highest level??? whats the point of playing after that???

    1. Lettuce sounds good. How about a nut tree or two, olive trees, beans, maybe even some hives and honeybees.

      I think it would be cool to have an optional visual link to a neighbor where farms can bee seen side by side. Perhaps we can link up rivers! Create neighbor farms.

      In addition to my previous post regarding disasters, add frosts that kill of certain crops or snow that wipes out all tender above ground crops (berries, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, grains, etc) but leaves hardy/below ground crops (cabbage, potatoes, onions). Don’t forget blight and massive insect damage (grasshoppers or locusts). All these could give us extra activities to occupy us.

  36. I just reached 34 I was so excited (easily intertained lol) to buy the big red house, only to find this is it, it’s the end of the game. Wow kind of stole my thunder.

    1. It’s not the end of the game because soon they will make more levels and features there will be no end to farm town!!!!! 😀

  37. you should be able to buy tractors, feeding troughs, old pick-up trucks, more land, more crops, weeping willows, bigger well…

  38. What wiLL happen after LeveL 34…??

    tHat’s it..?? it shouLd have LeveL 35 – 40 to make it more exciting..

  39. I think that there should be more field upgrades. Just reached level 27 to expand the last time 🙁 Joining another farm would be a great idea.

    I would also like to see some value to the animals like at another of the farm games you can harvest wool from the sheep, milk from the cows, etc.

    1. I got rid of all my animals—all they do is take up room, perhaps look pretty or give you a reason to buy the barn.

  40. It would be nice to be able to expand your farm more. Now that I see the lakes and hills etc. that you can make, I have no where to put them and still have room to plant crops.

  41. Hey when can we buy PEach trees and the other locked trees??? and edit the game i hate it when im harvesting the XLINK will appear always!!

    1. to overcome the XLINK click on the green circle with the XP number in and then click the red x circle it then allows you to continue

  42. Actually, they should expand the capability by using what’s already there…….like chicks that become chickens and lay eggs……and u can sell the eggs. Cows that give milk…and u can sell the milk. Etc…..

    And why not be able to sell flowers…
    Have a marketplace where u can buy & sell ur stuff….instead of the bogus buy-back facility at almost no money.

    There is tons to do to continue expanding FarmTown.

  43. why not when you reach lvl34 have the ability to buy a farm from someone who is tired of playing and wants out.

  44. I’m a bit annoyed with the game, they really need to put in some sort of feature that allows you to return to a farm you’ve been booted off of. Or search for someone you have been working for, or something, other than that is a pretty decent game

  45. Just wondering – what level farm town goes to now? I just reached level 34 and still have locked items! Also do u know if u can earn $ or just coins?


  47. what’s up with all the new stuff you can only buy with Farm cash? it sucks! i like the game cuz it’s free, buy i wish i could get some of the new stuff!

    1. Ain’t that the truth, who wants to spend our hard earned dollars to buy stuff that isn’t real? We should all be able to get everything!!!! I think other ideas like bigger farms and more shop items would have been a better idea than farm cash. Should have asked opinions first on Farm Cash.

  48. I am at a level 23 and my farm size has not unlocked. I didnt unlock at level 21 either. Any ideas? I did notice that there are * but I do not know if that means anything.


    ps I am trying to kick my boyfriends butt but this isnt helping me…his unlocked…lol

  49. I have $8.00 dollars and don’t buy anything with dollars yet, the questios is: If I’m at level 33 it’s not to supose to have more? Where is my money? Please anyone help me.


  51. Love this game.
    I would love to see different clothes for the avatars and a way to multi plant like in 4’s like the plowing.
    I would also like to be able to expand more and buy tractors and farm trucks.

  52. If you want to start a new farm myspace is now offering FarmTown. but i rather them keep on adding bigger pieces of land and more seeds and trees.

  53. I like this came even though I´m almost to 34 then I can change it and re-arrange it an so on and I´m pretty sure they will come up with other things just give them time. I give this game BIG 11

  54. When will you all create more levels, I’ve been at level 34 for 3 months or longer. HELP!! I’m getting bored and I love farm town way too much to get bored!!!
    You should think about squash, zuchinnie (sp) and maybe some cantaloupe and maybe a krenshaw!!

  55. When will you create more levels? I have been at level 34 for more than 3 months and it’s getting old busting my tail (not that it isn’t fun) but not being able to see my level increase or xp points move up.’
    Need more levels….when?

  56. More land, Castles, willow trees, oak trees, maple trees would be awesome. Maybe they can even be ones that produce maple syrup???
    I just reached level 33 and am so determined to get to level 34 to get my Mansion.. but then what??

    1. Thats a really good question, im almost to level 34 also , my farm is a big as it gets. Hope they make more levels, i mean the possibilitys are endless..

  57. i know we have rivers and such but perhaps some swimming pools or maybe some beach stuff like surf boards, bucket and spades, pool floaty things, towels, wave runners……..
    definately more land and i love the castle idea so maybe we could have some stuff to go with castles or some other types of dwellings, grass huts, mountains maybe.
    all the new things are great too (hammock, bins etc) keep the little things coming. they are great for the game.

  58. How about farming equipment, tractors, harvesters and such?? Hay stacks, more trees and flowers, insects, more animals. Larger farms perhaps.

    1. that is the biggest i have seen. I tried to see about buying more and the screen was blank…. i was told that 24×24 was the biggest we get. I wish we could get more land also

  59. is there a level 35????? whats next after 34? there i agree with everyone else above… there needs to be more stuff.. like more tress, flowers, crops, animals, buildings and stuff.. like a bigger farm and like an ocean.. More cool things would be great… thank you..

  60. Ive read a lot of good comments, something I would like to add is to have the lightposts actually glow and maybe add sometype of weather situations, lightning, rain, thunderstorms, snow,, the new flags are awesome and actually look like there blowing, keep them coming and lets keep the game gowing past 34 otherwise everyone will just stop, no challenges no reason to continue. 🙂

  61. I believe we must be able to increase land one more time and not stay at 24X24

    I wish we can benefit from the animals as well

  62. Are you going to add more levels after 34? I would like to be able to go higher and buy new things at that level.
    Also, I thought I saw a pond with cat willows and a boat tied to a dock with a fishing pole. I am sure I saw this, how do you do it?

  63. I think you need to fix it so that people can’t hire more than 2 people at a time because when they hire a lot of people it slows doen the server and some people can’t get as much work done.

  64. Thank you very much for this information.. i was searching for it since long… now i can set my goal to achieve higher levels…
    once again thanx a lot….

  65. I was told there is a level 35 but you need 100,000 exp points to get there and that at that stage you can hire people to plant for you. Its not on your list and I can’t find reference anywhere else, so is this wishful thinking on somebodies part???

  66. I’m sure there must be one or two out there with neighbours who have given up on farmtown, but you keep them for the trophy counts. What about getting permision to buy their farm to increase your land volume above the current max. Recycle disused farms. – If this is ever achieved I may put the question about going to the realtor to sell land back if you want to downsize. Make it real!

  67. I hope you go back to the old way of harvesting.. You don’t get to plow as much because people don’t want to wait for you…. I also would like to see higher levels.. No incentive to work harder after you get to 34.

    1. u dont have to wait to plow. just click on the disket up in the toolbar with the wrench. this will save everything u have done. u can then go on and plow.

  68. I have played this game over and over again upgrading here and there building stuff with using my brain. I’ve at level 29 trying to get to level 30 but I found out that this game only goes to level 34. Not only that you can buy a upgraded farm at 25 a 24 x 24 and that’s it. Where is the rest of the game at? They keep putting more stuff to add to your farm but no news about when they are going to upgrade. Adding new stuff to the store will take room on the server. How about sizing down on some of the items within the store to make more room for the levels and farm size. plz

  69. if i need to forward a note to several friends how do i do that. there must be a way. i just can’t figure it out.

  70. I play Farmville as well…….I like the fact that their ANIMALS provide ways of income.

    cows = milk
    ducks = down feathers
    pigs = truffles
    sheep = wool


    i wish FarmTown offered the same thing 🙂

  71. would like to have more levels i am at 34 and seems like it is getting to be a waste of time playing now… can you please get us more levels please

  72. Is there a possibility that we could hire people to plant for us? Lol! Like you just choose what to plant and the people you hired just plant it on the fields.

  73. And can we have our own flag as well? Philippine Flag. There are a lot of Filipinos playing Farmtown too. No matter how much it costs we’ll find a way to have it.

  74. please give us more land. when we maxed out at 34 most of us designed our property. now with the new stuff and the new levels we need more land so we can create new areas. maybe give us the chance to buy a new farm. some of the fish games let u buy a new aquarium. that way our farms could have different themes such as beach side, mountain , etc. that would satisfy our need to grow. i play yoville and my different houses are different themes.

  75. By the way, I play FarmVille as well, but am getting kind of sick of the way the cursor is so loose on the harvesting, but not the planting. At least in Farm Town you can hire other people to help. I really do prefer Farm Town, even if they won’t give more land.

  76. Wow the new things on farm town are great and exciting. With all the new things I just need somewhere to put them. We need bigger farm lands and the light post to light up would be great. thank you for the hours of fun, Helen

  77. I think you should work on making the new leveling guide ’cause it goes up to level 60 now:) I am on level 36, (because they moved everyone up a few levels, I WAS level 32, but they boosted me up to 36 somehow?) and I would like to know the stats to that, thanks:)

  78. I like the new updates, but it almost doesn’t seem like farmville anymore…its not the way i started with it 🙁 at least they added more land…

  79. I would like to say . .I love Farm Town . . . Thank you for a fun game!

    Consider: Pecan, walnut, almond, chestnut trees. Crops: Peanuts and soy beans.

    Thank you.

  80. please update the level guide. you got us addicted to the game and the info. Now u have to give us our information fix. lol!

  81. Would you be so kind as to update this site, because the levels got higher indeed. This make it worthwhile playing again.

  82. I just wish that we could have more land. With all this extra stuff now that we are able to buy, planes, trains and automobiles where in the heck are we to put it all? I really love this game and have SEVERAL other people trying to get me to Farmville but this one is so much better. IF ONLY THERE WERE MORE LAND TO BUY….
    Please Please Please upgrade to more land now that we have tractors, harvesters and such, no where to put it all.

  83. thank you for giving us the options to buy a second farm. now i know how to play the game i am really having fun designing this farm. i would love to see some of the designs coming from peoples 2nd farms. it should be a real show.

    1. I had seven farms before they offered the option. Simply create another e-mail account with G-Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. then, another Facebook account and Farm Town farm.

      You can’t share assets like with Farm Town’s auxillary farms but, you CAN be your own neighbor and send yourself gifts!! Plus you are REALLY starting another farm, with all the knowledge you have.

  84. what happens when you reach level 80? You can’t get anymore green cash for the faicilities. I’m not buying this stuff.

  85. i think it will be cool if we hire sombody to work inside resrunt ,factories if doing this it will increase xp faster also hopfully they will have level up to like 1000, or a maid for our house yard in ft. also it would be nice if u build like waterpark like waterslide etc.
    i wuld like to see a brickwall for fencing.. also baby animals and we alredy have adult animals… this would be more fun if we all have this stuff i just spoke.

    sorry if my grammer not good and please forgive me. i have 2nd lanugage ohwell and hopefullly we will have this soon..

  86. and change person clothes into short and t shirt it will be nice.. sorry i forgot to add this..

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