Farm Design


  1. I have created a beach on my farm using the same method as this except with rivers lining side by side. Then dirt path as a sandy beach. There is a guest house (small house) out there and the umbrella patio furniture and coconut trees. Everyone loves it. I would tell you to make a tutorial for it, but I love how unique it is.

  2. We need an option to rotate things like houses are tables or whatever. Then we could really make our farms like we want them.

  3. I think we need more land for all these other neat things that we can do. Since they have added more houses and flowers and ect. They need more land as well. I have talked to many people that agree we need to be able to buy more land. And yes be able to turn the houses and what ever else so we can have it teh way we want it.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you.. im running out of room for everything I want to do… I was trying to find a cheat to get more land but I guess there isnt one.

  4. How do ypu make a beach because 1 strip looks like a beach but 2 strips doesn’t. I am level 26 with 1500 xp to go and i cant wait to make the waterfalls and lakes as i already have a hill/cliff

    1. yes would be nice to see other peoples farm have seen a few great ideas from buddies i have Love all the new things just bought out Thanks

  5. There are a lot of flowers on my farm ( around 600).
    Any other people that use flowers out there?
    Opinions on the flowers?

  6. I want mass plowing, planting, and harvesting. Lots of coverage with one click! Also, some kind of way to harvest the animals. I love the idea of more farmland and rotation options!!!!

  7. I agree. we need more land. Also family on the farm would be nice. they could function like the animals, (not that they are) they could walk, sit, etc YES MORE LAND I have no more room

    1. yea i agree be able to acutally go inside our houses and shops and sat down and eat and drink like the sims and be able to change our clothes and driffent hairstyles more long hairstyles we look the same we to be change our clothes

  8. I have noticed some pools made using rivers. How do you get rid of the spaces between the rivers to make it seamless?

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