Creating a Church

Yeah, that’s right, you can actually make a church in Farm Town! Thanks to for the original tutorial. Anyways, here’s the way to do it, so hurry up Gurus!

1. Make sure you turn off “Spaces Between Fields” in your settings!

2. Place two small houses on your farm, right next to eachother.. this is the actual church building!


3. Purchase this dirt path corner:


4. Place the dirt path like so and continue until you make the vertical bar of the cross. It took six in the image below.


5. Afterwards, buy  the horizontal dirt path from the store and finish the cross like below.


6. To deepen the effect of the cross standing up you should buy the north corner and repeat it several times to make the path coming from the front of your church.


7. Congrats! You’ve made a church for your farm!

Here’s a pic of the final product, bask in the holy light! 🙂



    1. I made one out of using white crates for the outline, white marble slabs for the base… some white crates on the roof with red crates making a cross…………. it does look cool. Wish you could see it.

  1. Hey…..are you going to be able to do any more expanding in the future….and we need some vegys with 8 and 12 hour harvest time….thanks

  2. What’s happened to the realtor office.. there’s nothing there…the box doesn’t even come up…and is there another level after 34. I haven’t seen anyone with anything higher..

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