Creating Flower Pots

Many thanks to for this tutorial, this one’s absolutely amazing! Ever wanted to make a wheel barrow flower planter? Well regardless now you can! And I’ve gotta say I’m pretty damn impressed with the outcome, check it out now!

1. Lay out all the necessary materials beforehand! Dirt paths, flowers and a wheelbarrow. The barrow is the planter and your planters are going to go in it!

Flower Planters 1

2. Move the dirt paths on top of the wheelbarrow as seen below.

Flower Planters 2

3. Move a flower on top of the dirt path and place it, you now have a flower planter in Farm Town! You still have a bit of work though!

Flower Planters 3

4. Hide the barrel (Hide Buildings) and hide the flowers. Now delete the dirt paths (or move them atleast!)

5. Now turn on the barrel and the flowers and bask in your final product! This can be used with an actual barrel as well, but apparently there are several errors that can happen so it’s recommended for advanced users only!

Flower Planters 4

If this isn’t working for you, try placing the flowers first then placing the dirt path over them, then throw the wheelbarrow on top last. Let us know how it works!!


  1. i was trying to use a cart, which you could add 1 or 2 flowers but that’s it all the others are on the outside of the cart. can you please tell me what i am doing wrong?

  2. great idea having trouble getting flowers just now but i will get their tahnks again for all your ideas

  3. I’d llike to be able to buy up more property so i can expand more for ideas … can you let us buy farms next to us … like forcloseure on those farms not being taken care of so they have to start over … i’d like to be able to find away to do the alphabet in water so we dont have to keep watering plants .. is there away to do this .. ty …

  4. I created nice flowerpot using barrel and tree trunk. I create many more and far that I too need more space. I fully agree with Pam. Let us have farms of our neighbors who are not taking care of their farms or haven’t planted a single seed in months. Can you do this?

  5. Today I was trying to do this funny whellbarrow with flowers, and realized that is not possible to put dirty path on anything.
    Yesterday wasn’t that way.
    Do you know if something changed?
    Can you finf out.

  6. Any chance that we can attain plowing status for our farms with fewer than 10 neighbors after say level 25? I would really love to be able to hire someone>

  7. I did the same thing with these new colorful crates. It works best with roses. Plant the rose, put dirtpath on it and then the crate on top. Looks very elegant!
    See you on my farm!


  8. Are there any plans on upping the levels ? I’ve reached 34 and can’t go anyhigher. Starting to get bored with just planting and harvesting. Any plans for the near future ? Also any plans for expanding the farm sizes?

  9. I tried to put the path over anything other than water and the dirt path falls to the bottom, on the grass. And tips to keeping the dirt path to “float” over the barrel or planter?

  10. I did this the first way mentioned and had sad results… the back flower was hiding behind the barrow when i reloaded the page…


    When I put down the flowers, then the paths, then the barrow, reloaded the page, hid the barrow, deleted the paths, then reloaded the page again, i got a successful result.

    i hope this helps those who are having trouble with this technique 🙂

  11. I’d love to help by adding content or moderating a room. Let me know what I can do. Also do the harvester’s and seeder’s actually work? Can our hiree’s operate them? Can we use them on other’s farms?

  12. I am having a problem with placing my lawn furniture, crates, gazebos, and etc on dirt paths and stone paths. I either have to remove the paths, which reveals green grass, or allow the paths to hide corners on furniture, crates, and etc…

    Please help, I have spent too many hours on my beach and court yard to have green grass showing through…

  13. Wow I have wanted to put flowers in my wheel barrel ever since I bought one (just like I do here at home)
    It worked but I had to put the flowers down, path and then the barrel to make it work…Tried it the other way workie, but the latter did..thanks alot..

  14. I made a garage for all of my farm vehicles from wood piles and wood crates. It can be made for 1 vehicle or more. It is easier than it looks. Your welcome to come over to my farm and look closely and build one for yourselves. Everyone should have one to protect their farm equipment from rusting… lol.
    I don’t know if I can put a link to my farm here, but maybe in the forum. I’ll check there

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