Creating Hills, Cliffs & Stairs

Your farm is made to be a flat piece of land that you slab some crops, trees and buildings on.. but why stop there? Why must you, the user, be limited to the cruel reality of having a single level of land for you to aesthetically enhance you farm? Well, you don’t anymore! We’ve unveiled the possibilities of multi-levelled farms!

Hills Preview

Interested yet? Even the most stubborn realists will have to admit that this method looks painstakingly real! At first glance, the imagination runs wild with newfound possibilities for enhancing your farms appearance! Want to dive in and start making hills now? Here’s how:

1. Place a Hedge on your farm.


2. Place another Hedge behind and 1 square up from the first hedge.


3. Place a third hedge even higher up than the second.


4. Repeat this for the desired hill effect, then use Stone Fences for stairs.


5. Add more hedges after the stone blocks and it really looks like stairs!


6. To add the corner effect, simply place the hedges as you see below.

Hills Preview

Thanks for reading the tutorial, and I really hope it helped you get one step closer to your dream farm!

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See you soon, Farm Town Gurus!