Creating Hills, Cliffs & Stairs

Your farm is made to be a flat piece of land that you slab some crops, trees and buildings on.. but why stop there? Why must you, the user, be limited to the cruel reality of having a single level of land for you to aesthetically enhance you farm? Well, you don’t anymore! We’ve unveiled the possibilities of multi-levelled farms!

Hills Preview

Interested yet? Even the most stubborn realists will have to admit that this method looks painstakingly real! At first glance, the imagination runs wild with newfound possibilities for enhancing your farms appearance! Want to dive in and start making hills now? Here’s how:

1. Place a Hedge on your farm.


2. Place another Hedge behind and 1 square up from the first hedge.


3. Place a third hedge even higher up than the second.


4. Repeat this for the desired hill effect, then use Stone Fences for stairs.


5. Add more hedges after the stone blocks and it really looks like stairs!


6. To add the corner effect, simply place the hedges as you see below.

Hills Preview

Thanks for reading the tutorial, and I really hope it helped you get one step closer to your dream farm!

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See you soon, Farm Town Gurus!


    1. I really need a bigger farm!!! PLEASE LET us expand!!! I have bought all the upgrades and I am out of room!! HELP!!!

      1. I have the biggest one they hve now. Had enough money to put in a river, etc. and now I am up to about a million. I am going to try your platform and put mansion on one. let ya know how it goes

          1. Wish I could see your farm… Why don’t we have hyperlinks on screen names to where we could visit one another.. Also voice chat would be good… So to work and talk to employer…

          1. i also would love to be able to expand again, I am at level 30 and getting a little bored… going to try the hedge for a higher level.

    2. I think we should not only be able to buy bigger farms, but if you have a neighbor or two like I do, or a few of them who don’t use their farms at all, we should be able to buy that land for a price, with or without the existing features. This provided the owner wants to sell of course. If the farm has been abandoned for (X) amount of time then it should be made available to a neighbor who wants to purchase it. That would take care of all these farms that are being started and then never used anymore. : ) I think it’s a good idea.. : )

      1. Great Idea! I have a bunch of friends like that. I could have a huge farm! Would love it….I hope someone takes these suggestions and do that!

      2. I totally agree with you I have 6 or 7 people that are still at level one and never do anything!! Great suggestion!! I also think we should be able to pick what needs to planted and let people do that for us!! It sure would save me a lot of time!! LOL

      3. That is a good idea but what would that abandoned farm owner want with Farm town money if he never did play the game.
        Wouldnt all the money you pay him for the farm be in there when you got it?
        Just askin..

      4. I have 3 neighbors that have been at level 1 for 1 month, or more. Such a waste of space.So Excellent idea,Im tired of deleting or selling or moving all my stuff to make room for new ideas or new items

      5. i hope the farm town makers look at this site because that is the best idea i have heard Jay Jay. You should be made an admin on this site to make more ideas πŸ˜€

      6. I think being able to buy an existing farm is a capital idea. It would take care of all that land that is just going to waste and maybe make people who are at level 34 want to stay at it a little longer…I know some of my friends have already gotten so bored with farmtown they’ve moved on to other things. I love farmtown, it is my relaxation and my recreation so I would love to see them do something about us getting more land one way or another.

      7. I think this is a GREAT idea!!! I have like 4 neighbors who are still on level one and pay NO attention to their farms…if I could buy it I could take it off their hands!!

      8. i totally agree with the idea of being able to buy a neighbours farm, and if not used within a certain period of time then that person should be made to lose there farm.
        i have many friends who have started farms and let them after 1 week, and it rages me to think i could use there space.

    1. Yes, I need more space too otherwise there will be no point in continuing the game pnce level 34 is reached. Also, why don’t all the things unlock at level 34? Like the trees to purchase?

    1. I agree I think the girls need some daisy duke shorts and tank tops!! LOL And the guys need some wranglers!!

  1. Thanks for the tutorials. The first time I went to a farm and seen a waterfall I came back to my neighbors and told them of the wonderous thing I seen, “oh that must be level 34 +++” lol little did we know. I would like to see tropical flowers and ornamental grasses and bolders!
    And of course BIGGER FARMS!

  2. I like this I think it is awesome thanks so much… there a tutorial to show how to put geometrical shapes in our crops, or make geometrical shapes our of our crops, so that when they grow, they will be a geometrical shape…..

    1. i used to do that. whenever i plan my farm i create a 96×96 pixel image on MS Paint, imagine the top left corner is up, and start designing. crops are 3×3, rivers are 4×8. i was able to write a valentine in crops to my wife that way.

      she didn’t appreciate it like i did.

  3. thanks for the tips….my dream farm is now becoming a reality…months ago i told my friends i want a farm with falls and hills..then, just few weeks after that i found this website…thank you.I suggest more space and atleast we can milk a cow for additional coins.

    1. I agree! Please let us harvest the animals cow=milk, goat=milk, chicken=eggs, etc otherwise they are just a waste of space.
      Thank you

  4. thanks for the tips….my dream farm is now becoming a reality…thank you.I suggest more space and atleast we can milk a cow for additional coins.

  5. I agree with the bigger farms….I want a ranch, not just a farm!! Also I have seen ppl that have what looks like waterfalls. I tried to do the with river corners, but it wouldn’t let me stack them….any ideas?

  6. For the last few days I have lost most of my neighbours and had to ask them to reconfurm each one of them. why is this happening to me .It takes about 4 to 5 each night. Thank You Maggie

  7. Thanks for the tutorial on making hills. I have got mine made for the left side and front of my farm but I just can’t get the right side to look right. Can you help me please?

  8. could you please include a video reference/ tutorial that shows us how to do the raised farm with the hedges… I can’t get it to look right, not sure if it is because I am playing it on Facebook or not.

  9. Couldn’t we make our farms bigger sort of like you can make the house bigger on Yoville. In other words, instead of going from room to room, we could go from acre to acre by switching screens. Maybe by crossing a bridge, or walking down a path. Sounds good to me,,,,,,,lol.

  10. could the makers of farmtown go look at farmville i dont play that one but they have much better things to buy and lots more things, could you plz give us more things to do and get i need it i have done my farm now and have nothing to do now

  11. Bigger Farm? I just cleared my entire farm and started again, although this 3D hill thing is quite tricky.

    I can’t seem to get the wall opposite the stairs to look good.

    The Tutorial was awesome by the way….thanks!!!

  12. I cant get my hedges to stack on top of each other.
    The just go in the back of each other. What am I doing wrong?

  13. Is there a way we can rotate buildings, presently we have them face one way. It would be good if they had a rotate tool so that we could face them the way we want. Rotating would help better place them on the farm to make best use of the land.
    thanks Klikster….((-:

  14. BIGGER LAND BIGGER LAND!! WOULD BE FAB oh and love the idea of being able to walk into our houses it could be like a combo of yoville / farmtown

  15. I wish we could angle things like the small houses and benches, etc. Well, everything, really! I think the small houses would be really terrific angled around a lake–like cabins–or around a stand of trees. And I’d love to have a flag pole with the various country’s flags available. Also, thank you so much for this site and the tutorials–they’ve been a great help.

  16. you’ve shown how to build plateaus not hills. I have hills on my farm that are built by stagering the plots of crops. You might want to look at adding that technique to this site. I plow a row then I stagger the next row down 1/3 of the height of the previous plot.

  17. thnx for the tutorials….but as everybody said we need a big land… it is much better if you add another land expansion……

  18. hey
    just wondering what is the link to the amazing farm done by the person who found out how to do the cliffs and waterfalls and that. x

  19. I think people should not be able to hire more than 2 or 3 people to work on their farm. Some people are to gredy.

  20. if you try this on facebook you have to do it backwards. put one hedge in front of another, not behind. its the only way it looks right

  21. i love your farm and you gave me so many ideas on how to make my farm so much better. please check out my farm if you get a chance. thank you so much for all the new ideas. you are a great person for doing all that. take care and have a wonderful day.

  22. oh… no, why the feild will die when we are not harvest ontime… pls get back to the old version…the fiels not dry even we forget to harvest…

  23. Hello Yall! I have been doing farmtown for a little over two weeks now, and am at level 34… and I am gettin bored with it, I also said and went to the farm town site to suggest that they let us buy more land, or purchase a neighbors land that is not being used!
    Also for the ones who run out of money fast, should be able to borrow from the bank and pay so much off when they harvest their crops or borrow from a neighbor. Thanks for the great site! Here is my farm if yall wanna take a peek!

  24. I made a three tier hill with steps like in your pictures for my farm house, but was not sure on how to do the very back or right side tiers. I did them the same way as the front but something doesn’t look quite right. Any tips would be appreciated.

  25. aagree need more room… i got a 4 mansion hotel, swimming pool, a bar, water fall, stable block, 6 white houses, a show jumping arena and boarding kennels… without more room i cant have more idea s

  26. Love the game .. and this site! Thanks for all of the input. I’d like to see more things to purchase e.g. birdhouses, fountains, swimming pool, cabana, shrubs, flower beds, tractor & combine to replace the antique hoe & scythe, autos, motorbikes & bicycles; lampposts, etc. How about some Christmas decorations?

    Once Level 34 is reached there’s nowhere else to go and the potential is there for so much more!(as is the interest .. you’ve created so many addicts lol

    I like the previously stated idea of ‘buying’ neighboring fields to expand our farms .. if there are actual neighbors there, perhaps their farms could be placed ‘farther away’ to allow for vacant farms next door ???

    Thanks for listening and for a great game!

  27. i hope they would have storage rooms for all the things that you have bought already so when your fixing your farm their not scattered around the farm…

  28. I am totally addicted to Farm Town (who isn’t?!). I too want more land, I’m at level 34, I’m bored. Even having buildings to rotate is great but what would be better if we could rotate them in 4 directions, not 2 (east, west, north & south). I thank you for the tutorials, haven’t got the lake down pat though. What I’d like to see is more for people who live in the northern, mountain areas. I’m beginning to think I have the only farm surrounded by non-paying pine trees. I’d love to see crops like herbs (my username stands for peppermint), bushes like lilacs, more vegies like zucchini, garlic, melons, etc. Heck I’d like lots more! πŸ™‚ I’d also like more levels. I like the new topiary like the deer, but who has ever seen a green deer? I’m a realistic scenic gal. Would love to see animals like moose, elk, deer, bears, etc in their native colors. And the river I call a creek. I am also working on a tiered mountain in the bottom right corner, this is really a trial for me! Thanks for all you’ve done for Farm Town, but I want MORE! πŸ™‚

    1. RIGHT!! and I would love to see a DEER GAME… where HUNTERS could create a hunting atmosphere… that would be SO COOL…

      1. Nothing personal. I just think the last thing we need is a F.T. that condones ‘hunting’ (i.e., no skill required to spot an innocent animal standing still so he/she can be shot). If there should be any hurnting, it should be a fair fight! Even better, lets have a F.T. that has bears and other animals in the wild chasing US; then it becomes a fair fight. Let’s leave the useless killing of animals out of it, what do you say?

        1. Hey Jude,

          No offense, but there is this thing called free choice. If a person wanted to play a game about building an imaginary hunting ground so he could pretend hunt for fun or simply even admire as a really pretty bit of terrain that would be fine.

          You see, because all somebody would have to do to not be offended by it is to simply NOT PLAY that game. You see? It’s all imaginary, nothings hurt, not even feelings because the only reason somebody would go to the site is because they want to. Ergo, if you were to go to that site, it would be your choice to observe a site of that nature. Your choice, ie, your free will.

          Thank you for listening to my two cents.

        2. that Hamburger you eat…that cow didn’t have as much chance as the deer. Deer hunting helps …we have more deer then 100 yrs ago…

    2. I am addicted to farm town too at the moment I am on Level 29. I agree with pepper. I love herbs and deers too ect… I am bedridden for right now and I would like to see more… Farm town can do so much! Where is the tractor? Gotta have a tractor… cons I don’t like waiting for the flowers to grow … the fact the cows don’t give milk, there is chicks but no chickens or eggs and when I harvest for someone I get knocked off all the time and can’t find my way back..That is irritating…However, so far it is great JOB!!!

      1. Chhaya,
        When you get hired by someone, the first thing you do when you get to their farm, is ask them to put you on their buddy list. That way if you get booted, you can get back to their farm. Once you’re done working for them you can delete them from your buddy list. Very simple.

  29. i am trying to build a hill but i cant get the corners to stack i have postioned the front like it is supposed to be but i cant get the edges “corners ” to stack they go behind where i am placin them can you help me figure out what i am doing wrong plz…..ty

    1. Im having the same issue with the corners im working on it right now so if i find a way to make it easy ill let you know

  30. I would like to know how to make the paths into steps so that the avatar zig zags when walking up and down the steps. I have placed flowers all along both sides right next to the paths so someone suggested, but it does not work. In the farmtown forum there is a farm that has these steps. Search under stairs I think. Someone’s Fruit Farm. Thank you for your assistance.

      1. I wish I had the creativity to come up with such a beautiful and organized farm. I’m on level 29 and have learned how to do the waterfalls. I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to do 3 falls with a zig zag pattern to it giving the 3 level look.
        Anyway, what a wonderful farm you have

  31. it’s so nice to add hedges on your farm to make a section look like it’s elevated but the problem is too much of these hedges causes the server to crash everytime you change preferences… so people might keep on buying these hedges only to find out the glitch of using them..

  32. I love playing on Farmtown, but you need a much bigger server the one you have is not big enough for all the people that are playing on it. Also there are a few bugs you need to work out, Like money not being added to my account when I work for others, neighbors not being added when they confirm to be my neighbor. Getting booted out all the time.

    I would like to know what is being done about all of this please.

    God Bless

  33. I can’t participate in the forum because I can’t remember my username or password…I’ve tried reregistering..doesn’t work…
    Username..Joyce, or Joyce Farmer or maybe emailaddress
    Password..mandy or mandyf or abby or fisher..just can’t remember.
    I think I have right website above…
    Appreciate any help…

  34. WISH LIST: I would like to be able to buy a Rolls Royce or Aston Martin etc to park outside my mansion (when I get it!). I would also like a Family that I could position around the Farm, with kids that would play on the slides etc. I would also like to have numerous farms so they could be ‘themed’, but with shared resources. ie my pineapples could pay for my animal only ranch or wilderness with wild animals

  35. ps I hate (love & hate very close….) whoever invented this…..I’m totally addicted, my pile of housework & ironing bears testament to this….

    1. Amen to this comment; me too! I’m so addicted to a fake farm town and my real house shows it! Is there like an AA meeting for this?

      1. I thought I was the only one that thought there should be a farm town addicts group!! My friends and family think I’ve lost my mind. I can’t get enough of this game. LOL!!!!!

        1. I’m with you guys also. I don’t get near enough sleep because of this game. And my health isn’t the greatest and is in need of the sleep I should be getting. And it’s so easy to keep saying, ok, I’ll go to bed after the next job, after the next job, after the next job, until it’s like 3-4 hours later. I don’t even think there’s a fix for a problem like this. I keep thinking someday I’ll get burned out on it, but I don’t think so. LOL

      2. there should be. I have sewing, laundry and cleaning to do…yuck. My hubby doesn’t seem to mind. He loves peeking in to see what I’m working on and teases me about being a farmette.

    2. Queries, tell me about it! Lol, I’m with you! Just ask my mailbox. πŸ˜‰
      My poor dogs pout because I find myself on FT for hours and end up neglecting them. Sigh, the addiction of FT.

  36. I love this game best of all. Better than all the others out there but it is SLOW and can be very frustrating. Keep up the good work tho’. Best game around. Just make it faster, lol

  37. I wish you would make it easier to harvest.Could it be as simple as clicking on the plot without the avatar running all over the place. I see the need for the avatar but why does it have to be right there practically on top of the plot a lot of the time, they really are a nuisance and get in the way. Sometimes I click 6 or 7 times before it will harvest a plot.

  38. Hi, One of my neighbour told me about this site. I watched the video about creating waterfall. I very much liked it. I tried to create it… I could do it. It really looks very nice not only that I have built a river dam too with water reservoir and will supply water to my farm through canals. Thanks for the technique…let’s see what i can do further. Please visit my farm at my facebook acount
    Thanks again.

  39. I also have just been told of this web page, and I find it awsome..How clever are you? very I would say..The gallery designs are absolutley fab to say the least.

    What I would really, really like when changing my farm around be able to ‘drag and drop’ what I have been gifted to me, and bought with my hard earn money, a storage area. This way I dont have to squish everything together.

    Kudos to FT, keep it coming xx

  40. I DID IT!!!! I have made three hills for houses,, each hill higher then the next,,

    The largest hill has steps on all four sides of it leading to the back planting field, my side neighbors field, front neighbors field and leading down to a plath that takes you back UP another hill to another house,, and a slight slope at the back field for gnomes and their houses,, and the BIG Gnomes House,,LOL
    Every also needs to keep in mind making hills takes up a lot more planting fields so plan wisely for your space!
    I agree when I get to 34( Not quite there Biggest hill is for the mansion) , I will be disappointed there isn’t anything left,, should have been 50 levels and more land to buy! LOL

    Happy Farming everyone πŸ™‚

  41. All great ideas, but here is the best. Farmtown is awesome but I would say it is time to make it farmcity! With multiple farms with a main st. to build around. In a sense like simcity except farmcity.

    1. Visser,
      I love your idea of a big city. I can see it now. Start with a main street and have everyone buy property from main street on out and put up everything. Everything from hotels, casinos, department stores, drug stores, supermarkets, etc. If you fill up main street and start working outwards, you decide you want to add another downtown street, buy it and plug it in. How awesome would that be? I already told a friend I would love to be able to open a public storage where people can buy storage units to store their seosonal items and things they aren’t using at the time. Wouldn’t that be an awesome business to get into?

  42. We so need a place to store things, once halloween is over i dont want to leave the stuff all over the place, PLEASE give us storage

    1. I’m trying to create the same illusion of stairs going down the backside of a field have you had any luck figuring out how to accomplish that?

  43. I really wish we could get larger lots. They get to the point that we cant add anything else, I love this game, and now Ive got my husband addicted to it, he is waiting for a train with track, and wants to buy a flag with his coins, I am waiting for buildings such as a store, bank, church ect. Thank you for your hard work.

  44. This is the BEST site! It came highly recommended to me. I’m SO SORRY about your grandmother. πŸ™
    As far as the hills, I tried it yesterday and it was coming along fine until I had to do the BACK of it. Do you stack the same way or in reverse of the front? It just didn’t look right. I also want to state that your instructions are so easy to follow. You explain everything better than the YouTube videos. Thanks for all you do!

  45. I am level 34 so will not receive any more farm cash because there are no more levels left. Purchasing it is no go in England either so will I never get my flag etc.???
    Would love to see a garage and cars and the ability to ‘open’ the mansion to decorate and furnish. Also a selection of children would be nice to play in the gardens and ride the horses lol! My imagination runs riot!!!! JUST LUV THIS GAME!!

  46. i love the ideas, but there should definately be more levels! you can’t get past level 34 or 35 i can’t remember, but people become addicted to this game like my sister, and they are well on their way. but then they run out of levels to play! ThankYouu!!

  47. I agree that there should be more land. I am at level 32 and will be disappointed to reach level 34 and not have anything new to do. Thanks for all the tutorials. I am on my way to fix up my farm now. Just wish I had MORE LAND!!!!!!!


  49. I love FarmTown! I’m very glad they gave us the chance to buy more property. That gives me the chance to decorate another farm! I too agree that the buildings, benches and such should beable to rotate 180 degrees. Sometimes I want to create a sitting area that is a full square and cannot. I would also like to beable to place my buildings with the back to the front!

    Thank you to the creators for this game! I love the creative experience it gives me!

  50. I love farmtown and I (like a bunch of others) have some ideas to make it better.

    1) 4 direction rotation of objects
    2) allow to overlap the rivers as the paths do, it takes alot of work to make waterfalls!
    3) rotate the view of the farm to see all sides of it
    4) add some new breeds (colors and patterns) of animals like the dogs and sheep and cows

    and thats about it!

  51. I would love to see a farm that had decorations and any this with the breast cancer awareness symbols. Such as trees which could be called Hope Tree with symbols that grow on them. Another could be call LiL SiS Tree where symbol is upside down, this shows someone has lost the battle with cancer. I have all kind of ideas but need a way of making it happen.

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