Creating Lakes & Oceans

I’m assuming that you’ve already read the Waterfall Tutorial, if you haven’t, go read it quickly. It’ll make understanding this tutorial a lot easier! And if at the end you’re STILL confused, check out the Video Tutorial located at the bottom of the page for a more in-depth look into the placements. This is blatantly not something that was intended to be used in this game, but it’s possible thanks to a glitch, and it makes your farm look awesome! Here’s the infamous Rippling Water Illusion, now start making yourself a body of water NOW!

Farm Town Waterfall

Making Lakes & Oceans 101:

1. Place a river corner on your farm.

2. Place dirt paths on top of the river corner.

Making Ocean 1

3. Place 4 dirt paths on top of the corner, this lets you place the next piece.

Making Ocean 2

4. Repeat the previous steps and create a second chunk of water. Make sure you move all four dirt paths or else it won’t be able to place the second piece.

Making Ocean 3

5. Repeat the process again.

Making Ocean 5

6. Continue until you have your desired ocean, lake, etc.

Making Ocean 6

Congrats, you’ve successfully created a rippling body of water, you’re seriously becoming more of a Farm Town Guru by the minute! Don’t forget to show your farm off to your friends! If you’re still having difficulties, check out the Video Tutorial below!:


    1. I am having problems when I start the second column for my pond. I have the pond in the upper most corner of my farm. I see that you have staggered the rows. Is there a way of placing a river under the river corners so that I dont have a square edge on my second row?

      Second question – When I place the first corner for the second row, I am unable to move the dirt path on the upper right, even when I hide the river corners. I can grab all of the other pieces of dirt path – except this one.

      Third question – I am buildiing my pond in columns, is it easier to do in rows?

      1. Replying to Jennifer if no one has…I found that same problem with the river corners. I found if I added another piece of dirt path to the one I could not get at, it allowed them both to be highlighted. I then carefully extracted the one I previously could not get at then the “decoy” path I set in there.

    2. Do you mind just coming to my farm and doing it for me? LOL…. hope your GF had a good soccer game!…. Seems a bit complicated for me at this stage

    3. how do you get items to sit on the paths without being 1/2 buried. I put paths together to form a sand area and am trying to put benches on it.

    4. I can put the corners together as you have shown but how do you put the long river pieces together or the two bridges? Do love your site!!!!!

    5. OMGoodness… the video was amazing, thank you so much for your tutorial!! The only problem is that I watched it here at work and have no access to my obsession… so I am thinking about all the wonderful things I am going to attempt!
      I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to walk us through it!!

  1. i like the idea of waterfalls and pools but the dirt paths get stuck under the river corners and stick out around the edges. Help!!!! I can get the waterfall part but not the lake at the bottom.

          1. You CAN hide rivers and move the dirt. I found it less time consuming to complete the river then hide it, the move all of the dirt to the beach. It was easier then refreshing over & over to see where to place things ( river or dirt)

  2. This is so awsome…can’t wait to see what else you guys are goign to think off!! Also is there a tutorial on how to make the land look 3d and higher????

    Love your work!!!

      1. I think your freakin AWESOME…. I love this… i can’t wait to fix my farm like this… i don’t know if that website if right or not… but i wanna see ur farm and ur friends….

    1. I don’t know! I wish there were clothes and hats you could buy! I really hope this comes out in a later release!!

  3. love the video’s om water falls and oceans/lakes—
    i cannot find the one from 2 days ago on
    elevations and the tour of the farm.


  4. I did this on my farm but wondering where my dirt path goes… i can’t see them even when i try to hide my river….. waaaaaaaaaaaaa i know there are there under the river but cant move it any idea.. and by the way i am using stone path instead of dirt path to do my little lake and fall

    1. I have found that if you click on your river piece and click move but don’t place it anywhere just click on the green walking guy the river piece jumps right back to where it originally was and the dirt path pops up on top and it can then be moved.

  5. I think your websites fab, and ive even made an attempt at the waterfall! With all your insider knowledge, any idea if and when they plan to increase the levels? ive been level 34 for ever and im getting a bit bored!

  6. i canrt figure out how to get my waterfall to become a lake i can only make a lake of a waterfall seperate.

    thanks alot for the site i love it and i learned alot.

    ,Brennan Lamparek

  7. I cannot plant flowers next too my water fall, it shows that it is green, it takes my money for the flower but does not plant it. Can anyone help me understand why?

    1. Use dirt paths along the edge of the waterfall and then you can put flowers right up to the waters edge. When you have finished planting, remove the dirt paths.

  8. I am in the process of making an ocean but I have one stubborn dirt path that will not go away.(on each river piece-it’s where the little stone is-upper left) I have tried hiding the river piece but that also hides the piece of dirt path. (it shows a small square where the dirt was) I have layered water before successfully but am really having trouble with this now… any suggestions. I would love for someone to visit my arm and tell me what I am doing wrong. 😀 PS— love this site!!!

    1. I have had a similar problem, where I can’t move, sell or delete a piece of dirt path. However, I have found that it does seem to disappear the next time I log in. I have had the same problem with bits of stone wall as well, but they always go in the end.

  9. the end river corner on my waterfall is curved at the frount so its around the opposate way to the picture. so wat way should it be to make the river

  10. Guru you are a very talented individual. Thanks for all the farm town tips. BTW do you do web design or are you avaliable for hire for web design? Let me know

  11. Great site Guru!
    Just as I was getting bored with Farmtown, I now have a new way to design.
    Thanks again 🙂

    1. I used “harvested fields” for my mud pits. I just planted raspberrries there and got them harvested, and then had mud pits! 🙂

  12. okay – so what’s the deal with deleting the paths? Some of mine seem to be caught under the parts to my lake and I can’t seem to “grab” them to delete them. Any suggestions?

  13. what will i do if accidentally deleted my mansion? Can i still retrieve it or do we have a recycle bim? pls advise, am so sad w/ what happened to my fram. thnx a lot

  14. what will i do if accidentally deleted my mansion? Can i still retrieve it or do we have a recycle bim? pls advise, am so sad w/ what happened to my farm. thnx a lot

    1. So sorry! I can sort of understand on a lower level. My grandsons deleted by mistake, my barn, way back in July when I first started. They certainly did not mean it! But, it was a big deal to me. I didn’t even fuss at them because it was my fault that I left the computer in their hands on vacation.

      But the barn was the first thing of any value I had bought. What did I do? I had to work my tail off and save up to buy another!

      I’m soooooo sorry for you. I really feel your pain. I hope you can get someone to listen to you and help you get another without all the blood, sweat and tears. I know how hard it is to save up a million coins. I’m routing for you!


  15. thanks for taking the time to do this, it has helped me a lot! I am almost ready to reconstruct my whole farm and do this!

  16. I was trying to do a small waterfall following your steps and I must have used too many dirt paths to get across the corners so now they are stuck and I cannot get them out HELP!!!

  17. Just wanted to thank you for sharing ALL of these great ideas…you guys are awesome…As for those other jerks…ignore them! They are just jealous that they didn’t come up with all of this first….Keep up the good work and thank you for thinking about the rest of us that have been trying to do different things with FarmTown, but simply didn’t know how…You are truly the Guru’s of Farm Town…

  18. Hi Guru,
    Thanks a million for the tutorials and great advice and ideas you have given out for free. I really appreciate it and my waterfall and small lake almost look as good as yours!! Almost but not quite!! Need to practice more but it sure is fun.

  19. Guru,

    I am designing a full-lenght ocean. My ocean runs along the entire bottom of my screen (1/4 of it). I want my ocean to look authenic, with rolling waves, returning water, foam and etc.

    So far, I have used bottom river corners to create rippling water and left-hand river corners to create rolling waves. However, my water is not meeting the sand right. It looks terrible. Do you have any suggestions.

    Thank you,

    1. Guru,

      I figured out how to make my water meet the sand. I used a different river corner angle. However, my rolling waves, still, do not look authenic. Do you have any suggestions?


  20. the dirth path technique doesnt seem to work now with farm town in creating waterfalls or lakes. Have you tried it recently ????

  21. its easier to overlap the river corners when you use the dirth path crossings instead of the straight paths. try it guys!

  22. I got same problem, everytime i put the dirt path it turns red and It wont let put the dirt in the river corner. Can anybody help me?

  23. Hi, please help me…i was harvesting for one of my neighbors and when i go back to my farm her lake come with me! I can move at all! then i come back to her farm to see if the lake return to her farm too, but that not happened. And when i go back to my farm the lake was not there anymore. So, the lake is missing!
    It is possible she get her lake back?

  24. Hi, please help me…i was harvesting for one of my neighbors and when i go back to my farm her lake come with me! I can move at all! then i come back to her farm to see if the lake return to her farm too, but that not happened. And when i go back to my farm the lake was not there anymore. So, the lake is missing!
    It is possible she get her lake back?

  25. Do you have a place where we can put our pictures of our farms? I think mine is original and think it is worthy of somewhere ( We prob all think that..Also I made a castle in MySpace which is original..Do you have a place? Thanks

  26. Wow, it is really easy. My first time and I made a waterfall and a pond below it. and you can use different river corners in the pond for a totally cool effect.

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