Creating Lakes & Oceans

I’m assuming that you’ve already read the Waterfall Tutorial, if you haven’t, go read it quickly. It’ll make understanding this tutorial a lot easier! And if at the end you’re STILL confused, check out the Video Tutorial located at the bottom of the page for a more in-depth look into the placements. This is blatantly not something that was intended to be used in this game, but it’s possible thanks to a glitch, and it makes your farm look awesome! Here’s the infamous Rippling Water Illusion, now start making yourself a body of water NOW!

Farm Town Waterfall

Making Lakes & Oceans 101:

1. Place a river corner on your farm.

2. Place dirt paths on top of the river corner.

Making Ocean 1

3. Place 4 dirt paths on top of the corner, this lets you place the next piece.

Making Ocean 2

4. Repeat the previous steps and create a second chunk of water. Make sure you move all four dirt paths or else it won’t be able to place the second piece.

Making Ocean 3

5. Repeat the process again.

Making Ocean 5

6. Continue until you have your desired ocean, lake, etc.

Making Ocean 6

Congrats, you’ve successfully created a rippling body of water, you’re seriously becoming more of a Farm Town Guru by the minute! Don’t forget to show your farm off to your friends! If you’re still having difficulties, check out the Video Tutorial below!: