Farm Town Design Chart

First of all, many thanks to for this amazing chart. This chart shows the height of each item, time it takes to grow and even it’s color when grown! This is a tool that can help you create farms like the one’s you see posted here in our Farm Gallery, or on any other Farm Town site for that matter, check it out!!

Farm Town Design Chart


  1. I just posted this to slash/key

    I can’t control the Avatar. Off/On dosen’t seem to work. She runs around out of control
    Clicking switch and rebooting doesn’t make any difference
    i have about 5 gigs and am getting a new video card Will that help?
    Ruth Smith, Avatar “Lily”

    1. i noticed this lately that i can’t put a dirt path on my river corner to make lake. What will i do so i can make lakes again? what might be the problem? pls help me…thank you

      1. I noticed this myself until I realized under my wrench the box next to plow fields together was not checked. I then could use my dirt paths over water again.

  2. To control your avatar when it’s running wild, click on the green Walk sign, then back on harvest again. Put your cursor where you want her to be and click. THis will stop that.

    1. Carol, I accidently found that out, but didn’t realize what I was doing. Thank you.
      Now that my memory and video have been boosted it doesn’t happen.
      I still can’t get “Lily” to stop at every harvest/plow
      The Wrench tool is perfectly useless as far as my farm is concerned.
      I did “right click” on the Avatar and set quality to “low” and I get more speed. My sisters was going gang-busters !

  3. my mac needs help with this game!! I have the flash player, upgraded ram, high speed internet. what else do I need to play?

  4. hi–i just hit level 34 which is the last level? when i go into the trees in case i want to buy some instead of waiting to get gifted it says there are about 8 trees locked–if i am on the last level shouldnt everything be unlocked and if not what level or amount of points do i need to have access to the trees–thanks for your help
    i love this game


  5. hi all, new to this site think its really great,am so addicted to my frams, what am hoping some can help me with is this. trying to make a wall with hedges u ask why, want to make the green monster (wall in fenway park) going to do a baseball park theme. is there away to stack the hedges to give a wall affect,
    ty so much terri

  6. i keep freezing because flash player keeps starting every time i try to work in full screen mode. Then i have to pull up task manager and stop it flash player from running and wheni do it takes me back to my farm and I lose the work on the farm i wass on unless they are my buddy. Is there a way to stop this?

    1. A suggestion, this is what I do everytime I get hired on someone’s harvest, especially if it’s a good job with a decent amount of money involved. When you get on the job, the first thing you do, is asked to be put on their buddy list. That way, you can get back to their farm if you get booted or freeze up. Once you’ve completed the job, you can delete yourself from the buddy list. Otherwise, I don’t know of anyway to stop it. I can freeze up to 4-5 times a job. Sometimes it just about doesn’t seem worth the hassle. Addiction is horrible!!! LOL!!!

  7. Mary, you earn Farm Cash when you level up; or you can buy coins with real-life money. Currently, there is no way to convert coins to Farm Cash.

  8. I have noticed with the new way of harvesting, if you plow or leave the farm before all is 100% you do not get paid for what’s left. What is the point of being able to go faster?

    1. Glad you noticed and mentioned this – I’ve been used to leaving once harvest or plow jobs were complete; previously I’d been having a hard time with harvesting other farms because it seemed that if I went too fast, the server would “time out” and I’d lose the contact. One thing I noticed before current system was in place was that clicking on the “save changes” icon would sometimes help. That seemed to be a moot point with the new harvesting system, which I saw as an improvement because you could harvest as fast as you could plow. Guess I’ll be declining plow jobs now, and taking my time harvesting anyway.

    2. If you go home the exp pts will start counting up until you have them all. You can watch exp. as they come in. I haven’t noticed losing any.

      1. I lose mine every time if I don’t wait, it shows I have the points but if I go anywhere I lose them, this didn’t used to happen

    3. If you click on the disc on the top right and save pending changes after you finish harvesting and plowing, you won’t miss getting paid and then you can leave the farm you are on.

    4. Watch your coin count when you go from harvesting to plowing. You will get it, sometimes it just takes a little time. There have been times the coins don’t total up until after your done plowing, like it’ll give you the plow coins and then add on the harvest coins after that. There are occassions if you do leave the site, you won’t get your coins, but if they hire you to plow, you’ll get them.

    5. Tojgordon24…… the forums I have posted what has worked for me after some trial and error. Both when I am plowing and when not after a harvest.
      If you want to try those procedures, fell free to read and try them.

  9. Im at level 34 cant go any higher,trees are still locked and dont know why?also i would love to buy more land but have bought all that you have can we getmore land offered please i need more land.

  10. I agree with Tojgordon, there has to be a way to keep the all the coins that you earned, when the server is going slow, and it takes 4ever, you dont want to risk the chance on going back to the market, half the time you go back you can’t see everyones names and you don’t get hired again. So what’s the problem, can it be fixed?

  11. I have laptop and i was grebing the grass to drag it, to get to ouher side of field when i was harvesting for someone, and it keep going back to the bottom left corner. wont stay where i put it.. ??? why , and how do it fix this

  12. A design chart is a great idea. The only problem I have is that we need MORE LAND PLEASE!!! I am at level 34 and cannot go any higher. The game is getting boring. I like being able to achieve goals. I would also like to become a room moderator or just volunteer to help on this site. Please email me and let me know what you decide. Thanks.

  13. i have one dirt path section that i was using to build a waterfall that will not move. i disassembled the whole thing and it still wont move, hide, delete, sell or anything. can anyone help

  14. Today I noticed all of my horse were missing. Others can visit my farm and they see the horses. I’ve logged off and then back on and still no horses. Any advice?

  15. I truly hope, and as I discover things, that FT Guru, can find the time to update growth charts, and level charts. They were extremely helpful before. Now that they have added new levels, It would certainly be a blessing.

  16. the stone paths also work the same way as the dirt paths to do lakes and plant where otherwise not possible – stone paths actually work better because u need less than dirt paths

  17. A lady was plowing for me the other day at an extreamly high speed. I asked her how she could go so fast and she said “click and drag”. Is this true? I tried it, nothing. Any suggestions on how to plow faster?

  18. If you have a dirt path that you can’t move, try refreshing the game and it should move. Sometimes you have to do this more than once, or if you have more than 1 stuck you might need to refresh each time.

    Good Luck

  19. FT Guru got the charts from Wild Man, as well as the “how tos” on making lakes, beaches, etc. So until Wild Man updates his, I’m guessing Guru won’t be updating his!!!!

  20. Hi. Please assist. Farmers cannot hire me to plow or harvest, because there is a delay getting to their farms. i have cleared caches and reloaded flash plower. i see if i show my profiler, i have used over 150 Mbits of memory. Does this slow anything down. I want to stay in the game. how can i increase speed and reduce delays? please send replies to my email

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