Creating Waterfalls

“Wait! There’s no waterfalls in my shop! Where do I buy them?!” Well, to be blunt, you don’t. It’s an optical illusion, it’s a bit confusing until you get the hang of it but once you do it can give you some seriously sweet effects to make your farm look that much more surreal and extravagant. Here’s an image of a waterfall in a random farm, pretty sweet.. right?

Farm Town Waterfall

I understand that it’s a bit hard to figure out upon first glance. But in actuality it’s really only layering pieces of river tile in a vertical fashion so it give the illusion of a waterfall, and it gets the job done! Here’s how:

1. Take a river corner (We suggest the northern corner one.)

2. Place four dirthpaths on top of it like so (In order to cover it.)

How To Make a Waterfall 1

3. Place another identical river corner on top of the dirt paths, make sure it’s slightly off center though, that way you’ll get the ripple waterfall illusion.

How To Make a Waterfall 2

4. Remove the dirt from the corner.

How To Make a Waterfall 3

5. Repeat this as many times as you want, that way you can make the waterfall as tall or short as you’d like!

Still confused? Check out this Video Tutorial:

Video & Imagery provided by Joseph Stevens aka. Wise Man FT

You can view the bodies of water tutorial in the Lakes & Oceans section.

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    1. I have created a beach on my farm using the same method as this except with rivers lining side by side. Then dirt path as a sandy beach. There is a guest house (small house) out there and the umbrella patio furniture and coconut trees. Everyone loves it. I would tell you to make a tutorial for it, but I love how unique it is.

          1. i encountered the same problem. how will i able to make falls when i cant place the dirthpath over the rivercorner or even place dirthpath side by side.. help please..

          2. Click on “preferences” (the upper right hand corner, wrench symbol on the farmtown window) and then select “Smooth Graphics”. It worked for me after I did that.

    2. I have been trying for over 2 hrs to make this waterfall and i cannot seem to(no matter what i do) to give it depth. any suggestions on this?

    3. Yes this looks so easy to do, but I am having the hardest time with laying the paths over the water. It doesn’t change to green, it stays red. Is there a setting that I have to change in order to make this work properly?

    4. ok ive made 2 waterfalls one that falls west which looks great and the only way ive ever seen waterfalls on farm town and ive made one that falls south but it doesnt look quite right…is west the only way to do it? how would i make one that falls south?

    5. i have tried to create a waterfall using river pieces in the upper right hand corner of my farm. but every time i try to do it, one stubborn piece of dirt path stays put. i can’t click on it to remove it, and if i try to hid the river, it hides the dirt piece as well. how do i get rid of the piece of dirt? i am very frustrated. i understand the concept, and i am watching all the tutorials. but for some reason i am just not able to get to this dirt… arggh. any advice?

      1. All you need to do is click on the river piece and then click move, then click on the little green man, it will put your river back and leave the dirt path on top. I found this out by accident, but it works every time. Happy farming all

      2. Refresh your screen and then it should let you pick it up. I had that happen also and I had to refresh. I also hid the water and that actually did show me the dirt path, but try refreshing and it should work.

    6. how do i place dirt paths on river corners on farm town? it says i can only put it on open grass. help!?

      plss help me i’m having hard time it’s look easy in youtube..

    7. how do i place dirt paths on river corners on farm town? it says i can only put it on open grass. help!?


    8. For some reason, suddenly, I’m not able to put down dirt paths on top of anything. The paths turn red when I try to put them on something other than grass. Has Farm Town changed this? I can’t finish my waterfall.

  1. Thanks for the tutorial about how to make waterfalls, but how do I make the pond or body of water underneath the waterfall?

    1. I’ll be releasing that later this week, and I’ll re-reply to your comment as soon as it’s released!

    2. take your 4 corners of of the river bend and place them to gether you may need to use the dirt path trick to get it just right…. ther might be a tafft of grass sticking out the middle of the pond but it dont look to bad…….lol

      1. and u can put a flower in the middle of the cover the grass sticking can help by using dirth path..i already try at my looks nice..

      2. All you have to do to soften the look in the middle of your pond, just put a small path right over the grass and plant flowers on it…it looks nice.

      3. if you put 4 corners of dirt path in the middle of that (it makes a circle of path at first) then add a dirt path crossing on top of them it makes a really cool smiley face

  2. How could I visit your farm?
    and, I want to know the tip of how to make the effect under the water
    thanks very much for your help
    i believe this is a very helpful site for those who farmtowning….i will surely refer my mates to ur site…

      1. I dont see the tutorial on how to blend the water all together and the effect at the bottom of the falls can you send it to me or tell me where to go to get it.

        1. As I stated previously, I’ll be releasing that soon. I’m estimating either tomorrow (Friday) night or Sunday at the latest. Thanks for your patience!

          1. I can not get the water to stack after I put the dirt on. It keeps telling me to put it on empty grass. Can you help me out? THanks!


  3. Thank you so much for the tips. I love the waterfall and lake/ocean idea. As time consuming as it was, it was definitely worth the effort. It looks great. Thank you again for having this website. 🙂

  4. Hello, I love the information that you have provided. I followed the tutorial step by step and was able to install a lovelly waterfall easily. I would like to do another on the opposite side of my home. I’m not sure which river piece to use. I tried doing the same piece but it doesnt work,Please help if you can. This site is FANTASTIC!

  5. I made a waterfall but I made it in with the hedge cliff. My question is how to get the hedge cliff right up to the river corner to combine it because I can’t get it.

  6. I used the wrong piece of river corner (I know…) anyway can’t get a couple of dirt paths to move, sell, delete, hide or anything. Very frustrating, but am sure it’s a simple fix. Just not sure what that might be. I’ve hidden everything w/in the radius and still no luck.

    Please help!

    1. sometimes they just get a bit stubborn you just have to wait them out….it may take a couple of minutes or a couple of days….I had a pig that I could not get to move for 4 days then all of a sudden it let me move it…….who knows why it happens…just a glitch.

  7. hey all, i found out a way you can make the same sort of waterfalls that they show here.. you follow the same steps as you would for the river corner.. first you buy a river.. then you put dirt paths on the river going across.. take 1 space inbeetween the paths you set and do that down the whole river.. then add another river on top of that! it works perfectly for me!

  8. i tried to do the whole cliff thing.. but it doesnt seem like a real looking cliff the way the pictures you published does? could you help me out? and by the way this website is awesome! thanks!

  9. hello, this is a good tutorial, but when i put the first river corner down, and cover it with the 4 dirt paths like you said, then i put a second river corner over the top exactly as in the picture. the river corner then covers most of one of the paths and i cannot remove it without moving the river corner and going to back to where i started, any ideas? thanks

    1. Hi Lawrence, I’m having exactly the same problem. I can’t get the paths out. Also, when you layer the corners, the new piece is BEHIND the first one. So it looks backwards. I didn’t start with a northern corner because that’s not the way my river is set up. I started with the one that looks like a center piece. But even when I tried it with the northern corner, it did the same thing.

  10. Hi Lawrence, I’m having exactly the same problem. I can’t get the paths out. Also, when you layer the corners, the new piece is BEHIND the first one. So it looks backwards. I didn’t start with a northern corner because that’s not the way my river is set up. I started with the one that looks like a center piece. But even when I tried it with the northern corner, it did the same thing.

  11. Your tutorial is wonderful in helping me create a waterfall and lake.

    Would it be possible to tell me how you got the two bridge to touch?
    I had it one time and then I had to move things and now for the life of me I cannot get the dirt paths placed properly to allow the bridges to “fit” together.

    Thank you!!!

  12. Why do I always have one piece of dirt path that goes under my water instead of on top? The rest do fine and I have the remove spaces between fields box checked. Please help… I have been trying for over 2 hrs.

  13. I was so happy when I found this website. I have worked on a few farms and they have done this. I can’t seem to get the dirt paths to go on the river corners. Help please!!!!

    1. I am told that the makers of farmtown have fixed this glitch so we are no longer able to make waterfalls. They made it so you cannot put the dirthpaths on top of the water.

      1. I just found this site today nad am having no problems making the waterfall so you might have been misinformed about the fix. Good luck.

        1. I found this in the slashkey forum board but I decided yesterday to try it again and then it started working. Don’t know what happened. They may have decided to let us go ahead and make them or they were misinforming us. But I am making them and having a blast.

  14. i’ve watched how to make the waterfall but putting the dirt path on top of the river corner didn’t work for me. what should i do?

  15. A picture is worth a thousand words!!!! Your tutorial is fantastic and very clear!!!! What a great service this provides! Thank you so very much!!! Cheers, Rebeca

  16. I’ve been trying to make waterfalls and such and am running into lots of trouble. It won’t let me with just the 4 dirt paths like the tutorial shows. I have to cover the whole edges where water overlaps then I can’t remove all the dirt paths. It like freezes up on me and won’t allow me to move them hide them even after a refresh. Is anyone running into this problem>

  17. Is there a level you have to get to to lay the dirt paths over the water. I keep getting the message that I must put it on green ground. I’m level 27 or 28. Thanks Oakley.

    1. I’m having the same trouble, Oakley.
      I hae thousand of coins-worth of bits of river, path etc all over the farm, but am getting the same message as you, that you can only place the dirt on grass areas?
      Has anyone found a solution to this? Desperate to make my waterfall 🙁

  18. This may not be the right place to put this, but I’ve had a “runtime error” message for 5 days now. I get kicked out of farm town and internet explorer, with IE stating that it’s an application problem witht that website causing the runtime to end in an unusual manner. Today I can’t visit my neighbors at all. As soon as their farm starts to load, boom. Runtime error and I’m out of the program. I even get kicked off my own farm.
    Please, help…..I miss my farm and my friends!!
    No one seems to know what this “runtime error” is.

    1. Try downloading MoZilla Firefox and running Farm Town through there instead of IE, also make sure you download the newest Flash drivers for Firefox. Post back and if it doesn’t work I’ll figure something else out. 🙂

  19. Does anyone know how many levels there are in the game. Im on 34 and have not heard of anyone being above that level. Does it just keep going???

  20. hello..
    i would like to asked,,
    why i cant put the dirt part on the vertikal river…??
    i can do it with the corner river and the other horizontal river…???
    please help me with this issue….
    coz i want to make a waterfall and this cant be done ….
    please help

  21. could i make a waterfall in a different direction, as in from left to right? or from the bottom of the screen going up? (making it look like a cliff)

  22. hi, i want to make waterfalls but the problem is the dirt paths wont attach to the top of the river please help me because i want to make waterfalls badly! thanks!

  23. I can not get Adobe to work I have tried everything. And while I am tring to correct the problem I rolled across this site, So Cool.Waterfalls you say? so I was wondering if someone can Help me. I cancan’t get back on FarmTown 2 level 31 & my stuff is rotting. Help.

  24. Thanks for the step-by-step video!! It took a little while and several refreshes but I got it! Looking forward to reworking it to make it even better! Thanks again =)

  25. Today I was trying to do this funny whellbarrow with flowers, and realized that is not possible to put dirty path on anything.
    Yesterday wasn’t that way.
    Do you know if something changed?
    Can you finf out.

  26. I cannot put dirt paths on the water…its always red i have no idea as to what i am doing…i saw the tutorial..and they still stay red never green…can somebody pla help me!!!

  27. For some reason, suddenly, I’m not able to place the dirt paths on anything other than grass. The path is red until I get over grass. Has Farm Town changed this? I hope not because I need to finish my waterfall.

  28. Level 34 trying to make the waterfall. It will not allow me to place dirt path on the waterfall corner. It shows red and will not allow it. What’s the trick or is FT not allowing it anymore?

  29. i loved it. challange to build it but once u start your imagination takes over.opens your eyes to other things. thanks guru

  30. Same for me they stay red?? Help was in the middle of making my lake ome peice messed up and ever since paths wont go back over the water? So SAD Help Please

  31. i have i problem, i want to make a waterfalls but the dirtpaths do not attach on top of the river.. pls helpme! thanks

  32. I can’t put the paths over water to do the layering for the waterfalls. Has the program changed? If not, what am I doing wrong?

    1. I figured it out. Click on “preferences” (the upper right hand corner wrench symbol on the farmtown window) and then select “Smooth Graphics”. It worked for me. I can put paths on water now.

  33. Hi,
    I been trying to make a waterfall for like hours but it won’t let you put the dirt paths over the water any ideas????

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