Hiring Other Players Guide

When should I hire someone?

You can hire other players in several cases:

You have crops (field and/or trees) ready to be harvested.

You have flowers to harvest.

You have fish you want them to catch.

You have fields that need plowing.

You have trees that need chopping.

How do I hire someone to work my farm?

The easiest way to hire is to go to the market and click on the farmer you want to hire. A menu appears with several choices.

You can:

Hire to harvest crops and trees

Hire to harvest crops and flowers

Hire to harvest crops

Hire to plow

Hire to fish

Hire to chop trees

If you have more than one farm, a second menu will open after you’ve made your choices for you to choose which farm to send your employee.

If the employee agrees to work for you, a new pop-up will give you the opportunity to follow them to your farm. The other option will allow you to remain at the market.

You can also hire the same way someone who is on the farm or elsewhere, rather than the market.

What are the benefits to hiring somebody to work at your farm?

1 : For the Crops

When one of your employees harvest crops (field or trees) you get large boxes of the product they picks. These boxes are worth more for sale at market.

2 : For Plowing

– If you hire a neighbour to plow will cost you only 10c instead of 20c.

– If you hire a player who is not one of your neighbours, say, from the market, plowing will cost you only 15c instead of 20c.

– You earn 1 XP for each field plowed, either by yourself or if you hire someone else to plow for you.

Important: Hiring people to plow ALWAYS costs you some coins!

3 : For Fishing

-If you hire someone to fish, they get some of the fish as well as you.

What do I recieve for working?

For crops, you receive 25% of the selling price of the crop you harvest and 10% of the crops.

For plowing, you gain 5c and 1 XP for each field plowed.

For fishing, you recieve about 50% of the fish.

If I hire someone, can they use their tools?

People that you hire can now use Farm Cash tools to do work for you. The tools they can use are:

4×4 plower

4×4 harvester

5×5 harvester

Log truck/chainsaw

Log truck/chainsaw 8×8

Fishing boat

Tree harvester

Flower picker

When they work for you it uses THEIR own fuel, not yours.

What is hire multiple?

You can now hire a person to work more than one of your farms.

You can hire them for any task and for multiple farms. You can also use the multiple hire for many farms if you want a farmer to harvest and plow, etc.

After you click on the person, you’ll see 2 tabs. The far right one is the tab you want for multiple farms.

Then put a check next to what farms you want your worker to go to. Or select ‘all.

When the person is on your farm, they’ll see which farms you’ve hired them for because the icons will be highlighted.