1. How can I remove someone from my neighbor list who shows up in the white box at the bottom of my list? When I tried to cancel the neighbor request, then they showed yo again at the bottom.

  2. i have a lot of neighbors but they are all in white box at bottom as well and i cant add anyone. i only need to add one more to have 16 but it wont let me add. what do i do ? need to know how to add more neighbors

  3. why can;t i get the help message when i go to one of my neighbirs farms? the tend/visit works for all rhe rest.

  4. I am looking for more neighbors. Need 4 more to be able to hire people to plow. Anyone interested in being my neighbor?? ?

  5. I’m wondering that if I add neighbors through the Farm Town neighbor site, will that person have access to my facebook personal info?

    1. only the personal info that you give everyone else who goes to your facebook. That would be in your profile I think.

  6. Could use some neighbors! Please look me up. (im thet only person with this name so im easy to find!)

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