Can't See Other Users Fix

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about players not being able to see other users in the Marketplace, in their own farms, etc.

Method 1:

It’s a pretty common error it seems, and it’s bothering a lot of players. Luckily, the Farm Town Dev Team has released a fix! Just click the link below and it logs you in using the older version of the game! Try it out and post a comment below so we can see if it worked or not!

Method 2:

Try logging out of Farm Town and then back in, apparently it’s a quick fix! (Submitted by Jennifer)


    1. also tried the link after restoring computer and now see no one in marketplace nor at the inn. the link above did not work for me either…sigh..

    2. it didnt work for me. i have 2 accounts and logged in both just to see if it’s fixed. 1 account sees the other when i go on the other farm, the other one cant find the other avatar. why is that? can somebody help me pls.

      1. I could not see my daughters avatar but she could see mine but she could not hire me to harvest and it went on for some time. When we both started out we had no problem but then all of a sudden problem. I notified farm town and got an email back that said to check that she was not blocked by user. Well I had not blocked anyone but we checked anyway and sure enough somehow she was on my blocked list and the fix was quick. Hope this is the answer. Ck it out even if you did not block anyone.

    3. This did not work–it took forever to load, and finally, I gave up.

      Beginning last night, FT quit allowing me to see my neighbors. It happened after I went to the Marketplace to hire someone. I told him not to plow, though, because I had saved that task for neighbors. Since then, two of my neighbors have come to my farm and I cannot see them. Could some hacker have caused this?

    4. After I re-loaded, I could see my neighbor, who plowed. But when I went to the Marketplace afterwards, the only Avitar I could see (besides mine) was “Tom,” the Marketplace man.

  1. I tried using the older version link you gave and it doesn’t do anything for me. It just brings me to the same old beta version of farm town.

    I have a bunch of neighbors, but I can’t see them in my neighbors boxes on the bottom of the page. Not sure what can be done, but the link doesn’t fix it.


  2. If you can’t see other users on the game try going to the Account page and changing your gender. I had to do that a while back and I haven’t had problems since..although I now have to be a guy on the game and I’m a girl in real life 🙂 Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Another fix to this would be try updating your Flash Web Player to the latest version. Although you should probably be able to change your avatar back to female with ease now?

  3. Thanks for the information (link to older version of the game and changing the gender) but they did not correct the problems. Will keep trying.

    1. i have found that deleting browsing history ie.
      cookies and temporary files solves all my issues
      when farmtown upgrades or changes things your still on the old history

  4. i would like to know what the colors are for each plant…. in all 3 stages… so I can create art with the plants…. is there a list to tell you this?

  5. I lost all of my neighbors and when peopel send me neighbor requests i accept them and it still doesn’t show them. help!

  6. tried it several times. still i can’t see that one specific person. we did not block each other. before, we both can’t see each other even though we are on the same farm.
    now, I am the only one who cant see him whuy? why? why?

  7. Why cann’t I not plow over a harvested field? Some of my fields get plowed but then others do not. They show up as green plots. Tried to delete the harvested field and now it wont do anything.
    I have restarted my program and still nothing.

    1. This happened to me with raspberries, I had to delete the plow on top to harvest the raspberries underneath (which I had previously harvested) and then re-plow.

    2. If you are still having problems deleting plots instead of plowing, go to the wrench and click on remove spaces. Fixed mine right up. If you already have it checked, uncheck and check again.

    3. Often the “green” spots ARE plowed. The game just doesnt’ keep up with it. Go to market then come back.

      After you delete a harvested field, you have to REPLOW it. Then seed.

  8. There are just a few I can’t interact with…but why some and not others?? My sister and I can’t harvest because I never see her. she can see me however. strange. Also I am allowed to add more neighbors but the game won’t let me…says I have all I can have. I only have 17 and supposed to be allowed to have 24.

  9. Two friends have requested that I become their neighbor when I am already their neighbor, that is, they show up in my neighbor’s list, but I am not showing up on theirs. What’s up?

    1. Just because you have them as a neighbor, does not mean they have you. You both have to add each other. So, go ahead and accept them (if you want)!

  10. If you send all your’ gifts for the day, you will not be able to add neighbors. Try adding neighbors before you send gifts. ( I had same problem ’till someone told me this)

      1. Great! This has been driving me CRAZY~ But I always send gifts first thing, I’ll try neighbors first tomorrow! Thank you!

    1. That is a problem with the land owner. They left spaces between the crops. I see flowers in lots of fields. You can’t do anything to help. Except leave them a note, and they probably won’t care even them

  11. it is much better to have inventory items for all the purchases or items that we bought in the market that we dont want to use for the meantime… because if we resell it the price is so cheap.

    like in yoville we have a inventory items that are not in use.

    1. ************ i agree 100% just like in restaurant city where they have storage too.

      it will be very convenient while farmers are renovating their farms.

  12. I reached level 34, and bought a mansion, it disapeared, then i bought another one, it also has gone, i have gone out of farmtown and restarted it and still its not there, seems like i have wasted 2 mill on the two houses, its just annoying having worked it so hard to reach that level to have this happen to me, has anyone else had this kind of problem… thanks Josie

    1. Did u check to see if u had the building turned off so u couldn’t see them? It happened to a friend of mine she bought 3 houses and then figured out they were all hidden.

  13. Sorry … can’t find anywhere else to post this. Lately there are a lot of strangers (at least strangers to me) showing up in my fields … standing and walking around ….

    where do they come from?

    they are real people cause I hired one guy who had been standing around for awhile to plow for me… but where do they come from and why do they come to my place?


    1. I’ve heard these people follow you back after or even while you are at the Market Place.

      1. When selling your harvest, you avatar shows up at the market.
      2. When trying to get a job or hiring someone to harvest for you.

      I have a neighbour who told me she goes to the market place, positions mouse pointer on avatar, then clicks to go to their farms – she gets her ideas that way.

  14. I have to say I got totally addicted to Farmtown, and I am not a gamer by any means. In fact, I really do not play any games on my PC, but a friend asked me just to try the game and there is something very unique about Farmtown. The chat and interaction is perhaps the most appealing aspect of the game, however it was all the cute things on the farm that first caught my eye. But I know for me, to start I didn’t want to read anything, just play and I was able to do just that with the help of my friend and chat. So thank you so much to the Farmtown developers.

    I hit level 34 and want more… now for the big question. Please tell me there are more things planned to keep expanding Farmtown?
    Thanks again!

  15. I have problem keep making me reload the game and was always booted out while working..
    Please tell me the solution..
    Guru plz help me ..

      1. i do that too. I hit save (first block on the upper right tool bar) several times during a harvest or plow.
        Even when the “time out” comes on, if you click the saving info, usually will keep you in the game. Not always. Otherwise, it’s slower, but I work around the box.

    1. I find that if I am harvesting the same way the field was seeded, I’m fast – if not (and unless you know your neighbours VERY well, you won’t) I’m slow too.The avitar diddles all over the place instead of staying in the general area to follow the user’s directions

      1. I’ve posted that as a problem too.
        I call it ‘going off to pee” LOL
        Make sure you have clicked the “follow Avatar” box to not follow, (under the “wrench” box.)

        try getting a friendly “geek” to boost your gigs on the computer. I’m at least 3 times faster, but not enough to compete with the new computers.

  16. Every time I accept a job from the Market, finish it, and return home, strange things have happened at my farm. I find plowed fields over my seeded fields or odd crops growing in the middle of a field – e.g. 10 fields of potatoes growing in the middle of my coffee field! What is happening here? I never go straight back to my farm now I go to a neighbours (they are not having any of these problems)

  17. my neighbor can see me, i can’t see her.
    was weeding who something happen now she still has weeds and i can’t work for her at all

  18. After I hire someone to harvest for me, I cannot see them harvest. When I first started the game a couple of months ago I was able to see other avatars I’ve hired harvest on my farm. This week I cannot and I’m not certain how to fix this. Can anyone help me solve this, it’s annoying since I can’t see their progress. Thank you in advance for your help.

  19. i can’t see my neighbors or work for them, & they can’t work for me either. i can’t weed, water or rake. so far i have 5 neighbors with the same problem i tried downloading the fix, old version, nothing happened they still have weed problem.

  20. I have 2 neighbors that I can’t see. They can see me but I can’t see them. The rest of my neighbors I can see fine. When I go to work on their farms …no box comes up and says…Soo and soo is gone from their farm and they need help. This only happens with 2 neighbors. Thanks for info…

  21. Recently I noticed that when someone comes to my farm to work for me, I couldn’t see them. I discovered the reason was that they were hiding behind (or inside) my new mansion. When I unhid the mansion, there they were! When I had the smaller white house, they always stood in front of the house in plain view. Now I either hide all buildings, or just the mansion, before I ask someone to come to my farm.
    P.S. You may even find some of your lost animals or pets if you hide some of the buildings!

  22. I have noticed that sometimes when I try move an item, such as flowers or delete something like a PLOT. It won’t happen. The flower thing once was fixed when i reloaded, but still would like to know why. BUT this not able to delete my one standing only harvest plot is driving me crazy. I have tried everything. Reloaded, I have deleted with the dozer and also by just clicking on it and hitting delete. nothing works.. I cant even lay things over it because it sticks out of the cracks.
    Please HELP me.

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