How to Disable Trees

Trees are visually impairing at times. Most people only put trees along the top borders of their farms because it removes the fear of having their items, crops and even themselves blocked.

It helps to turn them off while dealing with other things in your farm. Some people rule off trees completely because of their size and annoyance, but they also fail to realize how easy it is to minimize the problems trees pose in your settings!

Farm Town’s Dev Team has added tons of features to ensure their farmers have the most successful and enjoyable farming experience possible. Yeah, that line was corny, but it’s also true. So I guess we’ll be nice enough to teach you how to do it now, we’ve enjoyed our power trip for long enough.

Follow the simple steps below and your tree worries will be blown away with the wind:

1. Click the Preferences Tab in the top-right. (It looks like a Wrench, beside the green power cable icon!)

Select Preferences

2. Once in the Preferences Tab. Uncheck the “Show Trees” tab.

Preferences Tab

3. Work along in your farm happily. Keep in mind this is game-wide, so when you view others farms you won’t see their Trees until you go back into Preferences and re-enable “Show Trees”.