How to Disable Trees

Trees are visually impairing at times. Most people only put trees along the top borders of their farms because it removes the fear of having their items, crops and even themselves blocked.

It helps to turn them off while dealing with other things in your farm. Some people rule off trees completely because of their size and annoyance, but they also fail to realize how easy it is to minimize the problems trees pose in your settings!

Farm Town’s Dev Team has added tons of features to ensure their farmers have the most successful and enjoyable farming experience possible. Yeah, that line was corny, but it’s also true. So I guess we’ll be nice enough to teach you how to do it now, we’ve enjoyed our power trip for long enough.

Follow the simple steps below and your tree worries will be blown away with the wind:

1. Click the Preferences Tab in the top-right. (It looks like a Wrench, beside the green power cable icon!)

Select Preferences

2. Once in the Preferences Tab. Uncheck the “Show Trees” tab.

Preferences Tab

3. Work along in your farm happily. Keep in mind this is game-wide, so when you view others farms you won’t see their Trees until you go back into Preferences and re-enable “Show Trees”.


  1. We need to stop other farmers from harvesting our trees. for the third time someone has harvested all my trees when I wasn’t there. If you can freeze growth on flowers why can’t you freeze trees so they can’t be harvested. thanks

    1. I too am fed up with workers pillaging my trees even after they say they have “hidden” them. How do you STOP someone from doing this!
      I’m writing in hopes someone has given you the answer. Please get back to me if you know! THANKS!! Kathy

      P.S. It was suggested, if you see someone attacking the trees, you can click on their avatar and select “Ignore”. Not sure if this works or not, but certainly you wouldn’t want to ZAP your neighbors that way….hmmm

      1. Freeze–do you mean a “Freeze the trees” box up by the “Show Trees” box so they can only be harvested if you have the box un-checked? That is genius!

        But I also like the Boot idea to boot uncooperative disrespective workers.

  2. I’ve used the ‘Ignore’ option and you sit and watch them blithely denude your trees. We need a FIRE option!

    I’m not sure but I think that after a while they get bounced from your farm (that or they got scared with me yelling at them lol).

    1. Several reasons Tami
      1. They are much prettier with fruit! Adds to the look of the farm.
      2. I don’t need the money.
      3. They aren’t worth as much money anyway, so you aren’t out that much.

  3. why am i having problems of people harvesting my trees when i wasn,t on. i signed out and then signed back in all my trees were harvest.. then i hired someone to harvest my garden and i told him three times not to harvest my trees and he harvest all my trees anyways , and when i told him to stop i signed out , and back in again he was still doing them please tell me how do i stop this ,

  4. It must be confusing to new players about the trees….because some want you to and some don’t. I figured it out early on when I harvested my neighbor’s trees so when I’m on someone’s farm harvesting I always ask about the trees before I do anything and if I don’t get an answer I don’t touch them. And it is so annoying to me when I’m in the marketplace and say everything but the trees and it is ignored that I’d like to say in addition: “If you touch the trees I’ll report you for abuse” Can I do that?

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