Positioning Your Trees

How do you position your trees for maximum harvesting? Well here’s the funny thing, you don’t need to physically REACH the trees. There’s a glitch that allows you to grab them from afar if your character can’t physically walk to them.

The most space-conserving way to do this would be to place them directly beside each other. Granted it makes harvesting a bit irritating, but it allows for planting a massive army of trees!

The Trees appear as red squares when "Show Trees" is disabled in Preferences.
The Trees appear as red squares when "Show Trees" is disabled in Preferences.


    1. Shirley,

      I have found that you can hover around the trees and get to them pretty easily. It does take some times, and there are times where I will get to a farm with trees almost impossibly close together and just apologize for leaving, but I just can’t get to them. That’s my solution.

      1. If is your own farm your harvesting on you can just hide the individual tree once you have harvested it then go somewhere else and when you farm reloads all the trees are back.

        1. when i have lots of trees i will pull thmiddle ones out after I harvest them then replace them …

    2. How do u advance to another level more quickly once u reach level 27. Seems liek ti takes forever to go any higher

        1. I planted & harvest grapes & raspberries because u only get exp points from planting & plowing. The more u plant & plow the more points and quicker to advance in level.

        2. From 27 on it’s takes forever to complete a level. You have one of two choices, plant, plant, plant rasp, grapes or any quick turn around item and you xp points will add up quickly. Or you can plant harvest that will yield high dollar amounts and buy and sell buildings. However if you plan on doing this, check out the xp value points sheet on here first. Good Luck & happy farming!!!!!

      1. IF you have enough coins and want XP’s, to level up, simply buy something that gives you XP’s, wait for the XP’s to be credited to you then, sell your purchase. Repeat as many times as you need, to level up.

        You get a small return (better than deleting) and keep the XP’s.

    3. I zoom all the way in as close as I can..then you can see better and are able to harvest almost any trees except ones bunched together in a corner.

  1. just have a row of trees, a row of crops, another row of trees, etc. that way you don’t annoy the labor, (getting your trees harvested faster) and you can still have a lot of trees while having the freedom to have a huge crop.

    alternatively, you can put them in a grid (have your crops in 4×4 or 5×5 squares) and put your trees in the lines between them. unfortunately, harvesters tend to miss 1 tree in the each of the corners, and that gets annoying to look at.

    1. On the other hand, I’m kind of an ‘orchard’ person. To me, that means a mass of trees, as the suggestion was – to put them side by side. I don’t necessarily see the trees as ‘sectioning off’ the crops. But that’s the beauty of the site. You can design stuff your own way. I think there’s a delicate balance between creating your own look and getting ideas from others. You need to design your farm in a way that speaks to you and that reflects your own style in order to get ultimate enjoyment from it.

    1. I just have a couple firneds and we send eachother a tree as a gift everyday. Its great because trees are fairly expensive and now I have a ton of trees and I didn’t pay for any of them =)

  2. can you harvest your trees while they are hidden by clicking the red squares, if so that would help when they are planted so closse together.

  3. Raspberries are the best for leveling up, but are very tedious and you can’t get them at the lower levels. When are they going to have a level 35 and up?

  4. My trees are spaced out fairly evenly and quite easy to harvest. I plowed a row – then planted a tree next to each square as close as I could get – then planted the next row as close to the tree as I could get – then another row of trees next to each square, etc.

    I have an orchard for each type of tree, I think it’s easier to harvest – and I like the way it looks.

    1. Try planting a thousand trees like I have, on top of harvest 🙂 I get all my field for harvest, and the income of all those lovely trees that i wont touch 🙂

      1. I am trying to figure out how to plant trees on top of my crops but cannot get it to work. I have tried hiding the trees and then planting, nothing is working. I know hyou can do this cause I harvested at a farm last week where there were hundreds of trees planted on top of the crops. Help me please

        1. All my trees are planted on top of my crops – covering up any evidence of crops hidden underneath.

          To plant trees on top of crops, grab a ‘dirt path’ (or “rock stepping stone”) and place on top of your crop where you want the tree to live. Move a tree on top of dirt path. It will plant. Remove dirt path when you have your tree where you want it. It’s a little tedious, but gets the job done.

          I benefit from trees as well as crops – this is a good thing! Good luck!

          1. P.S. Did you know you can hide crops underneath buildings too? Yea, I discovered this by accident…it’s fun. At one point, the name of my farm was Cutie’s Hide N GoSeek Farms!

            Oh you want to know how? Hide your building, plow up the ground just inside the margins of where your building is, bring back your building and place on top of your crops! Lots of fun!

    1. I don’t *need* to know but…… I need to know this trick, Gwen, please. Two weeks into it, I made my daughter start a farm just so I could get a tree a day [sometimes even two, but that’s it. I will go search for it but would appreciate it if you would expand on the idea in case I find nothing. Thanks :))

      1. That’s pretty funny; you made your daughter start a farm. I tried to make my mom start one, but she wouldn’t. Your daughter can tell people at school that her mom makes her play computer games.

    2. How do you send 10 to 15 gifts to 1 person in one day??? Can not figure this one out?? Please help!! Thanks.

  5. I planted a bunch of trees over my crops. when I hid the trees half my crops were not visible. I am having to rearrange the trees. any suggestions.

  6. Why are most of the trees still on lock in the store even after I have reached level 34? I want to buy some, but, at this point, I have to ‘bag’ my neighbors to send them to me as gifts. So what do I have to do to get them UNLOCKED?

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