Tree Information Datasheet

Although trees are a bit harder to attain in Farm Town due to the fact the majority of them can only be given as gifts, they also wield a higher revenue because they don’t cost anything to plant, don’t need to be plowed and never spoil. Below is a chart detailing the finer points regarding trees, give it a look!

Trees Datasheet

Hopefully this information serves helpful to you, it’s statistically accurate and extremely informing, please pass this around to your friends and neighbours!

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  1. i am level 34 and i was so excited because i thought i could buy trees but i still cant lol. and then i thought maybe it had something to do with trophys and neighbours? but i have all the neighbour trophys too now and i still cant!

  2. Well…. If you guys read the chart, it clearly states there that starting from the pear trees, you couldn’t unlock them for buying, only for gifting.

    … So maybe just ask your friends and family (if they have accounts on Farm Town) to send you trees. That’s what my cousin does.

  3. how to unlocked the trees?…im on level 34 now but the trees is still me please i need more trees for my farm…

  4. I recently (yesterday) was visiting other people’s farms, scouting for ideas and I saw a willow tree and a dogwood tree. Where did these wonderful, awesome trees come from? Does this mean there’s life after 34? (I’m currently level 29.)

    And, as a side note, cool new crops!

  5. Can someone tell me how to plant trees on top of my crops like I see in other peoples farms that I go to, thanks.

  6. Elaine, all you have to do is go and select a tree, click on buy more than one, and then go back to the wrench and click and turn trees off. You can leave them on while planting trees but turning them off allows you to see a grid when you move the map while holding down the left mouse button. This helps a bit in planting trees on top of crops. However, I will tell you that it takes quite a bit of time to fill your map if you try to use every available space. I have found that once crops are harvested sometimes new slots open up. I even found a glich exists that allows you to plant crops under buildings. Just have to turn the buildings off and hope that the glich appears. Sometimes when you have ALOT of trees, even when you have them turned off they appear. Just turn them on and off again quickly. Hope this helps.

  7. I just worked on a farm and ALL the fields were overlapping! It was totally amazing! This person had 12 – 16 fields in the space most of us only have 4! does anyone know how to overlap the fields like that?

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    BTW, one of the other workers on that farm told me about this site…

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