Why Trees Are Better

99% of farms on Farm Town are tyrannically dominated by crops. There are benefits to planting crops, this I understand, the experience gain and fast profit turn-around. But crops are also extremely time-consuming.. they need to be plowed, then planted, then harvested.. lather, rinse, repeat. The repetition in this process gets irritating to a lot of people, why do all that boring labour when you could be having fun?!

Orange Trees cost $450 per tree and harvest $50. Granted, it’ll take 9 harvests to break even, that seems like a long time and can be a big set back towards your planting. But think of it realistically, after the break-even point.. it’s all profit! Trees have unlimited harvests whereas crops require repeat investments. The reason I prefer trees mainly is because the harvests don’t spoil, period, this lets you deal with real life if you have to, and not worry about the condition of your farm, because you know all your harvests will be ready whenever you return!

Worried about the experience points, aren’t we?

The method for gaining XP while using this style of farming is to rake in the excessive amounts of money, then gain XP by decorating your farm with items. Items increase your XP! Especially houses, I went from Lv8 to Lv10 when I bought my first house alone. Check out the Experience Points Chart for more information.

You can continue to harvest your fields while your Orange Tree collection grows, keep in mind if you want trees other than Orange Trees, they must be sent by friends, so try coordinating with your friends to increase your gift output faster.


    1. I want to know when we can get more land. I am at 31 and haven’t bought land in ages…what is there to do??? same thing over and over is boring…I have alot of money and cannot buy anything because I have no where to put it.

    1. On your preferences you have to check ‘Remove Space Between Fields’. Then you won’t delete while plowing.

  1. Tress area piece of crap, they are difficult to harvest for other people, especially if they are stacked right next to each other. If you ever expect to reach level 34, it’ll take you a year or so doing the only tree option.

    Really once you get into the grind of FarmTown, it’s all about plowing. Its gives you the experience you need to level up. By planting crops you get 1xp per space for plowing and 2 xp per crop; witha 24×24 lot thats close to 2400 xp per harvest.

    With level 34 at 150,000 xp it is quite a struggle.

    1. I completely agree! Although trees save you a lot more money there’s definately a lot of experience to be made in plowing.

      1. trees are difficult if you have 2 or more rows planted close together. I have many trees on my farm but only in sinlge rows and they are easily harvested.

    2. actually trees are better.. you can plant them over top your crops as long as you position them properly, and hide them when you go to plant/harvest/plow your crops… so you get the best of both worlds.

  2. if you want to get a lot of ex points, plant raspberries, 2 or 3 times a day. I did this 4 times yesterday and moved up 3 levels. It is not something I would be able to have the time to do everyday but every once in awhile.

    1. i have a question about that. i tryed doing rasberrys 3 or 4 times a day and it took me 3 days 2 level up im a level 30

      1. it depends how many xps u need b4 u level up..but i agree planting rasp and grapes levels up faster than other crops coz u get to plow and plant more..

      1. but they need to let u buy fuel with coins. i have all the equipment in farmville and not enough fuel to complete any one thing. i use them mostly for decorations. that was not the purpose. or let u convert coins to case with a bank or equivelent. that would be good.

        1. I only want a rusty old truck decoration if it has the option to get one up on blocks. LOL!!! Also, a tree with a tire swing would be cool for my playground.

  3. How about a table that shows what trees pay out the most money and the length of time it takes to mature? I’m going to go half and half on trees and fields and would like to use the best options

    1. Coconuts are the best, but the only ones you can buy are Orange Trees. Unless you can get neighbours to mass send you coconut trees you’re kinda screwed. 🙁

    2. you can plant your trees over your crops.. just hide them to plant/harvest/plow your crops.. this saves you space, and will help double your money, etc.

      1. i tried that two nights ago when I redesigned my farm, and I couldn’t Plow the friggin spaces. I reloaded farmtown, reloaded my browser… even restarted my computer. I eventually gave up. is this something that was “fixed” with the most recent update?

    1. as far as i know the length of spoiling of every crops is the same on how long it takes a crop is ready to be harvested..e.g. carrots=2days then another 2days b4 they get spoiled..:)

    2. If it takes 3 days to harvest, you have 3 more days before it spoils…. 2 days to harvest, 2 days to spoil.. etc. 🙂

    3. Actually with the exception of only trees crops spoil in the same time it takes for them to mature ex: if it takes 4 days to be ready for harvesting after those 4 days 4days later they go to waste so 8 days to harvest you have.

  4. When I send gifts the other party gets (see’s) them but when they try to retrieve them (Save in gift storage) for later use they say its like their screen refreshes and goes back to their home page ..

    Any idea why my gifts are not working?


  5. i dont where 2 go 2 talk about my problem..
    yesterday i hired a girl 2 harvest at my farm with one condition.. she cannot harvest my trees.. and she agreed not 2 do that..
    suddenly when she at my farm and finish harvesting all my crops.. she go 2 my trees and harvest all my trees..
    so the question is.. how i want 2 fired someone that i hired 2 harvest?
    because of some reason the harvester doesnt care what they doing at other ppl farm.. so plz someone or anyone help me 2 solve my problem…

    1. Hi, Camel,

      I’ve heard of this before, I was told if you left click on them then select ‘Ignore’ it will kick them off your farm. That way if they start harvesting your trees (and you’re watching) you can boot them off.
      Hope that helps!
      -Beth Ann :o)

      1. that didn’t work for me. I clicked ignore and he kept on harvesting but i couldn’t see him. Then i got desparate. I finally got his attention and he listened to me.

    2. i had the same problem yesterday and couldn’t see the harvestor because it was hidden in the trees. Left-click would have been impossible. until I hid the trees..lol It took a while to realise.

  6. Why am I not able to accept gifts? When I click on accept (one at a time) it sends a message that I accepted, but it doesn’t show up in my gifts.

  7. Would be very nice if we could turn buildings and fixtures.
    Thank you for the lesson on the falls and illusion of the hills.

  8. I cannot accept gifts from the Home Page and I cannot send gifts from Farm Town. I click on send and nothing happens. Rebooting the computer doesn’t help.

  9. now that you have made improvements when I go to the market (others have complained about this as well) when you chat – no conversation is showing by the individual saying it and the only time you see it is in the chat box with NO names so you do not know who is talking.

    How can this be recified.

    Appreciate help with this.

  10. I think they need to add that all the animals we have should produce atleast once a day // the cows should give milk and the goats. the chickens eggs and turkeys, sheep wool, pigs ham or bacon etc. so atleast they are there for some productivity. I just think it would be a nice little bonus that way to have them.

    1. The animals do produce as well on FarmVille, Carol. The times vary depending on the animal with chickens and cows producing daily.

  11. I am having a problen retrieving my gifts. I accept them (one at a time) they show up in Farm Town gifts but not in the gift box on the farm. How do I get them in the gift box?

  12. I have two path patches that won’t delete, hide, sell, move, etc. They’re stuck in the middle of my yard., How do I get rid of them?

    1. Hi Jackie….

      Sometimes dirt paths and corners get purposly or accidentally ‘stacked’ on top of the other. IF that is what has happened with your two path patches, you won’t be able to move them without doing the following for each piece that you cannot move: try refreshing, clicking on the path, move it, refresh, click on the path again to move it, refresh, etc etc, until all stacked pieces are moved.

  13. My farm is almost entirely trees – but…

    I have fields under the trees. When I have time to plant I fill up my fields – then hire friends to harvest/plow. Meanwhile, I have my income producing trees.

    My coconut trees, though, have the beach and lake.

    1. I went on a farm like this last week but my trees were off.. and when I clicked ‘show trees’ I was shocked lol thought it was ever so clever!

    2. How did you plant your trees on top of the crops, I have tried everything and cannot get it to work. Can you fill me in .

  14. I am at level 33 and I want to buy trees, i.e. coconut, mango, and cherries. But I am locked out from doing that in the store. So, how can I get them myself without waiting and begging them from my friends and neighbors?

  15. That sucks! I just read the trees info (AFTER my first post and found out the I CAN NOT buy them (coconuts, mango and cherries) That is NOT COOL!!! Don’t put them in the store IF we CAN NOT have them, for gosh sake!!!

  16. I noticed that I can uncheck “show trees” in tools, and grow crops underneath the trees. So, I can have a jungle of trees and crops in the same space.

  17. We now can get a new farm…Still wish it was more land but I’ll take an extra farm….3 Million for it but that’s what money is for I guess….Just made it to level 50!

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