Why Trees Are Better

99% of farms on Farm Town are tyrannically dominated by crops. There are benefits to planting crops, this I understand, the experience gain and fast profit turn-around. But crops are also extremely time-consuming.. they need to be plowed, then planted, then harvested.. lather, rinse, repeat. The repetition in this process gets irritating to a lot of people, why do all that boring labour when you could be having fun?!

Orange Trees cost $450 per tree and harvest $50. Granted, it’ll take 9 harvests to break even, that seems like a long time and can be a big set back towards your planting. But think of it realistically, after the break-even point.. it’s all profit! Trees have unlimited harvests whereas crops require repeat investments. The reason I prefer trees mainly is because the harvests don’t spoil, period, this lets you deal with real life if you have to, and not worry about the condition of your farm, because you know all your harvests will be ready whenever you return!

Worried about the experience points, aren’t we?

The method for gaining XP while using this style of farming is to rake in the excessive amounts of money, then gain XP by decorating your farm with items. Items increase your XP! Especially houses, I went from Lv8 to Lv10 when I bought my first house alone. Check out the Experience Points Chart for more information.

You can continue to harvest your fields while your Orange Tree collection grows, keep in mind if you want trees other than Orange Trees, they must be sent by friends, so try coordinating with your friends to increase your gift output faster.