Harvesting Livestock

How do I harvest animals?

To harvest animals, you will need the buildings that will harvest them.

  • For cows and goats, you need the dairy shed.
  • For llamas and sheep, you need the wool shed.
  • For hens, turkeys and geese, you need the chicken coop.

You will need the buildings and the animals. Then when it is 100% you can harvest by clicking the building and selecting ‘harvest animals’.

The chicken coop you can harvest 1 time per day, the dairy shed it takes every 8 hours and the wool shed every 2 days.

Which animals are harvestable?

The animals that you can harvest are:

  • sheep
  • llamas
  • hens
  • geese
  • cows
  • goats
  • turkeys

**Yellow chickens are NOT harvestable, only the hens.

Which buildings do I need for the animals?

The buildings necessary for the animals are:

  • dairy shed
  • chicken coop
  • wool shed

They are located under the facilities tab

What products do I get?

  • Cows and goats give you milk. Cow milk is used to make cheese, butter, ice cream, and yogurts in different facilities. Goat milk makes goat cheese.
  • Sheep and llamas give you wool. Currently the wool is used to make fabric rolls which makes clothing.
  • Hens and geese give you eggs. Hen eggs are used in the bakery. Goose eggs are only sold in the market.

Where do I get the animals?

Most of the animals can be gifted to you by your friends:

  • Hens
  • Goats
  • Cows
  • Geese
  • Turkeys

You can purchase:

  • Sheep
  • Llamas

How much do I get for selling the animal products?

Hen (x1): 25 coins

Goose (x1): 30 coins

Cow (x1): 100 coins

Goat (x1): 90 coins

Llama (x1): 65 coins

Sheep (x1): 55 coins