Tools Guide

What kind of tools are there?

There are several tools that you can purchase to use on your farm:

* Bulldozer 2×2

* Bulldozer 3×3

* Bulldozer 4×4

* Bulldozer 5×5

* Combine 5×5 (harvests and plows) (F)

* Combine 5×5 harvest-plow-plant (F)

* Drive thru-system

* Fishing Boat 3×3 (F)

* Fishing Boat 5×5 (F)

* Flower harvester 4×8(F)

* Flower harvester 8×8 (F)

* Forklift (F)

* Harvester (2×1) (F)

* Harvester (2×2) (F)

* Harvester 3×3 (F)

* Harvester 4×4 (F)

* Harvester 5×5 (F)

* Log Truck/chainsaw (F)

* Log Truck/chainsaw 8×8 (F)

* Manure spreader red (crops)

* Manure spreader orange (trees,flowers, crops)

* Oil pump

* Ordering station with trailer (makes semis produce faster)

* Seeder (2×1) (F)

* Seeder (2×2) (F)

* Seeder 3×3 (F)

* Seeder 4×4 (F)

* Seeder 5×5 (F)

* Solar plowing tractor

* Solar powered Plower 3×3

* Solar powered plower 4×4

* Semi-trailer truck (F)

* Tables and chairs

* Tree shaker 3×3

* Tree shaker 8×4 (F)

* Tree shaker 8×8 (F)

* (F) = uses fuel

Can I use a tool to harvest?

Yes, you have a few tools that you can use to harvest. But be aware that they use fuel.

* You can harvest a single plot at a time with your harvesting tool (the scythe).

* You can harvest 2 plots at a time with the 2×1 harvester.

* You can harvest 4 plots at a time with the 2×2 harvester.

* You can harvest 9 plots at a time with the 3×3 harvester

* You can harvest 16 plots at a time with the 4×4 harvester (FC item).

* You can harvest 25 plots at a time with the 5×5 harvester (FC item).

To use your machine to harvest, it must be on the farm or in storage.

You can do 2 things. You can click on the machine and click “harvest” and then click on the plots.

Or you can click the scythe harvest tool and click the picture of the machine your are using.

 Can I use a tool to plow?

Yes there are three ways you can plow your fields.

* You can click the plow symbol and plow 1 plot at a time.

* You can purchase a solar powered plow machine and plow 4 plots at a time.

* You can purchase the solar powered 3×3 plow and plow 9 plots at a time

* You can purchase the solar powered 4×4 plow (FC item) and plow 16 plots at a time.

 What can I do with an oil pump?

The oil pump allows you to pump cruel oil. After pumping it, you send it to the oil refinery(available in the facility tab) and it makes fuel tanks that your machines can use.

It costs you coins to make the barrels.

 What is the fishing boat?

The fishing boat is an easier way to fish!

The fishing boat allows you to cast a net to catch up to 9 fish at a time. It requires fuel to be used. It can now be used when hired to fish!

 What does the semi-trailer truck produce?

The semi-trailer truck is another tool that can be used on your farm.

The semi-truck allows a farmer to “order” their own products. Specifically, meat products such as:

* pepperoni

* ham

* hot dog sausage

* meat

* chicken

* yeast

* sausage pack

It will cost you money and fuel to order these products.

 What is the tree shaker?

The tree shaker is a tool that you can use to harvest trees faster. It can harvest up to 32 trees if they are in an 8×4 arrangement. One click = 1 fuel tank used.

You can also leave the tree shaker on one farm or in storage and click the harvest menu on another farm, for the tree shaker has an option there.

The tree shaker also comes in in 8×8 option that can do up to 64 trees.

What is the manure spreader?

The manure spreader allows you to fertilize your farms. All fertilized crops (not trees) will produce 2 boxes instead of 1 when harvested.

The new manure spreader fertilizes trees and chopped trees.

NOTE: If you already own the *Red* Manure Spreader and you buy the *Orange* Manure Spreader, then every time you fertilize a farm using ANY of them, both, crops and trees will be fertilized. Fertilized trees will produce 2 boxes when harvested and 2 log piles when chopped.

Notice you only need to fertilize a farm once, with any of the Spreaders, it doesn’t matter which.

How do I collect manure?

You need to have a Pigsty ( facility section on the store) to collect the manure from your pigs. The collection process works the same as if you were harvesting animals, the difference is that in this case, the manure from the pigs is stored in your Manure Spreader tool. Each pig produced 1 Manure Unit every 12 hours.

How do I fertilize?

You need 50 manure units to fertilize a farm. To fertilize a farm, click on the Manure Spreader tool and select ‘Fertilize Farm’. Once a farm is fertilized it will remain fertilized for the next 3 days.

All crops still growing (not ready to harvest) will be fertilized. All new crops planted while the farm is still fertilized will be fertilized also.

Once a crop is fertilized, it will produce 2 boxes instead of 1 when harvested, whether the farm is fertilized or not at the time of harvesting. If you hire others to harvest, you will get 2 Large boxes instead of one. Employees will get twice the amount of coins, and 2 boxes as well every time they receive an additional bonus box when harvesting.

**When you buy the Manure Spreader tool, it will come with 250 manure units inside for you to start fertilizing right away!

**All fertilized crops will have a highlight around them (with the option to turn off)

You need the red spreader to buy the orange one.

Bottling Machine

This tool allows you to Start All productions for a product with one click on any of the 7 bottling facilities: Juice Factory, Winery, Wine Cellar, Brewery, Soft Drink Factory, Distillery and Oil factory. There is no change to the speed of the production in this case.

What is the mobile sprinkler?

The mobile sprinkler allows you to water your farm in one click. You earn 3XP when you water your own flowers, but it will cost you 1000 coins . You can use the sprinkler once per day.

You can also take this tool with you to water your neighbors’ farms.

To use it on your neighbors’ farms, simply click on the sprinkler, select “irrigate flowers” and then click the neighbor’s farm and you can water then. You earn 1000 coins and 3 XP every time you water your neighbours’ flowers.

 What are the bulldozers?

The bulldozers allow you to delete plots and items. Be careful as they will delete anything so it might be wise to hide buildings/decor in case while you delete.

 What is the flower harvester?

The flower harvester allows you to harvest up to 32 flowers, similar to the tree shaker.

The new flower harvester is 8×8 and can do up to 64 flowers at a time.

1 click = 1 fuel tank used

What is the forklift?

The forklift has to be put in storage first in order for you to use it in the facility manager.

The forklift allows you to use the ‘Store All’ button in the Facility Manager to store all products in one facility with one click. This tool consumes 1 fuel for each different type of product it stores.


What are the log truck chainsaws?

The log trucks chop down Bamboo, Cedar, Cinnamon, and Pine trees.

The log truck 8×4 can do up to 32 trees at a time.

The log truck 8×8 can do up to 64 trees at at time.

Ordering Station with Trailer

This enable the ‘All’ button when ordering products from the Truck.

Also, with the extra trailer capacity products are delivered twice as fast, it’s like duplicating the output of each truck assuming you have enough fuel.

Note that if you have multiple trucks, you only need to buy one ordering Station w/ Trailer, and all your trucks will benefit.

What is the drive thru system?

The drive thru system allows you to start batches faster with an all button in these restaurants:

  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Fish and Chips
  • Sandwich restaurant
  • Taco restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Bakery

 Tables and Chairs

 The table and chairs allow you to start batches faster with an all button on these restaurants:
  •  Dinner restaurant
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Pasta restaurant
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Sushi restaurant
  • Soup restaurant
  • Ice cream shop

Can I use my tool on other farmers’ farms?

You can use any Farm Cash tool on someone elses’ farm. The items that you can use are:

* 4×4 plower

* 4×4 harvester

* Log truck/chainsaw

* Fishing boat

* Tree harvester

* Flower picker

 Can I move my tools to my other farms?

When you are hired to harvest/plow, and you use your own tool, it uses YOUR own fuel.

***On October 22nd, the developers have made it so you can access all tools (if in storage) from the tool box using the green arrow to expand out***

Yes, you can move your tools to other farms in a few ways.

One way is to click the tool, add it to storage and take it out on the farm you want.

Another way is to click the tool, click move, and click the diamond of the farm you want it to go to.

The tool will appear there, room or not, and will physically be on the farm you left it on, but appear at the one you want.

 My tools don’t work anymore, help!

There are a few things that can make a machine not work properly.

The most common thing is that it won’t plow/plant/harvest in 4 anymore.

Go to preferences:

Make sure ‘remove spaces’ is checked if you have no gaps. (If you don’t have gaps on your farm, make sure “remove spaces’ is unchecked).

Also make sure you have enough fuel. Check your fuel indicator